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Red Gold - the epic story of blood Blood Journey: Phase 1: Creation of Blood
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Our journey begins on the microscopic level.
What is blood made of? Where is it made? How does the body know when to generate more of it? Our journey will begin on the microscopic level with details on what composes blood, and how it is created in the human body.

Blood cellsBlood cells are produced in the bone marrow, a jellylike substance inside the bones.

First, we present details on what composes blood, how the various substances function, how blood is created in the human body, and more. Prepare to transform your perspective the microscopic level, where our journey will begin.

Blood cells Article: Blood cells Article:
What Is Blood Made Of?
A look inside the stuff of life.

How Is Blood Produced?
See where it all begins.

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Then:Blood was thought to be one of the bodily "humors."

Now:Science can pinpoint the precise components of blood.

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Photos: Blood cells (bottom left), reprinted from BloodLine®, with permission from Carden Jennings Publishing Co., Ltd.; and red blood cells (bottom right), courtesy of © James A. Sullivan.

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