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Red Gold - the epic story of blood Blood Journey
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Blood Journey
Blood is a life force within our bodies, but it can also travel outside the body from one individual to another -- safely and efficiently. From creation to donation to transfusion, follow a unit of blood on a journey that so many take.

Start your journey
Phase 1: Creation of Blood
Blood cells
Before it flows through our veins and arteries, blood must be created. How does this happen and what is in our blood? Begin here to find out.
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What Is Blood Made Of?
A look inside.

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How Is Blood Produced?
See where it all begins.
Phase 2: The Circulatory System
Within the human body, blood performs many essential functions. As our journey continues, we investigate these complex activities.
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The Circulatory System
Explore our circulation animation.

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Blood Vessels
Veins, arteries, and more.
Phase 3: Donation
Blood donor
It's the easiest way to save a life, but many people know little about the process. To find out, we asked the experts.
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What to Expect When Donating
The blood donation experience.

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Testing Donated Blood
The rigorous testing procedures.
Phase 4: Blood Banks
Testing blood
How does blood get from donation to transfusion? It's a complicated process that involves meticulous testing and communication.
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At the Blood Center
Even more testing and typing.

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Storage and Distribution
Preparing blood for those who need it.
Phase 5: The Transfusion
Blood bag
Blood transfusions save thousands upon thousands of lives each year. Learn who receives these priceless gifts, and read about the discovery that made it all possible.
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Who Needs Transfusions?
Details on the transfusion process.

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Blood Typing
The discovery that changed the world.
Phase 6: The Results
As the journey reaches its conclusion, the process starts anew. Many recipients of transfusions are, like most of us, eventually able to donate blood to others. Blood, after all, flows within every one of us.
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The Patients ... and the Future
After transfusion, the cycle continues.

Test Your Blood I.Q.
How much do you know?

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