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July 29th, 2009
Contestant No. 2
Staying Druze in America

If you were one of only 40,000 Druze in the United States, what challenges would you face in sustaining your faith? WIDE ANGLE visits the annual American Druze Society convention, a weeklong affair in Washington, D.C. where over 500 Druze from all across America and as far away as Lebanon gather to worship, study, and more importantly, to socialize. We speak with participants about growing up Druze, dating, marrying and holding on to their culture and religion within the melting pot of American society.

  • naeel jammal

    i want to meet a druze girl i am a druze

  • sahar farraj

    hey I’m a druze girl and I’m an exchange student ..I’m from Israel but now I’m spending this year here in the US and I would like to meet other druze people here!!

  • naeel jammal

    sahar my name is naeel if you want to meet this is my mail

  • firas william suph

    im a druze guy looking to met a druze girl can someone tell me where can i find them. i live in new york city. please respond as soon is possible . thanks you

  • Dream

    Hii ..I am studying in USA and I am trying to make druze friends here … any suggestions :)

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