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: How many people died when the Titanic sank?
: 1,522 out of the 2,223 passengers perished in freezing water.

: What 1622 shipwreck was discovered in 1985?
: The Spanish Atocha was discovered containing 40 tons of gold and silver.

: What was the greatest number of people saved in a sea rescue?
: 1,660 people were saved from the Andrea Doria in 1956.

: What was the greatest loss of life in shipwreck in this century?
: 7,000 to 8,000 people perished when a German ocean liner sank in 1945.

: How many people are attacked by sharks each year?
: 70-100 people are attacked by sharks.

: Do sharks like the taste of humans?
: No. They usually bite once and don't return.

: What recent hurricane caused the greatest monetary damage?
: In 1992, Hurricane Andrew caused $30 billion in damage.

: What tropical cyclone or hurricane produced the highest storm surge?
: In 1899, a hurricane produced a 43-foot surge in Bathhurst Bay, Australia.

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