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July 22nd, 2008
Burning Season
Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint based on your home size, transportation method, energy usage, food consumption, and goods and services. You can compare your results to other households of a similar size and location, as well as the average U.S. or global household.

The calculator below may take a few seconds to load, please be patient.

Carbon footprint calculator Copyright (c) 2008, Regents of the University of California, University of California, Berkeley
All rights reserved.

  • Kay Sather

    Nice job! Thank you!
    …If “goods” are all bought second-hand, do they count? (Presumably local transport would be the only significant emitter?)
    …If I don’t drive or own a car, how do I set Miles Per Gallon and Fuel?

  • Sue
  • Maria

    Living in an older home causes problems such as heating and cooling, and it is expense to update. Keeping heating and cooling temperatures at a minimum doesn’t seem to reduce emissions. I would like to know more efficient ways to reduce costs and contribute to environmentally safe methods.

  • ann lacey

    trash/garbage not listed, so I put it under “goods:services” BUT while we pay $40/quarter we only put out trash 1/mon and then it is not full. We believe this has BIG carbon footprint, no?

  • LM

    if you do not understand this one and are trying to calculate public transportaion, there is this one as well.

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