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Twilight: Los Angeles
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In TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES Anna Deavere Smith transforms herself into scores of individuals -- using only their words and duplicating their speech patterns, mannerisms, dress, and attitudes -- in a mosaic set in the violent aftermath of the 1992 Rodney King trial and verdict. These verbatim portrayals bring together adversaries, victims, eyewitnesses, and observers who have never stood within the same four walls, let alone spoken to each other. In her signature performance style, Smith embodies and gives voice to scores of real-life "characters" -- from LAPD Police Chief Daryl Gates to a gang member, from Korean store owners to a white juror, from Reginald Denny to Congresswoman Maxine Waters -- black, white, Asian, Latino. Because she is able to speak the words and convey the deeply held sentiments of so many different people, Smith enables her audience members to hear what they might otherwise discount.

Here you will find excerpts of Anna Deavere Smith's performance in TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES. These videos require the RealPlayer plug-in. For further reading about the play, check out "Shades of Loss," an essay by Anna Deavere Smith on the making of her stage piece, "Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992," which is the basis for the film.

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Anna Deavere Smith discusses the interview with Mrs. Soon Young Han.
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An excerpt from Anna Deavere Smith's portrayal of Mrs. Soon Young Han.

One of the people portrayed in TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES is Mrs. Young Soon Han, a former liquor store owner. Anna Deavere Smith was very fortunate, and somewhat surprised, to find members of the Korean-American community wanting to assist her in finding and interviewing people such as Young Soon Han. Watch the videos to learn more.

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