EDWARD SNOWDEN: I’m just another guy who sits there day to day in the office and watches what’s happening and goes, “This is something that’s not our place to decide. The public needs to decide whether these programs or policies are right or wrong.”

LUCKY SEVERSON, correspondent: So is Edward Snowden a saint or a sinner or any of the multitude of labels people have used to describe him?

President Barack Obama: (at press conference) No I don't think Mr. Snowden was a patriot.

SEVERSON: Was what he did right or wrong?

PJ Crowley

P.J. CROWLEY: Edward Snowden broke the law. I mean, he violated his oath of office. His job was to protect the national interest. His job was not to define the national interest.

LOUIS CLARK (President and Corporate & Financial Accountability Director, Government Accountability Project): They see this as an ethical, moral decision, and they take a step in the direction of blowing the whistle.

BILL HARLOW: I don’t think anybody does—takes an act and says to themselves, “What I’m doing is immoral, but I’m going to do it.” People always rationalize.

SEVERSON: Matthew Aid has authored two books about spying and the NSA.

MATTHEW AID (Author, Intel Wars): I know for a fact that there’s been immense damage to the ability of the National Security Agency to collect intelligence overseas.

SEVERSON: But Snowden says it’s the “intelligence,” the millions and millions of phone numbers and email addresses collected in this country that prompted him to pilfer an estimated 1.7 million classified documents.

Bill Harlow

HARLOW: What are you giving up?

SEVERSON: Bill Harlow served 25 years in the Navy and became the top spokesman for the CIA.

HARLOW: Somewhere in some database somewhere your phone number exists, without your name attached to it, without your address attached to it. It sits in a pile of other phone numbers, and if some day some terrorist from Al Qaeda calls you up, I think the government and the FBI have a right to know that.

CROWLEY: In my view, rather than buying a ticket to Hong Kong, he should have bought a ticket to Washington.

SEVERSON: P.J. Crowley is a former Army-Air Force B-17 pilot and was also the assistant secretary of state for public affairs. Now he’s a professor at George Washington University.

CROWLEY: Any whistleblower who calls himself a whistleblower should in fact be prepared, you know, to present himself to authorities and accept whatever the consequences of his actions are.

HARLOW: He could easily have gone to the inspector general of the NSA. He could have gone to members of Congress. What you don’t do is run to Chinese-controlled Hong Kong and to Moscow to hide away. You do your act, and then you take the consequences. He didn’t do that.

Melissa Moschella

SEVERSON: Melissa Moschella is an assistant professor of philosophy at Catholic University.

PROFESSOR MELISSA MOSCHELLA: You could think, well, what does it really mean to accept the punishment? The fact that he was willing to do this means he basically gave up his life as he knew it. He’s effectively in exile indefinitely. And who knows what's going to happen to him?

AID: Where is it written that to be a legitimate whistleblower you have to stand before the firing squad and take the bullets in the chests? Let’s face it, this country does not have a great track record when it comes to giving whistleblowers the due that is owed to them for coming forward.

THOMAS DRAKE: I went through every chain of command that existed, including internal inspector general.

Thomas Drake

SEVERSON: Snowden has said that he skipped the country because he saw what happened to whistleblower Thomas Drake. Drake was an NSA senior analyst who went to the Baltimore Sun only after he had gone up the chain of command to complain about a billion-dollar spy program that was later abandoned.

DRAKE: I was put under severe duress. I was surveilled physically and electronically. I was threatened. At one point the chief prosecutor, in April of 2008, said, “How would you like to spend the rest of your life in prison, Mr. Drake, unless you cooperate with our investigation?” And so they came after me with everything they had.

SEVERSON: Ultimately all charges were dropped, but only after Drake lost his job and mortgaged his home to pay legal bills.

JESSEYLN RADACK: I mean, when you are a whistleblower, you are extremely isolated. The government called me a traitor and a turncoat and a terrorist sympathizer in the New York Times, and that makes you pretty radioactive.

SEVERSON: Jesselyn Radack is another whistleblower who got in serious trouble after she went public when she was an ethics advisor for the Justice Department.

Jesselyn Radack

RADACK: I got a call one day asking about the ethical propriety of interrogating the so-called American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, without an attorney.

SEVERSON: She replied it wasn’t ethical or proper, but then she learned that Lindh was interrogated without his lawyer and that the interrogation was used as evidence in his trial. She also discovered that her correspondence to the Justice Department had been purged. That was when she resigned and called a reporter. The case collapsed and Lindh pled guilty to two relatively minor infractions, although he was given a lengthy sentence.

RADACK: So I thought the whole ordeal was over at that point. My ordeal had only just begun, because I ended up unleashing the full force of the entire executive branch in a really ugly way.

SEVERSON: The government brought a criminal case against her, referred her for discipline before the DC and Maryland bars, and put her on the no-fly list. Ultimately the criminal case was dropped, the bar complaint dismissed, and she is no longer on the no-fly list. She says she got through it with the help of her rabbi and Exodus 22:3, which says, “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do wrong.”

RADACK: That has been something that has informed my life. It is always there in the background.

Louis Clark

CLARK: The reprisals are really heavier today than they were, you know, 20 years ago.

SEVERSON: Louis Clark heads the Government Accountability Project, which has represented about 5,000 whistleblowers, including Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden. He’s a former United Methodist pastor whose father was investigated wrongfully for communist ties by the FBI and himself investigated for his civil rights work.

CLARK: I’m as patriotic as any person, I believe, in terms of my government, but I also have a faith which says that when you’re government is wrong, you need to stand up and challenge that.

SEVERSON: P.J. Crowley left the State Department after he complained in a speech that Private Bradley Manning had been mistreated. He does not feel the same about Edward Snowden.

CROWLEY: What Edward Snowden is basically saying is that I, Edward Snowden, I know what’s better for the United States. I can put myself effectively in the role of Congress. I can put myself more effectively in the role of a judge. I don’t think that Edward Snowden has the right or the expertise to make those kind of judgments.


SEVERSON: So why then does a slim majority of Americans in a recent poll consider Edward Snowden a hero? Why the rallies in his support?

SNOWDEN SUPPORTER: I'm outraged, like most people here, you know, at the massive surveillance that's going on, and people just don't seem to be upset about it.

HARLOW: People have a right to be concerned about privacy, and I would argue that the information collected on you by Google or Yahoo or Amazon is much, much greater than any exposure you might have from NSA trying to prevent terrorism.

CROWLEY: Here in Washington we still have a political narrative that acts of terrorism are preventable. We had that debate after 9/11. So if we treat acts of terrorism as failures, then what we’re saying to the intelligence community is you’ve got to do whatever you’ve got to do.

AID: Have we given up too much of our privacy rights and freedoms in the 12 years since 9/11 in the name of national security?

CROWLEY: What do you get by the Snowden revelations—and I acknowledge that the debate is useful, you know, but at what cost? I still think we have to figure that out.

SEVERSON: For now, a standoff: Snowden says he won’t come home if he’s going to be prosecuted, so it's unlikely he'll be coming home any time soon.

For Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, I'm Lucky Severson in Washington.

The Ethics of Whistle-Blowing

Is Edward Snowden a hero for revealing government wrongdoing, or a traitor for leaking classified information? “I don’t think anybody acts and says to themselves, ‘What I’m doing is immoral, but I’m going to do it.’ People always rationalize,” according to former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow. Correspondent Lucky Severson reports on the debate over the morality of Snowden’s actions.

  • Richard L Bittner

    Does the P in P J Crowley stand for pissant? The Snowden revelations are absolutely essential to restoring our Bill of Rights. By informing the American people of the totalitarian invasion of their privacy by implication our foreign adversaries would be fully alerted to the massive capabilities of NSAprism. …….As a whistleblower who got shafted, I am fully aware of the usual consequences that confront whisleblowers. There was University study more than 20 years ago that determined that 5 years after their disclosures, approximately 80% of the whistleblowers were not working in the same or similar occupation. I tried more than 6 years and approximately 4 thousand job applications and was not able to obtain even 1 interview. Edward Snowden did THE RIGHT THING. Let the pissant psuedo patriots quibble and endlessly nitpick, that is their nature I think…..Since our foreign opponents have been fully alerted, WHY does the DemPublicanCFR elite insist upon making only cosmetic changes to the domestic use of NSAprism? Snowden is absolutely correct in his assessment that it is about POWER not combating terrorism. When the NSA was initially chartered, it was PROHIBITED from engaging in domestic spying and it violated that prohibition for political reasons numerous times. In order to attempt to restore OUR BILL OF RIGHTS the ban on NSA domestic spying MUST be restored AND religously ENFORCED with penalties of more that 10 years imprisonment anything less will accomplish nothing. All DemPublicanCFR judges and politicans who support or have supported the domestic implimentation MUST be removed from office in order to insure that OUR Bill of Rights are restored and adequately safeguarded.

  • cipher

    The government brought a criminal case against her, referred her for discipline before the DC and Maryland bars, and put her on the no-fly list

    Great. The one lawyer in America with a sense of morality, and they persecute her for it.

    This country is unsalvageable.

  • ZincKidd

    Some of these scumbags actually seem to be saying with a straight face that people of conscience do not belong in government institutions. Were we wrong to hold government officials accountable in the Nuremberg trials? I don’t think so. If they don’t have anything unsavory to hide, they should have no fear of an Edward Snowden. If Snowden had in fact uncovered nothing unsavory to unveil, that would have been apparent and we would all agree he was misguided and did the wrong thing. But that’s not what happened here.

  • maz

    Google Yahoo and Amazon have allowed the NSA full access to their databases via PRISM.

  • James Robinson

    I was jumped and robbed and found dead in a parking lot a block outside of downtown Chicago and ended up in a coma from 08/04/2010-I think that I ended up waking up about-09/25/2010 in Northwestern Hospital and I feel as if it might’ve been due to all of that cities gang bangers, where they’re still there seeming to be still killing everyone today. I woke up with half my body paralyzed, susceptible to seizures, even after 5 years of college myself, I still had to teach myself to read and write again alone with a whole bunch of other things, I now receive detrimental migraines now like everyday all day, my memory and consciousness now completely distorted and so many other issues as well, yet for some reason I was given only like 2-3 weeks of rehabilitation! I ended up in BrightVeiw so-called Nursing Facility on 4536 N. Beacon St, to where some of the things that was going on in that facility was beyond being morally and ethically redundant with all the abusive, totally neglecting, drugging them so that they could acquire more funding from the state, giving them narcotics to cause more physical and mental issues, some who even worked in that facility I saw using “Stuff” as well! For weeks of my being housed in that dump, finally these Illinois State Representative group decided to stop by one day, even after being informed of their coming and spent like a week running around trying to fix and clean up everything. I was sitting there through that little inspection, noticing how there was way too many people who seemed to be way to scared to say anything and the only ones who dared to speak out was way too mentally incapable to tell anyone anything correctly, yet for some reason I was seeing was as all wrong as well and for some strange reason I actually deciding to blow the whistle on BrightVeiw and just some of the bogus activity in which I had been witnessed in my little time of being housed in that location. I‘m only guessing that with the managers word holding more weight than against my own, lacking any proof and/or form(s) of evidence nor with having one form of anyone of the residence stating a word of such on behalf of what management end up saying to Chicago’s Police and if I‘m not mistaken, isn‘t that supposedly a VIOLATION of my so-called Constitutional right to actually be able to facing my accuser(s)! At that time, half of my body was pretty much paralyzed, a large portion of my skull was completely gone, and everything that I had in my personal possession/everything that I owned while I was being housed at that establishment, at the time my neurologist had me wearing a helmet, because of my having a large portion of my skull gone, with the fact that anyone could just even poke me with a finger and kill me and at first BrightVeiw wouldn’t even allow me to retrieve that at first, it ended up being the EMT’s who helped me to get that Helmet so that I‘d stay alive till my surgery. I’ve not seen any of my possessions again, everything was stolen from me when they put me out of that dump! I barely even had any mobility nor motion in my entire body, due to the fact that my body had atrophied while I was out in a coma, I’ve pretty much never really been arrested for anything that would cause anyone to look at me as being violent or supposedly being the Violent and stereotypical Dangerous Black Man and it looks as if someone’s using this to utterly bring drama on to my LIFE! I once in Albuquerque NM I saw this guy beating this female, it wasn’t like it was just my witnessing this, yet after my seeing this and was told by my EX to help the woman out, I ended up being the only one who end up being arrested and even before I was actually housed there for nothing, I ended up bounding out and had to quit my job and decided to leave that city, there’s been a warrant for me for now about 16 years and other than that, there’s nothing else! Why is it that it seemed as if everyone, I mean no one chose to believe, question, nor inform me of nothing that was going on, at first. I ended up riding around for hours in that Ambulance, where the EMT officer(s) finally decided to inform me of what was actually going on with all of this. I ended up being held at Illinois Masonic Hospital on Wellington for over 5 weeks due to the fact that I hadn’t even had my cranial plastic put in at that time and I‘m only guessing that they didn‘t want or legally couldn’t at the time, just have me out there yet! I was supposedly so violently doing something to all those elderly patients in which I was unethically being tortured side by side with? I completely saw it as being very Unconstitutionally, Uncivilly, and beyond being Immorally Jeopardizing my Health and ever form remotely directed towards some Hypocritical Oath in so-many ways! I was promptly thrown out on the streets of Chicago in January of 2011 right before that city ended up looking like something out of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow“, due to them allegations of my so-called being so dangerous to others! I originally had to leave Chicago in 2011 and went to Philly (because of my assuming it to be the City of Brotherly Love, which is a complete Lie as well) Later I moved out of that place due to all the wrong things that I noticed living there as well. I actually lived in Manhattan for a while, yet I’ve still have not gotten a penny from the fact of my pretty much only having 2/3 of my skull still even remaining, I’m supposedly to be having seizures, when I got there I could barely move, and still retaining so many memory issues, even after it’s been over 3 years of my coming out of that coma and things just got so weird while I was there too! For some strange reason I was actually trying to live in Manhattan, where for some reason I assumed that it would be so much safer, I ran out of money a long time ago, with my completely having to replace everything that I owned after my being repeatedly stolen, like about 9 times every since I left Chicago, not to mention just how I ended up in that coma. While I was praying to just live there in peace, at first in Philadelphia, New York City, New Orleans and Lafayette Louisiana, I was even in Conroe TX. outside of Huston, and not to mention the lovely time that I’ve already gone through being from Chicago, growing up dealing with all the drama of my have never being in a gang and at times it would seem as if Chicago’s so-called Finest are all in on the drama of trying to drive any and every blue collar bum insane in that city or they‘re working with believing and/or working with all the mobs, some would say that Chicago‘s cops are the biggest gang in that city. Do you seriously think that some guy who recently came out of a coma, would end up moving to anywhere like New York City with all the issues that I could be facing for years? Seriously, now why do you think that our last 2 of Governors landed in Club Fed! Please believe what I’m trying to you here, I’m Seriously Not even Remotely the one here having any Psychological issues, Please by all means, just Check any of my Background, I’ve been checked out 4 times now, in like 4 different states by Psychiatric Doctors which thinks that I‘ve got no problems, yet it seems as if a lot of regular everyday average Joe’s with no type of Doctorate at nothing (just regular people) always seem to be just telling everybody that they meet that something’s so wrong with me, think of it, the best way of destroying another persons credibility, is to make that person appear as if you’d be crazy to remotely even consider listening to him, right? This is including places like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana, New York City it self and so many other places countrywide! Personally it seems as if there’s something/someone all up who’s behind every issues that seems to be like chasing me around this country, like it seemed as if a large portion of a lot of the homosexual men, even some of the women, and like every drug addicts hanging out in Manhattan New York and other places, dying of a retro-virus (HIV/AIDS) kept trying to have some form of sexual intercourse with me (I’m not nearly even considering being that way either) and having different people stealing everything that I’d have in my possession while I was sleeping on the streets there! 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I’m the child’s father and was even the one there who actually cut my child’s umbilical cord after the birth of Madison (04/16/2002) at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston Illinois. Who’s so-called Grandmother Sylvia Marich, was sitting right there at the foot of the bed through the whole experience and I Seriously don’t even believe that my name was ever even put on to the child’s Birth Certificate, at this point through this whole experience, I’m looking back it seems as if this whole family was out trying to get rid of me and it seems as if they was most-likely out to give everyone the impression of being one of those Dead Beat Black American Men, like my own father. 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If I’m out of Chicago, how is it that people that I don’t even know seems to be able to come up to me as if they supposedly know so much about me, coming up with all these negative assumptions and depictions for this American Black Man, yet most would wish to claim that we’re merely using this as a lame way of bring the attention of the actual subject at hand, so what’s going on in the situation? I even ended up being wrongfully sent to prison by Ronald Marich and Lying ass Chicago Cops or is it the fact that this guy use to be in the Feds, their wasn’t even a so-called person there to actually verify the property in which I allegedly was supposedly stealing and the only one who I assumed would be actually there trying to help the man who is to have impregnated his adopted daughter. 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A Dishonest Government creates a Dishonest People, What ever happened to the Erico Indians Tree of Peace ideal? He end up telling that I would never even walk again, I’m supposedly to be having Seizures for the rest of my Pathetic Life, I ended up having to teach my own self to Read, Write, have some control over my bodily functions again, I even made myself start back Walking again on my own after my body had Atrophied, I believe this all was from my having total Faith and sticking to being in my Bible all the time now. I’m not Crazy and all this drama, which feels as if the Devil keeps chasing all after me all over the utter Lies Country Wide, causing my life to be a Living Hell, especially with my being on the Other Side. I’m trying to be as logical and morally sound! I was Arrested in Manhattan for an Alleged Assault charge, it was for my almost being Robbed of all my Personal Property that I had. 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I ended up being the only person who even purchased anything from that establishment, while the management and other employees stood there watching and playing witness to someone, a paying customer being almost robbed directly just feet away from where he had just purchased his Big Breakfast and Carmen Coffee, personally I was to later find out that it was only because of my walking around preaching my Bible and others thought that if they was to have me incarcerated, I’d be willing to play the game(s) of having sexual relations with one of them while my being incarcerated (WRONG), it ain‘t happening! I’ve not done anything wrong, why don’t you please just check out how I spent months attending Graffiti Community Church over on 7th between B-C, Hill Song in New York City all the way to 2ndBaptist in Cheyenne WY, not to mention how many other Houses of God that I’ve had the honor of attending countrywide. I might’ve done some dirt in my past, yet even if you run my entire so-called criminal history, you won’t find anything that states I’m supposedly a violent man nor stupid gang-banger at all, anywhere other than in Albuquerque NM, where I stopped some guy from beating on this other woman on the streets. There as well having plenty of people standing watching in the streets, yet I was the only one who was arrested even after my having plenty of witnesses standing there, standing up for me and it seems as if that warrant has held down there for like 16 years now. I spent years on working so hard to try becoming someone and actually spent years in college, even was a Truck Driver for WARNER Ent. Inc, until they even called me in and fired me for nothing and I’ve had so many different JOBS, from all over this country, yet it now seem as if someone/something even before my being found dead on the streets of Chicago, causing me to fall in to becoming one of the many Negative Stereotypical Black Men of America, I’ve completely not even been able to find a place of employment since all of this weird stuff began! Homeless after my even recently coming out of a coma and I still haven’t been allowed to receive a penny of my so-called disability, yet it seemed as if every like junkie on the streets of New York City, Chicago, Huston, and many other places are able to receiving one! I guess it just doesn’t matter the fact that I don’t do anything like that and stay clean, instead of being all hopped up on something like some of the others that I keep running in to on my travels! Selling every form of Morality just so that they’re able to cop some goofy buzz and still somehow seem to be able to get funding after screwing over the country for years and being funded to do so. I seriously can’t even understand what the HELL is going on here, it seems as if I’m even being stopped on trying to get my Book even published after I’ve been working on for years now. May You Please Help Me to even just receive all the funding that I need in order to possibly continue to just keep living, I’m seriously starting to feel as Alexander Hamilton once did, having a very wealthy Levi Weeks of New York, putting way too much on my plate, while I’m just here trying to just LIVE! How it seems as if someone’s out trying to put up every blockade to making a point of stopping me from have my Book completed and/or Published or just being able to achieve getting Help from anyone to stop being like chased around every city and/or country to which my Grandmother was even partially “Native American“ and I‘ve truly learned to get over so-many challenges, at this point I’m merely now asking for Help to rise above these challenges that I’m facing of today and you wouldn‘t believe just how weird times that I‘ve had since I‘ve started this trip alone! It seems as if people keep trying to tell me that my being just the broke Black American and even telling me to go back to Africa, I‘m seriously from Chicago and at this point in my Life, I’m trying to Blow the Whistle at this point and I’m only BEGGING to get some HELP, while it seems as if someone’s stopping my from even being ever being able to ever even finding an Attorney so that I can ever even find any help, Possibly LIVE at Peace (307)214-0097

  • jpcarson

    Louis Clark and Jesselyn Radack are complicit with government lawbreaking at U.S. Office of Special Counsel and U.S Merit Systems Protection Board – they enable it, they defame anyone who tries to expose and stop it, because it means internal systems won’t work, which means federal employees, out of desperation, go public. Then they become “poster children” for their fund-raising, get them to be “talking heads” on shows as this, etc.
    They are anthing but “patriots” – when the gov’t lawbreaking is in their interest, they want it to continue, regardress of the harm to people as Snowden, Drake, etc. See for extensive details. I publicly invite them to file a professional misconduct complaint against me, as a licensed professional engineer in State of Tennessee, if they contest the truth and objectivity of my public statements about their complicity with gov’t lawbreaking and their motives for it.
    Joe Carson, PE
    Knoxville, TN