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August 20th, 2009
Eyes of the Storm
Full Episode
  • Burmese journalist

    Dear, KO KO
    Please, this documentary was not made by NLD supporters,, I don’t wanna interrupt any comments , still watch all of your comments . we are actual Burmese journalists. we are not politicians and afraid of being assumed politician ,, We are running for Journalism with possible ethics ,,, thank you..

  • Zorro

    Dear Ko Ko.
    please, don’t think that everything which can blame Bur- military , not made by NLD supporters.. If they do goodness, the result coming out from them would be good.. I’m cameraman and journalist for this documentary , I’m not politician and not interested in politic. I’m filming these children with no any script like a movie. that is with my journalism sense. Again , that is reality , As a cameraman , journalist, I’m sure that’s reality happening in Burma..

  • Thidar Aye

    Ko KO
    My heart was aching to see these 3 little siblings. My whole family couldn’t stop crying until watching to the end of this documentary
    Our family is the political family and now currently live in U.S but my aging mother, aunty and my own sister are still living in Yangon.
    I would like my sister to take care of these 3 little kids until they get to stand on their own. Pls give us a chance to take care of these children.
    Pls give us a contact for these 3 kids.

  • Mommy of 3

    Dear Zorro,
    As a mother of 3 I was so heart broken to see the orphan family on this episode. I am sheltered mother who is so involved in all of the buisness of my childrens sports,school, and church activities I rarely look beyond my own little world. I can not stop thinking of these 3 children. Would you know if there is any way to put them up for adoption so a family could bring them here and raise them? My husband tells me it is a “closed society”, so there is little hope of getting them. I pray for the children, that God would bring someone into their lives to care and provide for them, and if that not be his will, that they would find the strength in Him and in each other to persevere.

  • James

    “This content is currently unavailable.” I assume because I live overseas? Pfui.

  • Jason

    I’m going to show this to my “Americanized ” kids while we eat our dinner in our warm home with running water and electricity etc. – so they can see how good they have it here in the land of plenty.


  • Ray

    I would like to know how to send money and art supplies to Silver Mo. Could you PLEASE help me out with some sort of a location that I can start with including the correct spelling of her name.

    That was a powerful piece of real journalism. Keep them coming, I have an unlimited supply of tears.

  • feltzr

    Thank you for your interest. The following listed charities have ties with the children featured in Eyes of the Storm:

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