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March 26th, 2009
World Links: Car Bomb in Baghdad, Tourist in Space

A car bomb in a crowded Baghdad market kills at least 16 and injures 35, a day after a U.S. military spokesman announced that attacks had dropped to the lowest levels since 2003.

A Pentagon report says that China’s military power is disrupting the military balance in Asia; Beijing reacts angrily, calling the report “Cold War thinking.”

The Russian Soyuz space capsule blasts off from Kazakhstan, carrying billionaire space tourist Charles Simonyi on his second trip to the International Space Station.

The French government announces plans to ban stock options and bonuses for executives at companies that have been bailed out with taxpayer money.

  • cjniya

    January 28th, 2009; August 19th, 2009; September 26th, 2009; October 15th, 2009; October 25th, 2009; and so on, we are hardly to have time to take off the black rubber wristbands that we wear for grieving over the victims in these car bomb attack, there is another bomb breaks the peace we have in a short while. There are more than 10 bomb attack took place in south Asia this year, the exploring noisy becomes the nightmare for the people there and for the soldiers of our army.
    After the September 11th Terrorist Attack, the nightmare in all the Americans’ heart, Mr. Bush decided to take the “an eye to an eye” strategy and sent the army to Iraq and stayed there till now. Then the nightmare lasts. If the scar of the terrorist attack could be recovered in a year or two years time, then the nightmare for the soldiers in Baghdad would last for their life time. One of my friends just returned from Baghdad for his injury in a car bomb last year—- that was not a large one and was directed against the American Army Camp. But after his return home, he has been still waked up by the terrible noisy of that bomb attack. He thought he could not sleep soundly for his life time. And is it the reward for this royal American citizen?
    God teach us to forget our enemy, if he beat your cheek, you should show him your another cheek. This theory seems a little overdone. But it could be better than the “an eye for an eye” principle. I think the car bomb or suicide bomber would not stop till all the foreign armies pull out from their area. Otherwise, this vicious circle would last forever. And the kids of the later generation would consider the people in some particular area as their born enemy.

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