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January 1st, 2010
Eyes of the Storm
Turning Points in Burmese History

Slightly smaller than Texas, Burma borders Thailand to the east, India to the northwest, and China to the northeast. The majority of Burmese people live in the south amid the fertile Irrawaddy River delta region. Scroll through the interactive timeline below to learn about the major turning points in Burma’s troubled history of colonization, military coups, and popular uprisings. Click on the “+” signs for more details, including rare video footage provided by the Democratic Voice of Burma.

  • Smallicoat

    The Burmese are extremely resilient, and I suspect that they are much better stewards of the Earth than others. The fact that 75% of the country is forested! All of that Teak would be long gone were the Burmese part of the globalization of the economy. As an aside, they relocation of the Islamic population to Bangladesh may seem cruel, but watch what happens in Europe in the next decade…or even in the US.

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