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July 7th, 2009
Heart of Jenin
Video: Vox Pop

WIDE ANGLE went to New York’s Times Square to ask a diverse group of people how they would solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Click on the video to see their responses.

  • julie

    i think theirs never going to be peace between israel and palestine just by hearing the guy that is from israel in the video they think their wrong and the others are wrong and vise versas they really need to sit down and talk and both admit they are wrong and they need to change but no one wants to do dat i think one day will come where hopefull they will both realize that the reason they are fitting is wrong

  • Doron L

    There would have been two states in 1948 if the Arab world had accepted it. Instead they invaded the tiny new Jewish state, vowing to kill all the Jews. Sixty years later, they still reject Jewish self determination.

    Israeli concessions and territorial hand overs are not going to bring peace, when the Arab world rejects any notion of Jewish slef determination. And Israel has a right to exist – Jews have been living there for thousands of years continuously. Moreover, half of all Israelis are descendants of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

  • Masami

    The establishment of Israel is often justified as a response to the Nazi Holocaust, in which indeed was a crime against humanity. But how could the suffering of Jews give them the right to expel Palestinians from their own land? The oppression of one people, however brutal, does not give them the right to oppress others.

    Two-state solution is rooted in the way in which Israel was created, the nature of the state that was founded. The Zionist movement wanted to create not just homeland for Jews in Palestine, but an exclusively Jewish state in which Jews would have privileged status.

    Many claim that the both sides need to stop using violence, as if the military power between Israel and Palestine was equal. A long before there was a such thing “Hamas,” there was the occupation, a long before there was such thing “suicide bombers,” there was killing, there was bombing by the state of Israel. Palestinians are simply responding to, out of desparation, how they’ve been treated by the Zionist agenda.

    The occupation must end. One state, one vote, equal rights for all.

  • Michael J. Halliday

    Biblical law as defined by Zionists extremists has no relevance whatsoever in determining peace between the Palestinians, and the Israeli’s. We live in a modern world governed by laws as set forth by the World Court, the Geneva Conventions, and the United Nations. Israel, believing that they are a law unto themselves, have chosen to repeatedly violate, and or ignore the rules of conduct set forth by these globally accepted entities. The government of the United States, and only the United States has always protected Israel in the U.N. Security Council by continually vetoing any and all appropriate sanctions leveled against Israel, however justly deserved.

    But justice is quite clearly not a word that the Israeli government has included in it’s vocabulary for quite some time, as recently evidenced by the massacre the Israeli Defense Forces inflicted on the defenseless civilians of Gaza.

    And, the argument that Mr. Doron L. makes that the Palestinians had a chance to have their own state in 1948, is predicated on the wide spread ignorance surrounding the formation of the State of Israel. And, unfortunately, it is true that you would be lucky to find one in ten thousand persons who ever heard of The Balfour Declaration, NOT NEGOTIATION, or remembers that it was British and French bombers that crushed the Arab resistance to the land grab that became the State of Israel.

    If it really mattered who lived where three or four thousand years ago, most of us in the United States of America, a nation founded on the genocide of its native peoples by so-called Christians, would have to find passage back to Europe.

    Lastly, it is the various political administrations and congresses of the United States that must accept full responsibility for the prolonged conflict in the Mideast. The abject failure of this countrys leaders to find the political will to stand up to the Israel Lobby, most notably represented by the American Israeli Politcal Action Committee, has left this nation with the blood of thousands of innocent Palestinians on its collective hands. Until there is a dramatic change in our nations policies, and Israel is required to, by whatever measure, obey the laws governing global conduct, there is not one chance in a million that peace will ever be achieved, or that Israel, or the United States will ever be free from attack by those seeking real self determination.

  • Gary

    The difference between “both sides have responsibility” is balanced on the fact that one side has the 2nd or 3rd most advanced Army in the world, while their defenseless enemies live as destitute peasants with crude, makeshift weapons. An IDF soldier even bragged that his targets were farmers with old hunting rifles.

    Like the US in Iraq, it’s very tragic that 4,000 plus American lives have been lost, and that this will continue “for the rest of our lifetimes”, but that’s a pittance compared to the 1,000,000 Iraqis directly killed, the nearly 2,000,000 killed by sanctions, the rise in disease, malnutrition, radioactive waste, the occupation of Iraq by a pro-IRANIAN govt. How does anyone say “both sides share some blame”? Do we say that when a young child is beaten or raped by an adult, he/she must share the blame for their contributing behavior? Of course not.

    Palestinians and Iraq are MILITARILY children compared to US-Israel. Both have been reduced to “basket-case” status.

    Numerous Israeli leaders have stated “off the record” that nobody seriously sees Palestinians as a threat to Israel’s existence. PM Moshe Sherrat wrote of efforts to provoke Pals to attack, to justify land grab. Permanent low-level conflict is the status which allows Israel to continue to expand and seize land and water, for “strategic” reasons.

    Often, no reason is given to build new villages in the West Bank, which has left only a few percent free-and-clear available to the Palestinians who legally own it. The International Court of Justice ruled that the Occupation of Palestine is flatly illegal, not “sorta wrong”.

    The Israeli side has at least two sides, some moderates willing to concede and some right wing extremists only willing to expand, for reasons of religion and Jewish supremacy. The extremists rightly see Arabs (and Liberals) as a threat .. to unlimited expansion. But Israel is a combination of modern civil society, democratic forms and processes, inside a Military State, a military machine masquerading as “a homeland”.

    Relatively small groups of people can and do get together and talk from time to time. Some also engage in joint protests and get gassed together. But ultimately it’s the military mindset and the military juggernaut that must be halted, politically.

    For one, QUIT FUNDING ISRAEL TO BUY WEAPONS. It will, in reality, be a great help to the Jews if that leads to a negotiated peace.

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