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July 1st, 2008
Heart of Darfur
Video: Jean-Marie Guéhenno Explains the Obstacles to Peace in Darfur

WIDE ANGLE spoke with Jean-Marie Guéhenno, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, about the crisis in Darfur.

We asked him why progress has been so slow, what the major obstacles are, both in the U.N. security council and on the ground in Darfur, and what he thinks the chance are for achieving peace in the region.

Guéhenno has been the head of peacekeeping since 2000, and will be stepping down this July.

Sorry, this video is not available.

  • Sativarg Millenious

    Thank you for this important film. Thank you for the clear and legible translations.
    My remaining eye is not so good any more and the translations where much easier for me to read than in many PBS presentations on my 4 inch tv.

    I believe that the health and sovereignty of Mother Africa is very important to the health of the world. She has been wronged and her peoples have been abused. Many nations have profited from the rape of the womb of humanity. How can the people of the world stop the bleeding? We must look and see clearly what we must never do again. But what can we do to help the healing?

    Perhaps tribal peoples need to develop their own forms of government according to what they love and respect. A democracy must always grow from the hearts of the people it will serve. It must be loved like a child as it grows from the crucible of a nations needs. Then as it crawls and stands and walks it can be gently but firmly guided by a community of democracies into adulthood.

    Can the countries of Africa work together to stanch the bleeding and start the healing? Rivalries can be healthy but the extinction of any peoples is like burning the tree of life from the ground up. Soon there is no support for our own branch and we will all fall our deaths.
    May you all be blessed according to all of your beliefs.

    Blessed be.
    Let it be so.

  • PMKinstrey

    It seems Mr. Guehenno is convinced that the UN has a good reputation to begin with which would be jeopardized if action were taken and failed. Is he delusional? The UN has a terrible reputation for solving problems already! It seems the old saying”nothing ventured, nothing gained” doesn’t ring a bell with him or his cohorts.

  • julie sarff

    It is not true that the UN has a terrible reputation for solving problems – look at what they did in Sierra Leone. What hampers them is that the leaders of the security council – and in this case mostly China – cannot agree on a solution.

  • Minna Levenkron

    Unfortunately I missed this program yesterday. Will it be aired again?

  • john Madsen

    i have never understood this one sided armament why the people getting killed are not armed to protect themselves is beyond me. If all those woman being raped murdered were given handguns ammo and training the armed bands would be checked if they knew they were going to be shot at by some very angry women. If the chinese are arming the bands how about arming the civilians as well so they can protect themselves. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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