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August 19th, 2004
Sahara Marathon
Countries That Recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Madagascar February 28, 1976
Burundi March 1, 1976
Algeria March 6, 1976
Benin March 11, 1976 (revoked March 21, 1997)
Angola March 11, 1976
Mozambique March 13, 1976
Guinea- Bissau March 15, 1976 (revoked April 2, 1997)
North Korea March 16, 1976
Togo March 17, 1976 (revoked)
Rwanda April 1, 1976
South Yemen February 2, 1977
Seychelles October 25, 1977
Republic of the Congo June 3, 1978 (revoked September 13, 1996)
Sao Tome and Principe June 22, 1978 (revoked August 23, 1996)
Panama June 23, 1978
Tanzania November 9, 1978
Ethiopia February 24, 1979
Vietnam March 2, 1979
Cambodia April 10, 1979
Laos May 9, 1979
Afghanistan May 23, 1979
Cape Verde July 4, 1979
Grenada August 20, 1979
Ghana August 24, 1979
Guyana September 1, 1979
Dominica September 1, 1979 (revoked)
Saint Lucia September 1, 1979 (revoked)
Jamaica September 4, 1979
Uganda September 6, 1979
Nicaragua September 6, 1979
Mexico September 8, 1979
Lesotho October 9, 1979
Zambia October 12, 1979
Cuba January 20, 1980
Iran February 27, 1980
Sierra Leone March 27, 1980
Syria April 15, 1980
Libya April 15. 1980
Swaziland April 28, 1980 (revoked)
Botswana May 14, 1980
Zimbabwe July 3, 1980
Chad July 4, 1980 (revoked May 9, 1997)
Mali July 4, 1980
Costa Rica October 30, 1980
Vanuatu November, 27, 1980
Papua New Guinea August 12, 1981
Tuvalu August 12, 1981
Kiribati August 12, 1981
Nauru August 12, 1981
Solomon Islands August 12, 1981
Mauritius July 1, 1982
Venezuela August 3, 1982
Surinam August 11, 1982
Bolivia December 14, 1982
Ecuador November 14, 1983
Mauritania February 27, 1984
Burkina Faso March 4, 1984 (revoked June 5, 1996)
Peru August 16, 1984 (suspended relations in October 1996)
Nigeria November 12, 1984
Yugoslavia November 28, 1984
Colombia February 27, 1985
Liberia July 31, 1985 (revoked September 1997)
India October 1, 1985 (revoked June 26, 2000)
Guatemala April 10, 1986
Dominican Republic June 24, 1986
Trinidad and Tobago November 1, 1986
Belize November 18, 1986
St. Kitts and Nevis February 25, 1987
Antigua and Barbuda February 27, 1987
Albania December 29, 1987
Barbados February 27, 1988
El Salvador July 31, 1989
Honduras November 8, 1989
Namibia June 2, 1990
Malawi November 16, 1994
Source: Western Sahara Online
  • Nicolás


    could you tell me what might have been the reasons of the revoked recognitions?

  • namir

    that is a lie
    12 country who recognize this terrorist groupe
    most of them they are terririst state like algeria,cuba, venezuella …etc
    all ppl who are in tindouf inside algeria are hostage

  • ali biba

    i live in Laayoune city Morocco not this fake western Sahara or rasd ,if anybody go to south of Morocco ( western sahara )he she will make sure there is not anything such as Polizario all the people who live in WS are Moroccan some of them they live in Algeria Tinduf against there wills thousands of Saharian came back to Morocco . this unknow fake RASD is no more than an organization created by Cuba Libya and Algeria to keep harassing Morocco because Morocco is not a communist country .look in that list and some of that countries are not a real countries and if they are real they are poor and having civil war or commi or ex commi

  • Ali biba

    I live in Laayoune city Morocco( estern Sahara) and there is nothing such as sahrawi arab republic wired

  • El-Uali brigade

    There are 80 who have recognized the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (for example, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Algeria, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Africa, Iran, India, Vietnam, Timor…). Some of that countries suspended relations with the SADR later (mostly because Moroccan political or economical pressures), because according to international law on state recognitions, a country recognition cant be revoked, unless the country recognized or the country who recognize dissapear (for example, the cases of Yugoslavia or South Yemen, who recognized the SADR & later dissapear as states). You can revoke a government recognition, not a state recognition.
    Leaving aside the Moroccan propaganda (communism, terrorism, islamism, blah, blah, blah), Western Sahara is today a non-decolonized territory (UN says) occupied by the Moroccan army (more than 100,000 Moroccan soldiers) & settled with Moroccans (around 200,000 Moroccan settlers). At the same time, between 150,000-200,000 Sahrawi refugees are still waiting before 34 years the returning to their occupied homeland, and nearly 20 years for a fair referendum on self-determination (that Morocco have opposed since ‘91).

  • said

    The world must know the nature of the problem, there has been no polisario before 1975, this organisation was formed just when Morocco wanted to get rid of the colonization from our ligitimate land and everybody knows who might have done that. It is our neighboring country “Algeria” that has crazy thoughts about the region that is behind that. Morocco was known for supporting to the Algerian resistance headed by “Abdelkadr almohydine” when it was colonized by France,but Algeria didn’t even think about that, instead it supported polisario by hosting it in Tindouf so as to make it hard for Morocco to have it’s land back and the Algerian’s general opinion knows this but they cannot express themselves as they are threated by the government, but unfortunately it’s the Algerian people who are paying for it because they still suffer from poverty while the oil’s incomings are transferred toward polisario. Finally I’d say that the Sahara is Moroccan and it’ll be forever, forever,forever………….

  • michael

    I live in the United States of America and our country was founded on the basis of freedom or at least whats left of it because of bush and the Patriot Act :( The Sharawi Arab Democratic Republic deserves its freedom and recognition from the world Morroco just needs to get there fat retarted army out of there and give up the land claim we do not live in colonial times any more people seriously

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