Lt. Col. Eric Olsen Extended Interview

“To do the war on the cheap and not hold us all accountable for the decisions that are made is a travesty,” says this New York National Guard state chaplain.


  • Mark Santo

    Eric, It hs been a while since we saw each other. May God Bless you and your family always. You are doing a GREAT job, we miss you back in SI NY.

    In His Service,

    Mark Santo

  • Sharon Gibson

    Chaplain Olson, thank you you helped me understand a little better. You are right the Service Members and their Families are at war but it is not touching the majority of us as it is the Service Members. We all need to become aware of what we can do and how we can help.

  • Chris Rottner

    Good Bless You COL Olsen,
    Tomorrow AM I head to Ft. McCoy to attend the Army Marter Resilience Trainer course and am doing so with the words of your interview now in my brain and on my soul. I discovered this interview while doing research on the new (I think it came to life) Patriot Hills Reintegration Center at Ampersand Bay where as a young kid for a dozen or more years, I would board the family boat and head up on the Lower Lake to our “camp”. I went on to Norwich Univ, a commission in the Army, to include four years at the Army Physical Fitness Research Institute and tours in Berlin and West Point. I now serve in the CT ANG…and I plan to contact you to learn more about the program at Patriot Hills…and to see how I might support the efforts at the Center. I have a home in Lake Placid and could serve in the NY ANG just as easy…so I wonder if the Center has any AGR support slots?

    I hope you and the SL community have brought this wonderful concept to life.

    Stay Strong,

    Chris Rottner