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January 1st, 2010
Iraqi Exodus
Video: Settling in Portland, Oregon

In the film Iraqi Exodus, WIDE ANGLE host Aaron Brown interviews Maan Kaka, an Iraqi Christian living in Amman, Jordan, who is about to leave this temporary refuge for a new life in America.

He has no idea what to expect.

In this WIDE ANGLE web exclusive, we see how Maan Kaka is adjusting to life in suburban Portland, Oregon.

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Camera: Ian Probasco

  • Antonio Careca

    What an amazing documentary. Bravo to Wide Angle and Aaron Brown in reporting this heart-breaking story. I wish Mr. Kaka well in his resettlement in the USA. As a fellow immigrant (though not a refugee) I encourage him to hang in there and take every opportunity that comes his way. The U.S. Federal Government sometimes does evil things, especially in its foreign policy, but the American people are very kind-hearted, and this country does offer some great opportunities, as I can personally attest to. All the best to Mr. Kaka and family and to all other people that continue to suffer as a result of man’s continuing inhumanity towards his fellow man.

  • Charles Mccoy

    Nancy Pelosi should impeach Bush for getting us into the mess in Iraq. Two million refugees in countries that can’t handle them.

  • NoWar4Ever

    Please ask yourself: Who made this family’s life so miserable? My answer is: The US government. Who elected the US government? We, the American people. So now all of you feel sorry for this poor family. Have you ever thought that each of you should be responsible for the ordeal experienced by this family?

  • Alba M.

    I loved this documentary it makes me realized of how blessed I am to be an American. It also, makes me admire my mom for leaving her home country in hopes of a much better life. I wish KaKa the best & WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!!

  • Michael Thomas

    alan waz alan ameerika wa oregon, haza saied

  • James C

    How about the 2 million homeless people in AMERICA? Oh wait, it’s more than 2 million. Why not take care of OURSELVES first, instead of letting our bleeding hearts blind us.

  • Liz Henry

    If you would like to help in the resettlement of Iraqi refugees who worked as translators for the U.S., please contact: The List Project.

  • Anne

    Are you kidding me? You wish Saddam Hussein was still the Dictator so he could continue with torture and genocide. Because apparently he was a nice man, almost as nice as Hitler. But wait, the Holocaust didn’t exist according to the majority of Muslim extremists. Down with America, down with having pride in our country. What about all the suffering American CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!! Let’s help our citizens FIRST!!!

  • Rina Tina

    When did it become popular to hate our own country?

  • Andre

    When I watched teh Kaka family on PBS it reminded exactly of the struggle the my family went through leaving Iraq. I was born in Iraq and we left during the early 90s. We came to Chicago, and my dad had to work 3 jobs at first to support us. Now we live GREAT I am starting business school in the fall, where I hope to double major. I don’t think my family could of ever achived what we have if we stayed in Iraq. I hope every refugee can come here to the US and make somthing with there lives. God bless all of those refugees and may they all find peace. And lasty, Gob bless America for giving my family a second chance.

  • Israel

    To those that right away scream, how about us?! What about american citizens?! Look, Iraq didn’t ask for the invasion. Iraq didn’t ask for the U.S. to send thousands of soldiers and equipment, spend billions of dollars over there and make refugees of them. So, if you wanted to keep all that money here to help american people, this country should have thought about not invading Iraq! Or, by now it should have removed itself, if not to say years ago, especially when it has been proven Iraq had no involvement and no weapons. Are you protesting the war? Probably not, you’re probably in favor of it. Have your cake and eat it too. Gimme a break… For your homeless cry, FYI, for a lot of them it is by CHOICE. Not because they cannot work, or don’t have a SSN to work. I see countless people day in and day out, in the heat, in the cold, it’s no problem for them to sit/stand out there for hours holding signs picking for money. How many easy jobs aren’t out there that you could perform sitting or standing and NOT be homeless? Secretary’s, dishwashers, phone operators, flippin’ burgers, assembly lines, gimme a break….

  • maan

    if anyone need to help just send his/her e-mail

    thanks for supporting

  • zzbozzo

    whos letting all these bastards into our country, they should be arrested and convicted of treason!

  • parvaz

    this guy speack english very well,well who knows who was when he lived in iraq
    also,when we talke about Refugees we should not make mistake
    some of this so caLled refugees ( not aLl of them) are those who tortured and killed lots of shiats and kordish and then now that thier supported is gone to hell( i mean saddam housin) they try to chage the face
    they should not be allowed to go any where
    but those who are being killed in iraq( specially shits) who has been treating and killed by insurgent should be allowed
    long live with iraq and USA

  • Marwab

    I am an Iraqi and moving soon o Portland Oregan and I gues I will be at the same stution like hem!!!!!!

  • Anne

    Immigration is what made this country great! One side of my family came on the mayflower while the others left Newfoundland in the early 20th century. All of them came here for freedom (of religon and making a better life for your family), and the peace that comes with it. We are all guitly of takening these rights for granted. God Bless you and your family!

  • ohan family

    we are iraqi refugee in amman jordan we christian we run from iraq what kind help we get from world church help us get usa and what kind sponsors need to go to usa

  • Iris

    Just saw this documentary for the first time. I am an immigrant from Germany (1952) I have much respect for anyone wanting to make a better life for himself and his family. Shame on those so called Americans who can’t see the forest for the trees ; who will cut their noses off to spite their faces. What I am trying to say is, “Nobles Oblige” pardon my French. Who are we to look down on others?
    All this as we try to teach our children to honor life and to be honorable human beings in doing so. The Government and the Governed are two different animals. There for the grace of God go I.

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