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July 11th, 2002
Saddam's Ultimate Solution

The Issue

One of the world’s least-known societies, Iraqi Kurdistan, is under ongoing genocidal attack by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. In 1988, Saddam launched a series of biological and chemical attacks against the Kurds, the tragic long-term effects of which are only now becoming apparent. British filmmaker Gwynne Roberts shot inside Iraqi Kurdistan for five years to prepare this unique report on a group who may play a crucial role, equivalent to that of Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance, in any military attempt to overthrow Saddam’s bloody regime. And with biological weapons already used by Saddam on one enemy, the program considers who may be next.

The Film

Director Gwynne Roberts was the first Western journalist to enter northern Iraq after the Gulf War. His unequalled access to the Kurdish leadership has resulted in a number of groundbreaking films, including THE ROAD BACK TO HELL, KURDISTAN: THE DREAM BETRAYED, and SADDAM’S SECRET ARMY. His films have twice been featured on 60 MINUTES.

Photos: AP

  • Cathryn Baillie

    The most sickening, heartbreaking, mind-chilling PBS film I’ve ever seen. We need more of these very realistic programs to make Americans aware of what their own government is doing in our name, for the sake of profits for the oil and defense industries. Apparently nothing matters to this government but money. Americans are becoming jobless and poor while prices for food and services escalates. Well-paying jobs in road and housing construction, bridge construction, needed upgrades in every type of industry are being sacrificed for the sake of profit to defense and oil industry. Americans need more programs to show us what is really going on in our country.

  • Cathryn Baillie

    The truth hurts. Maybe if it hurts we Americans enough we will never allow our leaders to ever invade another country, for any purpose except an attack on our own country. Peaceful arbitration is our only option in a world so equipped to even destroy our own planet. As the old saying goes, “give peace a chance.”
    Thanks for a much needed and brutally real picture of Iraq.

  • Cindi Stein

    How can I get a copy of the program?, I want to share it with others and my family. I am unable to find the full episode. This is the most amazing information that we need to see and know.

  • John Lesko

    Um, did you people not even read the summary? The film in question is about Saddam’s use of WMD’s against his own people — one of the many reasons he needed to be removed from power.

    Stop watching fictional Michael Moore propaganda, and open up your minds to reality.

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