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August 20th, 2009
Eyes of the Storm
Full Episode
  • JoAnn

    I watch PBS alot and lately I can not get the channels..I use a regular tv antenna…and have HD TV…are you off the air?

  • Chris Kneibert

    One of the most powerful documentaries I have seen in years… my jaw hung the shole hour (really). Job well done; and thank you.

  • skip thilavanh

    I been watching to many documentaries, this is the most
    powerful tv show ever.

    How to make financial supports orfants seperated from there family.

    young girl, how do to make contact her directly.
    What is her name. Please tell me more about her
    living status.

    skip k.thilavanh


  • Kyaw Kyaw Oo

    Wooow terrible worst and risky in burma, I am never never imagine for that ….

  • Laurel Tilson

    I watched this documentary, with a heavy heart, and can still not get the images of these beautiful children, from my mind. Surely the west can, and should be involved. As a human being surely we can do something to help these people, don’t the politicians view this disasterous situation, as need for involvment. I really wish you at PBS would pursue this story, and tell people how they can get involved from their own countries.

  • Nancy

    This story brought tears to my eyes. I’m from a different part of Asia & currently living in the US. Sometimes, I forget how good life really is here (in the US).

    I really want to help them. Are they adoptable? My husband & I do not have kids but are looking to adopt. :))

  • A.R. Salgado

    My family and I were deeply touched by this documentary which makes one realize that there are so many others less fortunate then we. The little artist who does not wish to go home goes by the name “Silver Moon”? Not sure how to spell her name, but we were wondering what her status is since this section was filmed?
    Thank you and God bless all of the Burmese survivors and those like “Zorro” who risk it all so that the rest of the world may be enlightened.


  • Krishna

    Well done documentary. Kids in the documentary showed great deal of maturity, love and basic humanity which i thought was very inspiring (given their young age and emotional pain they are going through).

    I would love to get more details on participating in any program to see these kids lead childhood life they really deserve.

  • foo

    and what is going to happen to the people in the video you are putting in danger by airing this ?

    i believe this is the same old explanation of burma tradgedy, i think there is some more sophistication that could be brought this, perhaps some burma history , its a bit of an insult, to not explain things in more depth, either name names or offer some solution in context of burma history

  • koko

    This is not typically correct information as watch. The traslation of the Prime minister was wrongly translated in this vedio which could result of misunderstanding to him.

  • luz

    thank you for making this documentary – as heart wrenching as it was to watch and to know the truth. i am a sensitive and sensed something horrific at the time of the tsunami. i suffered horrible anxiety for about 8 hours on the other side of the world and knew that it was related to something involving terrible suffering somewhere in the world. the suffering has not ended and i will pray for the children and other survivors. and i am praying for the end of the tyranny. i’m sorry this is all i have to offer for now. please update us with news of these children. i embrace them with my heart.

  • johnson

    this is the most terrible strom in burmese story.
    how do they ( children in the story) run for their future?
    i am really so sad.

  • Maung Maung

    Dear Ko Ko,

    As far as I know, there is nothing incorrect in this documentary. It is not right ashamed of being poor country but surely ashamed of being luck of human rights and mis-governing. Let the world see the truth.


  • Emmie Howell

    My heart ache with the 3 little siblings that was left without any parents. I would really like to know their whereabouts and how can I help them. I have been praying for them and the country.

  • Ko Ko

    Maung Maung,

    I am not ashame of being a poor country. I am saying the documentary is making one side story by NLD supporter. There is not enough to help to Stunami vicims after 6 years. Why do we want to blame on Government when the people dont have enough help. We need to look at who is blocking the helper to help the victims. It is Suu Kyi who is asking international not to step into Myanmar which affecting even charity work in Myanmar. Lets see who is really devil here. I am not supoorting either NLD or SPDC but i dont want people blaming on each other when the victims dont get enough help. Do your part. If you dont help them, dont blame on anyone.

  • D.A.Fakhoury

    We have 150 such refugees (from Burma/Thailand) in our church. There are at least 30,000 such refugees in this country. Look out for them in your communities. They can always use your help and support. The American Baptist Churches/USA have a large mission to these people.

  • susan

    i was sickened to my stomach and still am after seeing this,i to wish i could take those kids home to florida, u.s.a …….i see people on here from that country, you have the internet and they dont even have a drink of water?????? your country is by far poor you have many natural resources,check wikipedia to see all the aid and money that came through, where is it??? I demand to know…. count your blessings as i count mine. and hope you dont live near the government because if God hears my prayers they will rained upon with fire stones, i have never been so heartbroken or disgusted at the same time in my life as this,and thank you producers who made this documentary, maybe from here we can do something for them there, i sure hope so, this is so sad to see when all that is standing in the way is the “junta” if there were some structure who cared noone there would be below middle class……

  • S. Khin

    My wife and I are from Burma living in US. We went back to the Irrawaddy after the cyclone with a group of relief volunteers. This Wide Angle episode so far is the most powerful and most accurate account of the aftermath of the cyclone. I still cry thinking about the orphanage children we met, and left behind. Thanks NPR for doing a great job.

  • thepoetryman

    Beautifully sad and yet uplifting…the human spirit is seemingly unbreakable.

  • marilyn

    am so incredibly grateful to pbs for bringing this story to us. my eleventh grade government students will be seeing this before the week is out!! and, again, thank you pbs for bringing aaron brown on board. no one can do these stories in such a manner as he!!!

  • NNL

    Thanks a lot NPR for this project.I’d finding what’s happening in Delta when i was in that place . i can not blame on anyone , i think what can we do for Delta ?Now I’m trying to get the shady tree not only for Delta but also for the other place coz we loose 50 percent of trees because of heavy crazy storm.

  • Thomas Brackett

    Thank you for making this powerful documentary. My wife and I have known about the tragic situation of Burma for years and have dedicated our lives to helping the refugees find healing through education. Please check out our website for more information.

  • Avid

    I’d like to financially assist the orphaned children profiled in this documentary. Please let me know who to contact. Thanks.

  • Arnold

    This is a eye widening story for me… I am a student and have changed my major to better understand their laws and government. I have also changed my mid to adoption when i get older. i would like to know how i can volunteer i am not very wealthy, as i am a college student. But I would like to donate my time and any support i can do. Pleas contact. Thank u

  • Joyce

    I have been trying to see when this is going to be tv. I have been looking for this and a couple of other programs but I never can find them on the listings. Any help would be greatly apprieciated.

  • lauren feeney

    Hi Joyce, broadcast dates and times vary; you can check your local listings here: Eyes of the Storm premiered in most cities on August 19th; the full episode is available online if you missed it.

  • Jon Wilkinson

    If you would like to help, my wife and I run a UK based charity which works deep in the remote delta villages. Check us out on, it is possible to deliver effective help.

  • ye lin

    My Dearest Ko Ko, I m very saddened by your comments and uneducated remarks. I m not even sure you are Burmese since your comments are so out of touch. I don’t know where you are from; you would know this documentary is not one sided story if you know the reputation of PBS. I’m surprised that you said “Why do we want to blame on Government when the people don’t have enough help”. The whole world knows that Burmese government rejected the foreign aids especially from US and E.U for political agenda at the time of the victims needed the most. I’m definitely not NLD supporter. However, I’m definitely against SPDC for their selfishness and inhumane treatment to the Burmese citizen. While you are defending SPDC with baseless facts, I’m doing my parts to help the people back home. I feel bad everyday that I don’t help them enough. Please get the facts and educate yourself enough to come onto this kind of website and write comment.


    That was truly an amazing show. I still can’t understand why the world is watching when everyone knows the truth. What are the human right group doing about this? The government here looks weaker than China or Cuba and even though I am not in Burma, I feel more can be done through negotiations which can be symbiotic in nature.

  • Sally

    This suck… THE GOVERNMENT IS HIDING WAY TOO MUCH, that’s why most people around the world don’t even know anything about Burma. And for that NO ONE will likely to help or make a change.

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