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April 6th, 2009
Field Trip to the DMZ
Interview with North Korea Expert Bruce Klingner

Yesterday, North Korea attempted to launch a satellite into orbit, a move that was widely seen as a test of the country’s progress towards launching an intercontinental ballistic missile. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak called the launch a “reckless act threatening regional and global security,” while U.S. President Barack Obama called for a United Nations Security Council resolution reinforcing sanctions against North Korea.

Wide Angle’s web producer, Lauren Feeney, speaks with Bruce Klingner, the Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia and Expert on North Korea at The Heritage Foundation, about North Korea’s rocket launch, North-South relations, and the prospects for reunification, which is still an official goal of the South Korean government. Klingner spent 20 years working for the CIA, and from 1996-2001, served as the Deputy Chief of the CIA’s Korea Issue Group, advising the president on Korean issues.

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