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Savage Planet

Our Savage Planet in the News


In this lesson students will gain an understanding of a variety of natural events that occur on the planet Earth. They will research volcanoes, storms, atmospheric conditions and extreme environments. They will work in groups to find information and collect facts; create a simulation of a science news broadcast based on what they have learned; watch a video clip of an avalanche and participate in a writing activity; reflect on personal reactions to these events; and create an artistic rendering in response to one of the different naturally occurring events in the lesson.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Science; Language Arts

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • develop an understanding of volcanoes, storms, atmospheric conditions and extreme environments.
  • conduct Internet research to increase their understanding of these concepts and create presentations based on what they have learned.
  • create a science news report to synthesize what they have learned.
  • integrate video images and text.
  • develop multidisciplinary learning skills.

Use of the Internet

  • Investigation/Research
  • Publication
  • Communication

This lesson plan was developed by Maureen Carroll and Laurel Blaine of Baybreeze Education Resources for Teach Thirteen.

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