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July 8th, 2009
Heart of Jenin
Map: Palestinian Refugee Camps

Jenin refers both to a city in the West Bank and to the adjoining Jenin Refugee Camp. In Heart of Jenin, Khatib’s family lives in the camp, along with about 12,000 fellow Palestinian refugees.

The Jenin camp looks like an established city because it has been there since 1953. It is one of 58 Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria where an estimated 1.3 million Palestinians live.

The camps were created when Palestinians were expelled from their homes in 1948 during the creation of Israel, and again after Israel occupied additional land in 1967.

Click on the green markers in this map to learn more about these camps. Use the + button to zoom in and click on overlapping markers.

View Palestinian Refugee Camps in a larger map

Details and photographs in this map are provided by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which was established after the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict and operates many of the camps.

UNRWA defines a camp as a plot of land provided by the host government for accommodating Palestinian refugees. Population refers to the number of registered refugees living in the camp.

  • doron l

    What about the Jewish refugees from Arab lands? There were at least as many Jews expelled from Arab lands. Why don’t you show their flight, their story, their plight? Why don’t you compare how Israel uplifted them, with the way Arab lands still manipulate descendants of Arab refugees?

  • Abdallah

    The Arab Jewish lived very well before the illegal establishment of Israel The foreign minister of Iraq was Jewish in 1939 and there are many other examples. All of the Jewish Refugee’s have been paid well, by the US and other governments (24 million dollars a day), how about the 3 million Israel (Jews) who migrated from Israel to the US and the rest of the world, since 1947.
    What about the kidnapping of Jewish children from Yemen by the Israel terrorist government?

  • Pilgrim Ever

    This is a hugely complex subject, and confrontational comments such as Doron’s are just that – confrontational. Lacking any context they serve just to inflame one side against the other. This kind of dialogue/comment is not productive or helpful. Thank you.

  • bataween

    What is Abdullah taking about? There ws no Jewish foreign minister in Iraq in 1939. The Jews left Arab countries as refugees – they outnumbered Palestinian refugees two to one. At first Israel put them in tent camps. Their persecution predated the establishment of Israel: in 1941, 179 Jews were murdered in the Farhoud pogrom in Iraq. You will not find Jews living in tent camps anymore, they refused to become victims and tools of propaganda, unlike Palestinian refugees.

  • George II

    #1 and #4:
    Your knowledge in history is clearly so limited, the Arab countries including PALESTINE welcomed the Jews who came from Europe. After the occupation of the Palestinian land some of Jews in the Arabic counties chose to go and live in the occupied Palestinian land and some of them still to this day in the Arabic countries, Do NOT try to create a Jewish refuge situation because it does not exist, Israel is the occupation force, occupation is illegal and against humanity, occupation is a crime and a theft (theft of land and freedom)
    See for yourself the following American website, created by American people and supported by documentations,

  • Tom

    You know, you have to pinch yourself to remember how tiny Israel is and just how massive the Arab world is in comparison. The real problem is to do with Islam and how enraged Muslims are that there is a tiny strip of land in the middle east where the Islamic writ doesn’t run.

    Get over it.

  • PlowsharesCathy

    The entire world has been held hostage by the Israeli right wing long enough. The Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights and their right wing backers are motivated by greed and racism. Not the entire Jewish religion, but the religion of the settlers is selective and primative. It’s all about occupying land that King David might have laid eyes on 3000 years ago. Shortly after David’s death, his kingdom was broken up by God as punishment for David’s sins. So, the Jews certainly have no legitimate claim to any of the land. There is no ethics in the settlers’ religion and their God is a tribal God: God of the Jews, but not of other people. They, themselves, call their God the “God of the Jews”.
    The United States should immediately stop all aid to Israel until it evacuates all West Bank and Golan settlements and stops the horrific blockade of Gaza. The water in Israel and the West Bank should be apportioned by a UN agency. Israel is working on desalinization of water from the Mediterranean Sea. They should continue to do so, with international assistance if necessry. Everyday that we fail to take steps toward peace is another day that we are moving closer to a total war. Right now, we have a world wide economic crisis and a lot of international tension. It is common sense that the entire world of 6.8 billion people should not be brought to the brink of disaster by 300,000 extremist fanatic Jewish settlers.
    Tom (above) apparently has never read a history book and never read the Bible. If he read a history book, he would know that Israel is in the fertile crescent because it gets moisture from the Mediterranean Sea. Most Arab land is desert. The size of Arab land is not relevant, as for the most part, it is desert. Israel is by far the richest country in the Middle East, with a per capita income twice as large as Saudi Arabia’s. This is due in some measure to foreign aid from the US, but it is also due to the fact that the Jews were members of the ruling classes in Europe for 2,000 years. They were and are the bankers and merchants and the factory owners and university professors. None of this is important. Palestinians lived for 2,000 years on the land we now call Israel. They are the rightful owners.
    On the one hand the Israeli right wing wants to say “God gave us this land,” On the other hand they don’t want to listen to words like, “Thou shall not steal….shall not kill…..covet…bear false witness.” So which is it? Do they believe in God or not? Only when it suits them. This may be true to some degree of all people. The point is that we don’t want to allow Israeli settlers to lead us into World War III. We cannot blindly follow them. We have to do our own rational thinking.

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