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Far East
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Off Broadway Online
The links section of Off Broadway Online contains links to performance groups, organizations, publications, discussions and more.

Playbill On-line
With news, listings, and features PLaybill On-line is a good place to start if you want to see a show, especially on Broadway.

Theatre Communications Group
The Theatre Communications Group (TCG) is a national service organization that exists to strengthen, nurture and promote the not-for-profit American theatre.

Theatre Development Fund
The Theatre Development Fund is the largest not-for-profit service organization for the performing arts in the country.

Jack Wolcott's Theatre History on the Web
A site maintained by retired University of Washington Drama Department Professor Jack Wolcott. It provides links to a wealth of online resources for theatre history.

Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts
Part of the Japanese Information Network, the Virtual Museum provides an excellent introduction to Japanese arts with brief descriptions of various forms, photographs, and illustrations.

An Introduction to Bunraku
More than an introduction, a comprehensive guide to the history and performance of Bunraku with descriptions of constructing puppets.

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Kabuki
A very thorough article on Kabuki from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Kabuki For Everyone
From actor Ichimura Manjiro, this site provides a wealth of Kabuki material including, plot summaries, videos of recent plays, descriptions of musical instruments, as well as a demonstration of a makeup session.

The Kabuki Story
A school project that examines the Edo period through Kabuki. An excellent site discussing many aspects of Kabuki including classroom activities.

Japan - A Country Study
A large and extensive study of Japan from the Library of Congress with specific information on the war years and the allied occupation.

Japan Capitulates
From the Department of the Navy Historical Center, this site documents the navy's activities in Japan during the occupation.

Domino Theory - Encyclopaedia Britannica

Battlefield Vietnam
A thorough site that focuses on the actual fighting in Vietnam that includes a timeline and introduction to the history of the war.

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