Dr. Anne Brooks Extended Interview

If you are a patient who is poor, says this doctor-nun, “sometimes in this society you’re taught not to care about yourself…You’re denigrated. You’re just not an important person.”


  • Fran Totta

    Now this is true wholistic care…Thank you Sister Anne Brooks. As a counselor, I too believe people need to be seen a whole physical, psychological and spiritual beings of infinite value. You inspire me.

  • Jean Drumm

    Thanks for the inspiring report of your ministry. I am a member of Kansas Health Care for All, a group that is working industriously for a single payer system.
    I am curious to what community you belong. I am a former Sinsinawa Dominican and would like to know of your community connection. I would like to support your work with a small monthly donation if that is possible.

    Sincerely, Jean Drumm

  • mayra dorantes

    i had so many people that had inspired me and now i see a light as clear as the water.. you are the light Sister Anne .. I might not be catholic, but i do believe in the same God that you do.. My inglish is not so good, but my faith is better than any laguage… I have a mission in life and God gave me a clue and it was in a small book called (stories behind women of extraordinary faith) by Ace Collins.. i know can see why God choose you… i have a 3yr old doughter that i have gave to my lord before she was coiceived… i will work hard everyday to make sure she knows him and she can dedicate her life to serve him here on earth… my journey is long but he is my tower… god bless you and please reply to my e-mail address so i can help you with anything that can be on my hands…My father is with us… he is the reason of our existence… living Matthew 25:35-40 amen..