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Red Gold - The Epic Story of Blood Innovators and Pioneers
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Reuben Ottenberg

Come along and follow blood through creation, circulation, donation, and transfusion.

Blood Journey

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Meet some of the people who changed the world of blood

J. Garrott Allen
He called public attention to potential risks of infection from commercial blood supplies.

Bertram Bernheim
He was one of the leading pioneers in the field of blood surgery and transfusion.

Charles Best
His co-discovery of insulin, in 1921, led to its use as a treatment for diabetes.

Henry Norman Bethune
He set up a mobile blood-transfusion service, the first of its kind in history.

James Blundell
He was one of the first people to practice blood transfusion in humans.

Kenneth Brinkhous
He discovered that hemophiliacs could not make a blood-clotting factor that now is called Factor VIII.

Alexis Carrel
His experiments led to advances in the field of surgery and the art of tissue culture.

Edward Churchill
He performed the first successful operation in the United States to relieve constrictive pericarditis, a heart ailment.

Edwin Cohn
He developed new techniques for fractionating blood plasma, for preserving red cells for transfusion, and for studying other constituents of blood.

George Washington Crile
He developed a "shockless" method of anesthesia by which he attempted to isolate the operative site from the nervous system.

Elliott Cutler
He introduced several new techniques into cardiac surgery, a field then in its infancy.

Photos: Hippocrates and Reuben Ottenberg, courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

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