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July 11th, 2011

Offshore outsourcing — firms subcontracting important parts of their businesses to firms in other countries — are changing the nature of global business.

In India, outsourcing has sparked an economic boom, and those working in the industry are making new lives that balance traditional Indian family values with Western-style social and economic mores. But in India, as in the United States, the long-term impact of outsourcing is still unclear.

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  • Caren P.

    When is this program going to be aired? It looks great but I can’t seem to find a program schedule for it.

  • sam

    i dont beleive that this program will go anywhere.

  • Naomi

    I saw it in 2005 and would like to see it again as it is still relevant for India as well as other countries that are trying to grow their BPO industries.

    When will the video be availabl eon this website? Thanks.

  • Betty Hanson

    I have just shown this (October 2008) in a college class on South Asia, and it is worked very well. Would also work for international relations or international political economy class

  • Paul Porterfield

    Is “1-800 India” available to purchase?

    Paul Porterfield, Head
    Media Resource Center
    Boatwright Memorial Library
    University of Richmond

  • shahr

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your interest in WIDE ANGLE’s 1-800 India. DVDs for educational use can be purchased from Films Media Group, at

  • Sourcing_Advisor

    Thanks for sharing this.

    As someone who travels extensively I’ve observed many angles to this issue of outsourcing.

    European and American companies tend to think of outsourcing as the way to get things done more cheaply and often now becoming a first resort to cost-cutting pressure, whereas often, especially in India these outsourcing destinations like call centers and i.t centers are actually pulling in many of the really talented and well-educated workforce. Not because those positions require that level of skill, but because the local call center pays much better than the local technical company.

    Outsourcing is a solution to some people and a problem to others.

    There are many benefits to outsourcing, but quite often the focus on saving money means that people with a project to ’save money’ start with a limited perspective and don’t use the opportunity to get all of its benefits.


  • Zachary Williamson

    Obviously BPO is still strong but I think migrating to the Philippines. I moved my call center from Bangalore to Manila in 2006 and I wrote about this same topic on ezines after having done so…—Mecca-For-BPO&id=2974120

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  • Karen Slater

    I think a lot of the problems with outsourcing to other countries is the insistence on getting the phone operators to pretend they are Americans based in the US, we’re not stupid you know.

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