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August 19th, 2008
Iraqi Exodus
Video: Full Episode

WIDE ANGLE reports from the frontlines of the staggering refugee crisis that is unfolding in the Middle East as Iraqis flee their war-torn country at the rate of up to 50,000 people per month. Our story takes us to the heart of the crisis – to Syria and Jordan, which harbor the vast majority of uprooted Iraqis. WIDE ANGLE explores the displaced Iraqi community – from the middle class suburbs of Damascus where Iraqis have sent housing prices soaring more than 50 percent to the cafés, schools and food distribution sites of Amman.

Sorry, this video is not available.
  • John

    Mr. Brown, this is good journalism. You are helping us see what life is like for the Iraqis. We need to hear their stories.

  • John M. Morgan

    Excellent job and very important information for Americans to educated about.

  • Israel

    So many people are caught up in their daily routine worrying about the slighest and most ridiculous little things. Thank you Wide Angle, PBS and everyone involved for bringing this to us. This is very inspiring and I hope to one day soon help people living in such tragedy. And I hope this serves to educate more people and that at the very least it helps them realize that their life in their little bubble isn’t so difficult after all. Thank you.

  • Evan

    I agree with John. These stories need to be told.

  • Lorraine

    The Iraqi exodus mirrors the exodus of thousands of Afghanis into Pakistan. There plight is just as tragic and has been going on for many years. The casualties of war are not limited to the dead. “War, what is it good for?” Thanks you for enlightening the rest of the world.

  • Geoff

    Thank you. This report is what journalism is about and what I wish we could see more of. It also has inspired me to look into ways to help the refugees through donation and activism. As you mention, this problem is not just an Iraqi or an arab problem. If it is unresolved it will one day soon be everyone’s problem. Even if we ignore our moral obligation to these people, we cannot ignore our own safety and stability which would be threatened in further destablization of the region.

    Thank you.

  • Jessica

    Certainly the displacement of millions of Iraqis outside of Iraq, as well as the vulnerable state of millions who remain inside the country, has created the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. Stay informed on what’s happening at ground level in Iraq by reading:

  • Deniz Yeter

    I am a US citizen living in Germany, and I miss being able to watch this program!
    None of the videos are viewable from here…

  • Steven

    Thank you so much Wide Angle. To sit down at the end of the day, turn on the television and see an amazing program such as this reminds me of why 99% of other programming just doesn’t do it for me. So well done and truly inspiring.

  • Clayton

    I lived in Jordan for 2 years and now I work resettling Iraqi refugees in Texas. This was spot on!

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