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July 12th, 2011
The Market Maker

“A true story that should have Hollywood calling”
– USA Today

“An amazing documentary”

Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a woman with a dream. The charismatic Ethiopian economist wants to end hunger in her famine-plagued country. But rather than relying on foreign aid or new agricultural technology, she has a truly radical plan. She has designed the nation’s first commodities exchange, which she hopes will revolutionize an ancient market system whose inefficiencies have been partly responsible for the country’s persistent food shortages.

In April 2008 and after more than a decade of planning, the starting bell rang on the trading floor for the first time. Gabre-Madhin has been running frantically ever since. She attempts to maintain the machinery that keeps her country fed while facing powerful special interests, antiquated farming practices, poor infrastructure, and an unpredictable climate. Not to mention a global economic crisis.

WIDE ANGLE travels to East Africa for The Market Maker, hosted by anchor Aaron Brown, to tell the dramatic, intimate story of a woman on a mission – and a world of trouble standing in her way.

  • Maurice Douet

    Fantastic, this has been centuries over due excellent work.

  • Lou K

    It is men and women like Eleni Gabre-Madhin that Ethiopia needs. I see a better future for Ethiopia. Already the economy has been growing at a rate of 10 to 12% for the past 6 years.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  • Haile

    Special thanks to Eleni, for her tons of goodwill for her country. Will she succeed in a terrain of difficulties? Yes, she can.

    The only problem is the regime: It’s survival is based on re-cycling famine and keeping the country in check. Priority should then be to get rid of the regime that has been encouraging dependency on food aid.

  • Lucien

    I visited Ethiopia 24 years ago with a medical team from France before I moved to the US. In May, My wife and I travelled to the country to bring our adopted son, Muluken to our home in Iowa.
    Ethiopia has made a great progress since my last visit – Its a very rich country and it has a great potential to be self-sufficient. Jena (my wife) loved the people and the culture. she is already planning our next trip with our son. Great work! Ms. Gabre-Madhin.

  • AddisTunes

    Very exciting!!!

  • Daniel K

    Lucien, i am Ethiopian-born American who is in the process of adopting kids from Ethiopia. Could you contact me at so you can help me clear out some questions on the process. I know this Q unrelated to what is posted but your remark here caught my eye.

  • Danay M. Kenfe

    Ethiopia is getting on her feet. Great thanks to those sons and daughters of Ethiopia, like Eleni G/Medhin, whose great vision to see prosperous Ethiopia is now before our eyes being translated into reality. Whether we like it or not, Ethiopia is on the verge of take off. I know, the hate mongers whose evil dreams to see Ethiopia remain poor and disgraced are now crying in humilation. They opt to die rather than to see a prosperous, peacefull and powerfull Ethiopia. Hell with them and up with heroic and heroine Ethiopians like Eleni. Etghiopia shall fore ever shine!
    Thank you Eleni and God bless you.

  • Rahel

    I am so proud of Elani for the work that she is doing… She is a prime example of how Africans from the Diaspora can make an impact back home by using education and experience to make a change…She is a true visionary…

  • Temesgen Mendera

    Good job, Eleni,

    Eleni G. Medhin; your new market creation is truly transformative. Please keep it up. The potential in the country and local commodities and agricultural out puts are real remedies for century old poverty and hunger in Ethiopia. Your strength in “Facing powerful special interests” and the visibility of your project, “Commodities Exchange,” Call it company or enterprise is highly appreciable.

    You are by far the best of all the local big powers whose interest is embezzling the people and the country in general. I am highly optimistic Ethiopian, who believe the country some how, someway will abolish HUNGER, POVERTY, & INJUSTICES.

    Thank you, Eleni G. Medhin for your effort & generosity, because you gave job to Ethiopians and favorable market for local producers. That is great generosity.

    God bless you, God bless Ethiopia

  • AG Medhin

    It is always the few that make the difference in changing the life of the many. Ms. Gebre-Medhin could easily make a comfortable living in the West like many of us but chose to bring positive change in Ethiopia. She is a true hero.

  • Sol

    Elleni’s attempt is just another round of Meles’s trying to put every activity and resource in the country under the minority Tigrayans control. I don’t expect any thing good out of the Meles regime. The only beneficiaries are the TPLF group in particular and the Tigray people in general. For the majority of Ethiopia, nothing has changed during this regime.


  • Mulu GS

    My hats off for Aaron Brown for allowing the world to see the positive developments going on in Ethiopia and the role people like Eleni could play to help their people/country. I can not wait to watch this episode of WideAngle, one of my favorite shows. I have watched Eleni’s presentation at TED and I am impressed by the command of her knowledge and level of articulation. Hope to see more!

  • Samrawit

    Eleni might be one good wishing leader…but in a country that is led by lords of poverty…one person’s effort might not mean much…but still I applaud Elleni….and wish her all the best….

  • Admirer

    Eleni can be an inspiration for a lot of Abesha women and that of other poor countries. I don’t know why she is not running to become the next PM of Ethiopia. I will give her my 10 fingers and 20 toes. I think we need a break from corrupt, selfish, arrogant, violent men who has been ruling our continent for decades drugging us into poverty and unspeaking suffering to most in our continent. Give this woman a chance and you will see what she can do. Don’t get mad guys, I am not excluding you. It is about time for the woman to shine.

  • funky ethiopian

    yes she can.

  • Sila

    I cant tell you that how the farmers are really in problem. She is trying to manipulate and depressed the poor farmers. I don’t think so this will continues as she expects, the farmers are trying to take its action. Why She tries to address the problem of Fertilizer, she knows that the supplier of fertilizer reduced from 7 to 2 which are part of EFORT, Please, readers try to get real information from ethiopian research institutes( You will see a lot of such contradictions)


  • Aram


    You are an excellent role model. Your hard work is going to pay off eventually. You deserve lots of thanks for your energy to move Emama (Mother) Ethiopia out of poverty.

    God bless you!

  • Tedla Asfaw

    In Ethiopia there is no free economy. The current rulers are from one narrow tribal elite group who accumulated Ethiopia’s wealth by confiscating government controlled wealth under communist Ethiopia and turns it to their private property named EFFORT(Endownment Fund For Rehabilitation of Tigray).

    This mafia conglomerate controlled everything including commodity exchange. Coffee and Chat is under Azeb Mesfin the wife of Meles Zenawi and Eleni is nothing more than a facilitator for this mafia business which is only audited by God.

    PBS is also a victim of this scam and misinforming the public. PBS better go to Accra and bring some hope rather than wasting resources. Surely Ethiopians will protest in D.C. and tell the truth about the mafia economy in Ethiopia.

    No free market will be born from tribal mafia and PBS camera should have focused on woman leader Birtukan Medeksa who is jailed for telling the truth than the tribal elite, Eleni G. Medhin, who is screaming free market where there are no free media to report.

  • DrEthiopia

    Kudos to PBS for shading light on those like eleni who are doing the heavy lifting in the trenches, amiss the lights, camer, action.

    Bravo eleni, it is about time you get a bit of acknowledgment.

  • J.Thompson

    Ive been watching East Africa for some time. Ive been to Kenya and Uganda but never Ethiopia, which is odd because it is the one with which I am most amazed. Beside the historical and strategic significance of the country the potential economically is boundless.
    The news Ive heard from Ethiopia in the last few years has also been pretty positive. No 1984 type famines to my knowledge and beyond that you hear news from places like the Economist and the IMF talking about this country possibly coming out of poverty soon because of the recent growth patterns in primary school attendance, health care, university education, and massive infrastructure investments.
    Best of luck to Ethiopia, hopefully I’ll visit this country sometime in my life.

  • Tesfay

    Eleni G.Medhin I am really proud of you by what you doing in your country that Ethiopia needs, new creation like the one introduced as commodity exchange.your new creation is absolutely important for trade futures contracts on commodities, such as trading contracts to receive something, say corn, in a certain month. A farmer raising corn can sell a future contract on his corn, which will not be harvested for several months, and guarantee the price he will be paid when he delivers; a breakfast cereal producer buys the contract now and guarantees the price will not go up when it is delivered. This protects the farmer from price drops and the buyer from price rises

  • Gebru Ambaye

    Good job, Eleni
    We need many like Eleni
    I realy appreaciate for her efforts to introduce modern market system in the agricultural sector my country. keep it up, then we will eliminate hunger and poverty from our country.

  • Solomon

    Bogus PR. A way for the government to centralize and control the exchange of different commodities. Just look at the chaos ECX created in the coffee market.

  • Tesfaye abate

    When are we stoping the negative comment the lady she is doing afantastic job let here work or go yourself and help the country stop opening your mouth.
    Ethiopia need like Eleni Gebre-Madhin Kepp up the good Job we are praud of you.

  • Hewan

    Great job, Eleni,
    What kept Ethiopia undeveloped is the government. The current Ethiopian government practices the outdated Marxist and apartheid like policy based on ethnicity.

  • Alemayehu

    Go ahead sister, our Ethiopia badly needs and is looking for her children who are remarkably brave thinkers and doers like you, who have the dream, the gut and the action like you. Now you are one of the greatest examples for all of us men and women to do whatever possible for our country and the people. I know, hundreds of thousands if not millions will follow you and do whatever they can and invest their knowledge, money and or both in their country to see our Ethiopia prosper. Let God bless you and help you and all others who follow you in doing so.
    Boston, MA

  • Henock Bayable

    One of the great achievment that this country has ever acchieved, A well structured market stratey is is crucial for his agrarian based country, and Eleni, You creafted such a strong commodity exchange blue print, Thank God you are spearheading and implementing.

    I can understand how cahllenging it owuld be, I can only imaging the terbulance it may create as, the mind set of several traders were not geread when you start implemented the commodity exchange.

    We need you Elleni G. Medhin. you are one of the greatest mentor I’ve ever seen.

    Many Thanks for your contribution to this country, Thanks for all your hard work.

    May God Bless You!

    Henock Bayable.

  • Henock Bayable

    One of the great achievement that this country has ever achieved, A well structured market strategy is crucial for his agrarian based country, and Eleni, You crafted such a strong commodity exchange blue print, Thank God you are spearheading and implementing.
    I can understand how challenging it would be, I can only imaging the turbulence it may create as, the mind set of several traders were not geared when you start implemented the commodity exchange.
    We need you Elleni G. Medhin. You are one of the greatest mentor I’ve ever seen.
    Many Thanks for your contribution to this country, Thanks for all your hard work.

    May God Bless You!

    Henock Bayable.

  • Aba Mocha

    Thank You Eleni!

    One thing at a time…You will be there!

    Aba Mocha from London

  • kidane

    Thank you very much for Eleni G. Medhin,the one and the most key Ethiopian lover.

  • aLECO

    What can be said based on this very shallow article?

  • Aaron

    Her parents is halv fm Aduwa and Eritrea like the other whom the diomenet Ethiopia now day.ofcourse she is ok ,but must of her talant is bueaty.take my mark

  • Ghirma

    Eleni is a great Ethiopian with passion to lift her people from poverty. Ethiopia has been a victim of subsequent corrupt regimes in the past. Those who were affiliated in one way or the other with Ethiopia’s past are working day and night to hold back Ethiopia from progress and prosperity; but it will all be in vain.

    With heroes/heroins like Eleni and P.M. Meles, Ethiopia is on the move towards prosperity. Nobody can stop the progress of the Ethiopian people anymore! Thank you Eleni and God speed.

  • ethiox volunteer

    PBS has been taken in by a corrupt authoritarian oligarchy. A basic research on Ethiopia and its regime which Eleni is part of would have shown you the true nature this story. PBS has been swindled in to believing the most repressive and resist regime in Africa. All you have to do is google “Ethiopia human rights”….I lost faith on PBS.. Volunteer

  • prudence

    Yes we can Dr. Eleni…..As you progress in implementing your agenda, I am smiling with hope for better Ethiopia. You have launched an initiative that will sustain for generations and transform the market in my home country. The ney sayers will continue ridiculing your effort while the millions of local farmers will remember you with every dish they serve their family. I am a strong believer of a fair pay back to the majority of the farmers can be pursued through the commodity exchange which ultimately will add up to the GDP and resolve the recurrent poverty.

    Dear Dr. Eleni, I do not have the slightest doubt you know the bumpy road ahead of you. Nonetheless, the light at the end of the tunnel is within reach. The dogs are barking while the camels are walking undeterrred. Please make sure thousands of young women get involved in this merchandise since they are the once to pursue your initiative and guide the posterity.

    God bless you, and God bless Ethiopia.

  • Million Tafesse

    Elleni is one of the most patriotic women I have known. Her passion to change the life of Ethiopian poor is in her blood. She is energetic, intellegent and has more to give back to her people.

    Million Tafesse

  • Baraso

    God Bless you Dr. Eleni. It is not productive to complain always what is bad, as most of our educated people do. Everybody must follow your example to make what is bad a little better. Thank you.

  • Onewhoknows

    I have known Eleni and her family for quite a while. Her work, and really the work of all other Ethiopian expat’s should be as lauded. To make her some sort of Florence Nightingale is as absurd as can be imagined. I am amazed she is so caricatured and now thinking back, perhaps this is really how she sees herself. I know a lot of young Ethiopian expats, that gave up a lot, that suffered a lot and that are still working unappreciated, sometimes stepped on by an unpopular government that she is now apparently serving albeit indirectly. I have no political ax to grind for or againtst the government of PM Meles. I do have a basic issue with the social justice issues in seeing people even more desperate(as if that were possible) on the streets. There is nothing that is getting better in Ethiopia except the governments ability to exact its vengeance on people that voice even moderate concern. Elleni is not part of the political machinery so I would think she is exempt from that. But her purusit of the market, and the regimes single minded persecution of merchants and growers that refuse to join or abide by the exchange would have made a better story than an adulatory piece on Elleni or the pursuit of an exchange as if that was Ethiopia’s problem. The issue of governnance in Ethiopia is an incredibly compelling story. PBS would do well to look into doing a story such as the one South African TV and DSTV cooperated on about African leaders. The piece of Haile Selassie was incredible, focusing both on his greatest accomlishments and failings. The idolatory of a functionary, one who moved to Africa like most other expats in search of a better environment to raise her children should be background compared to the stories of triumph of those who ekke out a living in Afar, Somali and other perennially drought affected regions in spite of overwhelming odds. I am sincerely disappointed in PBS. I am sad too about Elleni, I thought she was a bigger better person than this. But she has suddenly turned into an Azeb. Those who know know what I am talking about.

  • Peter


    Is she going to be Ethiopia’s next messy prime minister? What what a fate!

  • Yonas

    I salute her for her magnificent accomplishment. Ethiopia needs people like Eleni who can thing out of the box. We have never seen a country transformed by hate or talk. I am sick to see people who tries to label somebody who is doing a good thing for the country. Stop name calling any contribute something feasible not just talk to the poor nation.
    Elani, keep it up. Don’t be discouraged by the challenges you may face in the process. I know the road is bumpy. You need to be stronger than ever. There are millions of people out there who recognizes and appreciates your great achievents.

  • yakile

    I am so proud of you Eleni G. Medhin Thank you.

  • Gobeze

    Glad to see more are praising this lady than condemn her. I would love to have the chance to see the program and judge myself. I’m not an economist but really wonder how this exchange is going to help feed more ppl. Isn’t the whole deal going to cut-off all the deal makers and middlemen who are responsible for their extended families? Isn’t this thing going to affect millions. Has it been tested in any third world country before… did anyone consider the consequences? I do not know a lot but I hope the lady and her group know what they are doing and are not doing it to benefit themselves only. If she is a true servant of the poor farmers, being insulted and challenged would only be measure of her success. But if her interest is self motivated and working against the poor farmers, she is going to deserve all the negative that comes her way. As they say in Ethiopia she will pay herself or through her kids.

  • Ethioman

    Ethiopia needs action oriented scholars that can transform our society, we need men and women like Dr Eleni, I am sick and tired of those power hungered semi-intellectualls that want to play political games using their acedemic credentialls to trick people. Eleni is a role model to other “economists” that are trying to be politicians, the Likes of DR Birhanu and other so called funny economists need to learn from Eleni’s proffessional endeveour.If we all know what we are good at our country would change, DR Eleni is a role model for many young educated people who want to serve their nation in their speciality.Lets leave politics to full time politicians and concentrate on our jobs.

  • shewit

    No matter what your political or economical view is always appreciate and praise for people who does the right thing. Eleni is doing her part and do your part. Who cares what the political system is in the country as far as you are well come to do your part, she is well come by the government to do her part and do the same thing. Don’t cry here for your old politics, our people is living under poverty we have to put a stone on the poverty reduction program of the country. No one is eternal in this world but your good name will be forever for what you did for the people.
    Thank you Eleni for the steps you are taking, there are a lot of people who will follow you, I know you are strong but be sure that God will give you the courage you need in your way, God bless you.


  • Dawit Essatu

    God bless you Eleni, It is honorable work……history in the making.

  • tess

    I heard about Dr. Eleni how brilliant and open minded she is. she left the state to make a difference on own country and for the people she cares a lot. which is that doing with out rest to improve and remove poverty and make it history for coming generations. am sure she is able to do that with in short period of time god bless you and fulfill your dream

  • MetoAleka Dereje Habtemariam

    This is sad.
    Eleni is where she is now not by virtue of her intellect or goodwill, she is where she is to serve a narrow and racist ethnic interest of the Tigre government in Ethiopia. The people who are supporting her here are also members of the Tigre tribe who are hoping to prosper on the back of other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Her so called Commodity Exchange Market is the replica of the Marxist military group Agricultural Marketing Agency, which used to place checkpoints to confiscate farmers produce. This commodity exchange has already resulted in cooperating to throw a number of business people to jail who declined to trade on their floor. In Ethiopia, there is no economics; there is only Tigre ethnic greed enforced by the barrel of the gun. So sad, to see PBS being hoodwinked by the racist regime in Ethiopia.

  • Endeli

    Eleni’s plans and efforts sounds really good, but i am afraid if it is if meles is dressing women’s dress,,,plaing old game with Ethiopian’s in priparetion to next ellection.

    God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  • Yonas

    What an exciting and uplifting story to be presented in my most favorite public tv program “Wide Angle”. Dr Eleni I have followed and admired your intellectual capacity and determination to help people of Ethiopia and help stop hunger and reduce poverty and help the Ethiopian agriculturally led development project to be a lesson for the rest of African countries.

  • despes

    A PHD from Stanford. She was already great. She is hot looking too. Damn! how did I become an internet blogger.

  • despes

    Dr Birhanu, asked about his economic agenda if elected stated, he will build underground train network for Addisaba. Nice.

  • cherkos

    i am very much impressed by Dr.Eleni’s initiative!!!
    i know that Eleni is well known economist and that she is the one that can make a difference. Although she is doing fantastically in the commodity exchange, there are a few people that hate her only because of her ethnicity and working under the regime of pm Meles Zenawi. These are people who don’t care about their country other than dreaming to seize power by any means possible. So, Dr. Eleni you don’t have to be discouraged by such idiot people. keep it up and you will see the fruition of your work in the near future!

  • Tmesgen negga

    Bravo eza gualey.

  • hammer

    Thanks Eleni,
    Ethiopia needs committed people like you.
    In the meantime, commentators like Sol, Haile, Hewan, selamawit- you are indeed a burden to the country and people like Eleni. Stop barking wildly at the gallant people who brought you all these properity and healing.
    Stop stop

  • Belete

    I am happy to hear such a courages woman have been back home to offer her people from her experience abroad. This type of help is what our country needs from the diaspora not a lip servicd. Dr. Elleni, go ahead with your difficult but attainable task our people and government will stand besides you. Brilliant job!!!

  • haftamu tafere

    in fortune she says her passion is ECX and mother hood.nomatter what people think and say about her,on thing undeniable is she can be an inspiration to thousands of women who study/going to study econmicsat the more than 30 univertites in ethiopia.this effort taken by you to make her job known is a big addition to the inspirational cause,which ehiopia seems to lack.

  • Hailemichael

    What a good job! Keep the good work. God Bless You.

  • Matt Andrea

    People in the Washington, DC metro area who would like to see Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin in person are invited to come to a screening of “The Market Maker” that will take place on Friday, July 24 at the Four Points by Sheraton at 12th & K Streets, NW in DC. The screening will be followed by a brief speech by Aaron Brown and Dr. Gabre-Madhin. Attendance is by RSVP. Please contact Hanna Tadesse at:

  • Chris

    The entitlement syndrome is spreading from helping the poor as a charity to help unscrupulous merchants and professional beggars in the name of the free market.

    Why the meaning of market transparency is skipped when applied to Africa? Dr Elini could not claim ignorance with a PhD from Stanford in economist and understand the law her country as a US citizen. If that is not the case then what is it? A market taker than a maker

    The exchange is not a market institution, but a well orchestrated commodity grab instigated by the regime in power. The double standard of the coverage is telling, even worst, patronizing.

    The documentary should follow the same principle as it would in the west covering markets. But praising an individual, for essentially setting up an exchange on donors fund to handover the poor farmers and traders on a silver platter to the regime in power and its unscrupulous affiliates amount to a complete ignorance of markets or an out right insult to those who pay for it.

    The woman is a scum artist covered by her credential in the west and donors fund. The evidence is no where, but on the official website of the exchange itself. If what she does in Ethiopia is done in the west the women would end up in jail for insider trading and collusion to the minimum-a whole lot more, but in Africa she is praised as innovative, charismatic… and saver of the poor by westerners, what a pity.

  • Mockye

    Dr.Eleni, i am one of your admirer. You are my idiol cartoon economist. Economy progress is coming in Ethiopia because you are just there to help your country and people of Ethiopia. You are sacrifacing your knowledge and immense of efforts to make a difference in Ethiopia. Keep it up the good works. sooner or later, Ethiopia will be out of poverity. It would be no doubt your dream will come true. Many Ethiopians like you from every corner of the world will be following you your footsteps. May God be bless you and be with you at all times.

    Eternal peace and love to Ethiopia.


    “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. The step you bigun to change the lives of millions could be a drop in an ocean, but it is a wonderful start and keep it up. I hope you will get hundreds / thousands of followers to multiply your marvelous job.

  • nuru

    Good job, Eleni
    We need many Elení
    I realy appreaciate for her efforts to introduce modern market system in the agricultural sector my country. keep it up, then we will eliminate hunger and poverty from our country.

  • hager

    First for most, I want to say Dr. Eleni, you go lady! Make history! You are the true child of Ethiopia and we are behind you! I know jealousy is killing some people because they are short minded and vision to do any better and that should be yout proof that you are doing the best work!
    You are some of the few evils that cry over good deeds of others. You are the type of person, who can’t do any better but wants to down those who determined to do better. Too bad, Eleni is far on her great journey for you to trip her. Don’t even think about, it will come back at you and hunt you down! And I also want to let you know you know nothing about victorous Dr. Eleni.
    Dr. Eleni, God bless your knowledge and we are behind you all the way! Keep on leading! You are my role model!

  • Haile

    Thnaks Dr.Eleni!Great job. you creat an Institution which has never been in our country befor. An Institution(ECE) where farmers get better market for their products in the free market economy. Commodity exchange can help to eradicate poverity and hunger and can bring the socity to the middle class. your great job and achievment will written on the green book of ethiopian history for ever. Thanks again, proud of you.

  • Eskendir

    Excellent Job Eleni!!!!

    Achievable vision!!!!!!. Every one pro-Ethiopian poor farmers will follow you. And you know how much this group is. It will have a challenging ups and downs in relation to the infrastructure, social perception and the influence of traditional traders who may floor their jargon against, but be firm on your stand and flexible to adopt improvements. Promote public awareness in what ever means possible.
    Surely the government will also be on your side as I believe the government is also pro-poor.

    Your endeavor rings the bell for many True Ethiopian scholars to do what they can

    Excellent and achievable vision.


  • Wolde Woubneh

    Bravo Eleni: She tried her best and getting successful.
    I know ther are individulas who disagree with the Ethiopiann govt even with positive deeds. Most people can see their comment as nonsensical. If we concentrate with positive achievements, we can build on that alone. Eleni should get the Achievement award from the UN or any organization like the Noble Prize.

  • weldekiros from Darfur

    iI am realy proud for your postive creation. My country Ethiopia needs s uch hardworking people like you.God blessyou.Weldekiros from Darfur westSudan

  • Gheda

    God!! Let’s give Dr. Gebre-Madhin the credit for what she is doing. there is a place for politics. The good thing is that majority comments are positive here. But there are few with outdated and disconnected mentallity, who want to shape ethiopia in their own narrow thinking. Ethiopia is different today than 2o years ago for good or worse – she will continue to move forward. If you care for your country – STOP WHINING on the internet and go back to help build. Period. Otherwise, shut the beep up. God Bless! Ms Eleni G/Madhin.. gm,mlps

  • Dalla

    Those of you who commented positively, I thank you, because we need some positive attitude. But, to those who throw negative comments here and there, I feel ashamed of you. We all know that this great lady is working hard with the help of our P.M, the honorable Meles Zenawi (Whether you like him or not he is thee P.M of our country). I wish both Eleni and H.E. the P.M. good health to continue their work.

    God bless the mother land.

  • Matt Andrea

    The reception and screening in Washington, DC, on Friday July 24 will take place from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP to Hanna Tadesse —

  • girmay

    I admire u. U are so beutiful. I like to have a beutiful — SHEGOM- with u.

  • Befekadu Terefe Retta

    Dear Elen, I truely, Admire your talent and dedication to your country. You are not alone we will follow your examplery work in our fields of experties. I for one planning to do my best on election process how it can be free and fair since it’s my experties I’m planning to come back and help my country in 2010 as I deed it in 2005. Elen, you are an sung hero. May God continue to help your mission to up lift our motherland from poverty. God bless you.
    Befekadu T. Retta, Cook County Election, Chicago, USA

  • GK

    I proud of you on the behalf of ETIOPIAN farmers who have less bargaining power. KEEP IT UP !!

  • Josh Berman

    What next, PBS? Spotlight on Myanmar’s Stock Exchange president? That’s how absurd and insulting this program is to any Ethiopian, and ever journalist who has done their simple homework about Ethiopia’s minority ethnic rule (Ms. Gebre-Medhin’s group), and Marxist centralized land policy that keeps the country starving.

  • Tesager Tesfaye

    What Dr. Eleni Gebre-Medhin has done is quite remarkable my kudos to her and her team! During a recent trip to Ethiopia I witnessed an interaction with Dr Eleni and a group of farmers in the hallways of ECX. During their discussion an older farmer raised his voice and said, “Bless you my daughter, since I’ve been using the exchange my income has gone up by 40%”. Imagine what all other farmers are saying….

  • Tilahun

    that is the way to go , bravo Elen G/Medihin

  • yonas


  • Ruth

    Ms. Eline, The country needs more of your kind.
    May God Bless You & Your Entire Journey!

  • David

    it is realy sad to read some people comment. the issue is not the government or even eleni. it is creating the foundation for the first comodity exchange in Ethiopia. imagine 50 years ago when king Haileselassie estabilished the Ethiopian airlines which is today ethiopias wealth and pride. was the king or people under him perfect. no not realy. so if this honorable lady gets her dream and wish, Ethiopian farmers of the future will reap the benefit from it.

  • Tsedale yilma

    I was waiting for some one with a vision to map tomorrow
    for the hard working people of our land. Thank you for being one of those people who will make a differance in an area it is needed most. Keep up the good work the sky
    is the limit.

  • Alan Reder

    Hugo – Can tell it will be wonderful. Look forward to it tomarrow night. Hopefully I can get it here in
    Maine. When I go to the “River” this summer I will bring
    your Wedding Present.

  • Yohannes

    I credit Eleni for the hard work she is doing to get us out of poverty. But, the truth is the economic plan designed by an authoritarian regime like Ethiopia’s doesn’t move us an inch out of our problems. I hope, PBS will also show the negative consequence the commodity exchange has on the farmers & traders. Just notice the 28% coffee export decline after the exchange start operating.

  • Abraham

    I am not an economist or anything but i have to say I applaud Elleni for all the work that she has done. Unlike some she has sacrafised the comfurt of her life in the U.S. to go back and do something to help this people and to end hunger. Even if she does not succeed at least she tried and with that said wish her all the best and to all the haters that’s hating on her you know what they say “Haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be”.

  • Aron Selassie

    Great Job Eleni and thank you Aaron! People like Tedla Asfaw are talking about trivial stuff not based on merit and objectivity BUT only based on deep hatred (Tedla was dumped by wife from Tigray and hence the everyday bash and barking on Tigrians).

  • Mamo gebrehiwot

    Since I am not a trained economist, I really don’t know what impact (positive or negative) the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange(ECX) will have on the country’s economy.

    Having said that, I am very pleased to see an Ethiopian professional return home and do her share of contribution. I am equally pleased that PBS took the initiative to document her journey.

    It is always pleasing to see “Good & Positive News” about my beloved country.

  • Muller

    Just wonderful job.
    I do not care from whom is her ethnic race, I just care only are the poor people benefiting even if it is small margin.

  • Andreas

    I think a lot of us are blinded by our hatred for the current ruling party that we just can’t see past our hatred to see some of the positive work that’s being done in our country. The ECX, i believe, is one of those positive things that will help the country break free of poverty by helping the small scale farmer which constitutes 60% of the Ethiopian population. Even though I’m no fan of the ruling party and all its narrow minded idiotic Tigrean officials, I am astounded by the work that Dr. Elleni has done so far and its really too early to be evaluating anything because the ECX has only been around for just a year. This story is just about a journey of an extraordinary woman on a mission.
    GREAT JOB Dr. Elleni

  • Yohannes T.

    Praise-worthy motivation and commitment. It is really exemplary and signal for other potential Ethiopians who can do same in brining our country up. Lets wake up guys it is high time to follow her footsteps.
    …..There is always a wayout…

    keep it up Doc. God bless u.

  • Megen

    Economist, doctor,or whatever,an intelectual must be free of politics to be fruitfull in his/ her work.
    Madam Elleni has joined the ethnocentric minority dictators in Ethiopia. So her final outcome will be to be outcated with Meles Zenawi.Nowhere in the world history is registered development where people goes to the west while the so called government goes to the east!!!

  • Serawit

    End hunger by starting a commodities exchange?! That’s like me trying to acquire a car by trading screws. Speculative market is not only one of the root cause problems of the west, but also the very technique through which labor was rendered valueless. This as a great an idea as Ethiopia claiming an annual growth of 10% while getting buried alive in World Bank debts. As usual the Ethiopian sheeple is swallowing this hook and sinker. Because, if the white man did it, it must be right!

  • Alemu

    She is working with dictator Meles Zenawi, woyane. She is allowed to work there because she is a big fun of EPRDF or woyane. We should not be surprised by her, she is not the only Doctor in Ethiopia. Others are not allowed to work and live there because of their political view.

  • Enndelbu

    There is no free market in Ethiopia the ruling party in Ethiopia (EPRDF/TPLF) controlled the entire market. Madam Elleni was chosen by the Dictator Meles Zenawi just because she is from the ruling party TPLF (Tigray People Libation Front) ethnic group. She may fake the western medias but not Ethiopians. Shame on you pbs!

  • Berhanu

    The Ethiopian economy is totally controlled by the ethio-fascist regime of Meles Zenaw’s political party called TPLF( Tigrean peoples liberation front). No one except from this party can make a meaningful business in Ethiopia. Eline G. Medhin is one of the staunch supporters or members of The TPLF party.

  • Belay Hagos

    Eleni is the memeber of the terrorist and criminal tribal mafia group Tigrians People Liberation Front (TPLF) of the current regime of Ethiopia. As a result she is endorsing a fake propaganda to divert the attention of the world. The fact of the matter is that there is no democracy, no human rights respect, no freedom of speech, no freedom of education , no freedom of exchange commodities, In general Ethiopia is now a war zone for each innocent civilians particullary for those oppostions against the tyranny.

    The current regime in ethiopia is killing, abusing, harassing and destroying the entier country everyday. Aside form controlling the entire power, the current ethiopian regime is also controlling the entire business. The only people that are rich and able to live properly are the members of the criminal elements of the current regime of Ethiopia.

    there is no rule of law in ethiopia, as a result the only people who are above the rule are the memebers of the regime, they can kill or beat or abuse anyone as they wanted too.

    I urge PBS a respected tv, has to find out and make a deep analysis about the current situtaion in ethiopia before simply forced by a few indivdiuals to propagate their propaganda, it is simply shame to use this people while the reality is that millions are dying of starvation, let alone the human right disrespect.

    I also urge PBS to check out the recent human right report by the state department of the US to get a better understanding about Ethiopia, rather than accepting some pro ethiopian current regime few cadres.

    Finally, i would like to point out that there is no freedom of business or commodity with out a rule of law. the case in ethiopia is simply the current regime controlls both the power and the economy, as a result the entire country has been suffering a lot for the last close two decades.

    I hope PBS would make enough research about the current dictatorial tribal junta of Ethiopia.


    actually i didn’t appereciated of this lady, because we all ethiopian knows that eleni is a biased ethiopian whom did like to work just only for the benefit of tigre, so i think the world should understand that nothing will be changed by the so called eleni the woyanee!!!

  • sharew

    she could be an economist bet that doesn;t mean she is smart enough to solve the ethiopian economy plusshe is hired by weyane thats why she attaced coffee exporters right….. to me she is just a ye weyane couver. thx

  • Esayas

    In a country where (TPLF) THE RULING PARTY owns (illegally) billion dollar conglomerate corporations, and where few ruling class have the right to brake all the laws of business through nepotism and corruption, the ESX that Eleni is trying to impose on Ethiopian business is another method of imposing the minority tigran to have the upper hand in all business transactions. In short Ms. Eleni is interested more in giving tigran business Including the illegally owned business by the ruling party over others. To run a successful market the rule of law (game) should be equal to all. In a system where few tigrans run the country illegally, no market exists.

  • Zambera -NM

    Quite a large number of Woyane-symphating tigres are in z bussines of lutting Ethiopia at a large scale. Elleni is no different: She is just an opportunist tigre misusing the misgovernance and tyranny operated by the Ethnic-tigree rulers,to which she belongs.
    We the people of Ethiopia and the international community know very well that the likes of Elleni are scums who are trying to ammas milliions anbd millions of dollar at the expense of the starvig-nation of Ethiopia.

    God Bless Ethiopia

  • mariam

    I have been inspired by Elnie ever since I saw her on TED. I wish to return as well with a social development skills. It is the only way out for Africa. We must own our problems and leverage existing improved methodologies to address social issues. Though a global citizen I have a special love for my country. There is no doubt that Africa will one day shine:->

  • mary

    Eleni is hunging to satisfay her voracious appetite to steal the resources of Ethiopia as her boss Meles did.

  • Roger

    To learn more about Eleni and the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, read the new book ENOUGH: WHY THE WORLD’S POOREST STARVE IN AN AGE OF PLENTY. It features Eleni’s drive to use market incentives to spur agricultural development and reduce hunger. It also features many other Ethiopians. See more at

  • Tessema

    The diversity of opinions on Dr Eleni’s attempt to fit in an exchange in a poor and dysfunctional economy dominated by government institutions says how far apart the audience misunderstanding of what is the function of an exchange.

    There is noting wrong with an exchange per say in the context of the free market unlike those same old ideologue, who still fixated in centralized economy and collective poverty., but how does it operates.

    Unnecessary accusation aside where in this world an exchange that involves a ruling party as owner, operator, trader, information provider, storage operator, transporter and regulator of an exchange, in one-in-all government became a free market institution?

    A Stanford PhD is not good enough to understand an exchange is a transparent market institution. What was she thinking?

  • Al

    Eleni – thank you, on behalf of many Habesha’s

  • Mamo tesfaye

    Ethiopians lived for more than 3000 years, market economy is collapsing. Can Wt/Eleni solve the problem?
    When it comes to Ethiopia most of the time your reports are biased and inaccurate. Not all parts of Ethiopia are in famine condition. The new rulers area affected most of the time. Since they are unable to solve the the problem Eleni alone can’t and will never solve . When all the people are involved you can solve the problem. In 1973 how many people from wollo province died, Haile Sellassie and his ministers were hiding the famine. In 1984 when Menigisu and his junta group were also hiding the famine in Tigray and Melese and his guerrilla group were using the people as hostage to get money from foreign donors.

  • Harry Kloman

    I very much enjoyed your documentary about farming and marketing in Ethiopia, just aired this evening.

    I suspect someone has already pointed out to you a small error. The film shows a map of Ethiopia with the names of a few Ethiopian cities in Amharic. Those Amharic names dissolve into the cities’ names in English. But where you have the city Dire Dawa in Amharic, the Amharic words do NOT say Dire Dawa: They say Addis Ababa. Have an Ethiopian look at it and I’m certain s/he’ll confirm this.

    Harry Kloman
    University of Pittsburgh

  • Heidi H

    As a teacher of culture and religion, I am very interested in how change happens. Eleni is a catalist of change for many, and needs to be seen as such. Her work is some I hope to one day be teaching my students about. Change never comes without disagreement. As I read others words, after watching this work, this is strongly true. Her intentions are good, only time will tell if this is what is needed at this time by these people. But, how many of us would have the nerve to do what she has done? Good or Bad, the desire to feed the people of her homeland is something she should be thanked for.

  • Kevin

    Excellent piece. A very relevant subject and shows some of the positive activities happening in African and the people sincerely working on changes.
    I hope that a follow-up piece is forthcoming in the next year or so to see the progress.

  • Wayni

    Thank you for doing the show on Eleni. She inspired me to not give up my dream of going back home and helping my people. I thought there was no true Ethiopian left but your show proved me wrong, thank you again.

    God Bless

  • Phoebe

    The documentary was absolutely brilliant! Thank you for airing a story that is so relevant to the Ethiopian American community, and for anyone who is interested in making a real difference in the world.

    Eleni’s story is particularly relevant because it speaks to her ability to make her academic achievements work in a very real and practical way in a developing country. Often there is a disconnect between the learning that takes place in the west and the western education offered in universities in developing countries, and the practical needs of that country.

    This was absolutely excellent.

  • Ben

    I am sure that this was a wonderful program, but as it was replaced on my evening schedule by Cronkite, ill never know. When will this be re-aired.

  • Medehine

    Eleni, u’re magnificent. never in the long history of our old country, we had such competent intellectual and street/market wise woman. eleni go all the way. i bet my life u’ll never fail. Just don’t get involved in politics. make sure u don’t piss of the PM. U already know the ropes, ethiopian politicst is not for can do intellectuals and beautiful person like u. i can’t wait to pack up and move to addis. love u.

  • AddisTunes

    Find out more about scheduling here:


    Congratulations for getting it done! Astounding vision and energy. I notice few telecommunications which are transforming poor farmers’ and fishermen’s lives elsewhere–where are the free cell phones?





    GO ELENI GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    As a person who spent four years of his life in Ethiopia in the 60’s and 70’s, I am saddened to see that famine remains a specter, but happy that former Ethiopian exiles like Eleni are returning to try to make a difference. Bravo!!

    However, the program did not really explain how a commodity exchange, largely for farmers in parts of the country that receive adequate rain to grow export crops, will help people in the northern and eastern parts of the country where starvation has occurred in the past, and where people are still vulnerable. In the 1973 famine, some in the the Ethiopian Government resisted foreign aid because granaries were bulging in the South, and those who controlled the grain feared that foreign aid to the starving people in Wollo and Tigre provinces, largely not from the then ruling tribe, would depress the price. The Wide Angle correctly focussed on surpluses not reaching those in need during previous famines, but did not address how the commodity exchange, which appeared to be focussed on export crops, now addresses this problem.

  • daniel

    As long as Ethiopian government doesnot change main ecnomic policy all this things donot make that much difference. Land has own by individual not by government. The Ethiopia ecnomic policy is socialism and semi capitalism wouldnot work. They have to let the free market let to work, when most of this big companies in Ethiopia owns by Prime Minister Meles zenawi political party. The nation’s first commodities exchange wouldnot make too much sense except the symbol. For any country to use commodities exchange to the full advantage that country should have a free ecnomic system.

  • kidane yitbarek

    I bow down in respect to the ambitious vision of Eleni Gabre-Madhin!!! My hopes are high that soon Ethiopian farmers will get their fair share, and the hunger that plagues them would be a thing of the past.

  • daniel

    For Mr lou K response,
    The Ethiopia ecnomy never grow 10 or 11%. I never seen any country grow 10% when they get 90% of their Federal Budget as Aid. Ethiopia annually export 1.5 billion in good agricalture year, but import 9.8 billion ever year with that kind of deficit there is no ecnomic grows. Most the government number is lie. If you get 90% of your income as aid and loan, and if you spend that money to buy house, car. That means you are in your way to be finacial independant or become wealthy.

  • girma

    Cut the nonsense. I don’t know Eleni much, but I know Meles for sure. If Eleni were as good and professional as it is pointed out here, Meles wouldn’t have let her stay at work this long. There is some crap going on.You can fool all people for some time or you may fool some people all the time but you can not fool all the people all the time.

  • Mauri

    Phenomenal! Thank you for this incredible story of economics, the power of one, strength of a woman, loyalty, commitment, international effects of trade… it has everything. Aaron Brown did a great job. Kudos!

  • Rebeka

    Eleni’s is rhetoric about economic development to advance her Tribalist agenda in the face of overwhelming problem (social, economical and political is the worst kind of intellectual dishonesty a PhD from somewhere will do and some ignorant PBS folks do for the sake of sensational journalism.

    The FERENJIS and their likes who applaud intellectual dishonesty are ignorant and do not appear to understand the situation in Ethiopia.

  • Josh Berman

    Saw the documentary, and as expected, not a single mention that all land in Ethiopia is still owned by the Marxist leaning government, which contributes to zero capital from agribusiness investors to dig water wells for irrigation, buy tractors, and create large scale farming to feed the country. Shame on Aaron Brown and PBS for not even posing this question to Eleni Gabre-Madhin, the Stanford and former World Bank economist. The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange is meaningless without a true free market economy.

  • Extraterrestrial

    Those of you who are covering this page with your pessimistic commonts are the diaspora Ethiopian belongs to the fascist communist military dictatorship who run away to Europe and America when your regime turned upside down through the barrel of teh gun.

    Instead of coming back to the poor Ethiopian people who thought you at school without being thought keep discouraging of those who want to help and love their counrty and people.

    Keep crying but, Ethiopia is moving on the right direction with the help of people like Dr. Eleni.

    Red Terrorists, Yes, you are scared to come back because there is blood in your hand.

    Long live Dr. Eleni and wish you success.

  • Liyou

    I have watched the Wide Angle today and I can hardly believe what I saw.
    I don’t know anything about Mrs. Eleni Gabre-Madhin and I don’t want to say anything about her, however, I don’t believe the so called “Ethiopian Government”, which is not Ethiopian. Because never considered itself as an Ethiopian or stand for the interest of Ethiopia from the beginning until now is willing to let Mrs. Gebre-Medhin do that can benefit Ethiopians. This government is the worst hostile government in the country’s history to anything related to Ethiopia’s present or past. It is one of the worst corrupted government in African and nepotism is its trade mark. Mr. Aaron Brown I am afraid the government is using you as propaganda tool, and be careful what you are doing. Don’t misinform the American public as three decade ago BBC did regarding the present leader of Eritrea and the movement, when we are witnessing what is happened and happening in Eritrea.

    Thank you,

    Liyou, USA

  • Habtu

    I wish Dr Eleni run this country as a prime minister. I am definately sure she will make a difference and atleast starvation will be history. We need such kind of dynamic and genuine person as a leader not a shrewed and arrogant tribalist that un-shamedely expressed farmers have become millionnaires while millions have been starved.

  • MA

    For a change, it is nice to see that our countrymen/women and our country is being highlighted in a positive way in the stages of global finance and economics. This is an incredible story from incredible people and this is fact is simply understood by the immense challenges that Dr Eleni and her team have faced and seem to have overcome. A pretty amazing feat…
    It is, although, disturbing to read comments from fellow countrymen who are trying to turn this victory into some sort of political gimmick by the current government et al, as well as challenging the scope and goal of the exchange. There are also some comments accusing Dr Eleni of ‘working’ for the government. It would be interesting for those responsible for such comments to present supporting evidence with their accusations. I am certain that will never happen. What will happen with certainty is that such exchange will be successful in alleviating the food shortage of Ethiopia by balancing production yields in the different regions of the country. What will happen with certainty is that the playing field for traders in Ethiopia will be flattened and the only factor driving/influencing commodity prices in Ethiopia will be the free market economy, like it’s supposed to do.

  • Mintesinot Asfaw

    In addition to my comments above, I implore all those with negative comments to go back and look at the scope and bredth of the exchange and try to understand exactly what’s supposed to do before rushing to judge. Please so that first…
    MA- South Portland (Cumberland), Maine

  • Fekadu

    This is nice documentary. let us hope that she can help our country improve and end hunger. in addition to drought, we also have racism and ethnic division in the country so some people do not like Dr. Eleni’s ethnic group. let us see this beyond politics and ethnic identity and give Dr. Eleni support to change ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia

  • DJ Belete

    Dr. Eleni’s and her associates like Ben Aschenaki deserve recognition for choosing to improve the life of Ethiopian farmers while they’re giving up quality life they had in the US.

  • M Mersha

    Many great people who have made a great impression in my life; however, none of those individuals have left an impression on my life as Eleni Gabre-Madhin has. Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a person I admire and have admiration for, your determination to be great, and having greate vision for our country that will make changes for ever.

  • Deb Huntley

    Eleni is an authentic star! She decided not to stay in her head just busy making money, instead, she has put her brilliance into the task of organizing the food market in Ethiopia. My heart swells, really. She is a true Bodhisattva.

  • Seble

    Eleni is a wonderful person who works from the heart. She could have been making more money, living more comfortably, closer to family and friends in the diaspora,etc but is in this position because she believes it is her duty to make a change, and she is courageous enough to do so. To those of armchair quarterbacks just sitting in your cafes and spewing venom, I challenge you to go out and DO SOMETHING, instead of blowing hot air. She is practical enough to work within the system, but she is doing it for the right reasons. And those of you who have assigned her a position in the TPLF or even in the ruling ethnic group clearly know nothing about her or her ethnic background, since both assignments would be inaccurate. She is neither ethnically Tigrayan nor a member of any political party…she is an ETHIOPIAN, and proud to be helping her country despite having grown up outside the country in priviledged settings.

  • Petros Negasso

    I am surprised at how easily a perceptive journalist like Aaron Brown in taken for a ride by the TPLF propaganda machine. What is happening under the guise of ECX is not the creation of a more efficient marketing system but the appropriation of all venues of the market by a narrow ethnically based ruling elite.

  • Desard


    Thank God there are people like you in this world. Your tireless work to change the lives of poor Ethiopians is impressive and inspiring.

    To those with negative comments, who most likely are Eritreans and/or extremist opposition members, do better things with your time.

  • Asheder Brue

    I think we have to learn from this Tigrye people. They do not run and hide in the West (US and Europe). They are hard workers and love to build our country Ethiopia. They are not afraid to Govern. They protect us from enemies like Eritrea and Somali. I think it is time to join them what ever issue we have and work from inside like Emperor Menelik. Good job Eleni, here I come to join you with my PHD in agronomic.

  • colee

    Fantastic! Beautiful and Brilliant!

  • Hassab

    I watched the show last night and I can’t find a word to describe how proud I was with Dr. Eleni’s and her team. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. For those of you (POLITICIANS FOR ONCE CAN YOU JUST PUT ASIDE YOUR DIFFERENCE AND STAND TOGEATHER FOR EHTIOPIA)I hope this will be good leson to go out and do something insted of sitting @ Starbucks and criticize with a cup of coffee.’A MIND AND TIME IS TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE’

  • Helm

    Thank you Eline (and your team)for your effort.
    Thank you for your positive attitude.
    Please don’t give any atttention to negative
    comments #94

  • Jim

    A true pioneer. Brilliant. A ray of hope. I see cause for envy by those who have nothing better to contribute but saw seeds of dissent. Let us learn somthing from this inspiring person. I was especially pleased to hear at the end of the program that her heart is still on her original mission the that the small farmer reaps the benefit of his/her toil.

  • Amanuel

    Eleni, you and your team are making history. I am deeply touched by the show, and I am very hopefull that you will be successful. Keep up the good job.

  • Kiros

    I’m always feel ashemed of my self along my entire ethinic group which I beleong to. I am from tigray ethinicity, whom the current tribal ethiopian regime are also come out from the same ethinic group that I belong. But I always feel ashemed since the current government is a NAZI type governement whom doent reperesent neither Ethiopia nor our minor ethinicity tigray. the Ethiopian current tyrannt is killing and abusing many innocent civilians in the name of tigraians. Of course there are a few elite and other tigrians are benefited from this government interms of power and money, as the case in Dr. Eleni.

    Dr Eleni you are simply a racist indivdiual who dont have no respect either for the gross human right violation that is carried out by the current ethiopian regime you beleong too. People like Elieni who is educated but sold thier mind to be a part of this evil group Tigrian People liberation Front.

    Eleni is telling us that there is enough space to do commodity exchange, but the fact is that there is no single freedom to do anything with out the ethiopian regime will. No one can not do anything, even there are many tigrians who are getting killed everyday as same as the other ethiopians just because they are against the current regime crime deeds.

    It is a shame for both eleni and PBS to falsely refelect ethiopia, where many are killed for no crimes.

    Shame on the current ethiopian tyranny, it is all about the days, all the criminal elements of the currnet regime and their blind and racist supporters who have been stealing the entire ethiopian money and have carried out a lot of killing against humanity will be facing justice soon

    It is time for ethiopians to come very closer that any other time to once and for all to get rid of the tribal junta of the current regime from ethiopia.

    PBS is better report some realities about Ethiopia, where many are suffering or simply stay away from painting a wrong image about ethiopia.

    Kiros form Moscow

  • Selam La Ethiopia

    All I can say is thank you for your hard work. It will take time to teach all farmers how to sell and communicate, but at least you open the door.
    Thanks Again !!

  • medehine

    Asheder Brue, yes. all the negative comments on this forum is from eritreans. Asheder, yes Meles and company had commited treason against the ethiopian people by creating an apartheid system. we can’t sit down and cry, we must go and help. Power through violence is unthinkable. no room for that. we must build the economy, struggle to get the country rid of ethenic politics created by TPLF for the benifit of staying in power.

  • Tariku

    This is absolutely incredible effort by Eleni. Thank you for your great effort. Thank you also renting my brother’s building and showing the building in the international media.I will follow your footstep.

    Tariku Argaw

  • Aaron

    Gabre and team – God’s speed to your ECX dream. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 5 years. You inspire Africans like me in the US & elsewhere to return home to the motherland and make a difference.

  • MATT

    I was moved back in 86 when Ethiopia was struck with such devistation, it seemed so senseless. It seems that pride and mistrust ruled then. Now Eleni has done what so many have just thought about. Just the mere effort,courage and energy that is required should inspire everyone. (Eleni when you are done in Ethipia we need you back in the USA.) But really you are an inspiration and truly meant to be where you are, it is evident that you were born to do what you are doing . May the road rise to meet your efforts. Education is key and Ethiopoa has a great teacher in their midst. We all can learn from past failures and it is impertant to remember that we as humans ride on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.

  • Zena Mewael

    Fact: The main reason why Ethiopia has been one of the poorest countries for centuries is not the lack of resources but ignorance of its people. Ethiopians act as if they are God-fearing, patriotic and passinate people, but, in reality, they are just the opposite. The evidence: the pessimistic comments in this thread suffice it.

    Dr. Eleni’s only crime is her dedication to help her country fight the proverbial poverty. The cowards commenting here know it well. Useless creatures!

    Eleni, what you are doing is a noble deed, and, regardless of what the retarded creatures on this page say, I humbly ask you to redouble your efforts.

    Zena Mewael

  • Rasiadonis Tafari

    Halleluyah for Mothers and sisters like Eleni who has the courage to face the reality of the famine and the solution that has been staring us right in the face all along. Many have criticized the Haile Selassie government for causing the famine of the 1974/75 and yet there was food in the country then like in the 80s yet the access was not because of the lack of cooperation of the main people who have food and who need food, simple buyers and sellers equation. Centuries old traditions have held the progress back and the Emperor advocated that then yet the officials who formed the government prevented these modernization attempts because they were locked in the old traditions and customs that were incompatible with a modern world that Ethiopia was increasing becoming a part of. May the God of Ethiopia bless Eleni and all who support her efforts in this 21st century – New Ethiopian Millennium. For my part I am willing to help and my non-profit, the Lion of Judah society, expects to be in country, God willing, by 2012. selam.

  • abdul

    This time the winners are the farmers. Theire hard work start paying off and encourage them to work harder once they start generating more income. This will help more young people not to abandoned the fanily farm and migrating to the city. I hope the programe is successful and prosperous for the hard working Ethiopians who have been exploited by the middle man.

  • Mohamed

    Job well done my sister!

  • Dawit

    Thank you Eleni for all you commitment and hard work.
    Ethiopia has found people believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Eleni is one of them.

  • mimi mekonnen

    I am so proud of you Eleni, so many Ethiopian want to do so many good things but, a few strong and courageous people like you plan there goal,but those who with negative comments, I want to know what do you do for your country?, people like you make other wonderful pople discourage to do good things for there country please stop negative comments,if you have constractive comment say it in love of the country if you really love your country!!!.we do not want another whole century wasting with negativity.Thank you inspiring work and thank you Aaron for your exellent program. God bless you and my country !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abel Beyenee

    Many thanks to Eleni. She is a woman with a vision to extricate her country from poverty. Very noble vision in deed. The negative comments are unwarranted and far from reality. The critics in Diaspora have nothing to offer except negativity and pessimism. Some of them are just jealous of her achievement. Keep up the good work. God is with you.

  • Jackal

    I can’t believe people are dragging politics into this site, this is not a site where you discuss politics. Why can’t you just comment on the show.

    Give a credit to Eleni, Ben and the entire team for having the courage to try to help the Ethiopian farmers. The farmers are the winners and the ECX will stop greedy traders from manipulating the market and robbing the farmers.

    For the people who are winning about the government or Meles, please stand up for your cause and fight. Do not embarrass Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people by posting useless comments on a national TV websites.

    If you really believed in your cause, you would have gone back to Ethiopia and fight. Unfortunately that does not seems the case, so SHUT UP and live your life, and be thankful for what you got.

  • viva ethiopia

    thinking of making a constructive and objective comment here brings me to these points for consideration by all concerned…

    -begin with agricultural development by improving the farming methods and irrigating the land

    -educate the farmers and traders what their product is valued at in the different markets both domestic and international

    -allow farmers to sell their produce to traders at what they now have been educated to be a reasonable price for their commodities

    -allow traders to operate independently which calls for negotiating the price w/ the farmers and allowing them to store the crops they purchase from the farmers in their proprietary warehouses- either in partnership with the farmers or autonomously

    -educate traders how to maintain proper climate in their warehouses for each and every crop they trade in and school them on how they could take advantage of ECX..if they choose to and ONLY if they choose to with the option of trading their crops in other markets…this should invite healthy competition

    -the pricing of corps is then dictated by the market while the integrity of farmers, traders, and ultimately consumers alike is maintained

    -ultimately this will mark a foundation for a free market for agricultural products in Ethiopia where sustainability and growth will be evident for the now and the future

    With respect and admiration for the efforts, desires, vision of Eleni who for the record and for what it’s worth is from a sub-ethnic group of the Amhara side of the isle…

    God bless Ethiopia!

  • ze Adiyabo

    Good job Eleni,

  • Ron Morales

    God Bless Ethiopia!

  • T Georgis

    In 2000 I met an Ethiopian flower farmer if he plants some small part of his huge farm with wheat, corn or wheal to contribute. He laughed at my question and told me that he is a businessman and not a philanthropist. The reason for this strange answer was the depressed prices of food crops that pushed farm entrepreneurs to grow only cash crops for export such as flowers. I am hoping that Ms Eleni’s initiative will create a market that will provide modern farmers to invest in food production for the home and external market. I agree with all the comments that the Ethiopian economy has been growing in strides and this will contribute to more growth. I wish Ms Eleni and the PM Zenawi good luck.

  • teffy

    is Ethiopian problem,exchange shortage or production shortage? If it is production shortage how is miss Elini’s comedit exchange market solve Ehipian production shortage? because famin is the result of shortage of food,it is not the result of shortage of exchange?

  • Richard Okiria

    By accident I caught and watched the ethiopian story. I was excited by the story but more excited to finally be able to see Aron Brown. I always admired him on CNN. I did not know what had happened to him and had even written to CNN inquiring. As usual his presentation was brilliant.
    Good to see you again Aoron.

  • Joan Karnuth

    Having lived all 70 years of my life in Illinois, I know a little about commodities exchanges but almost nothing about Ethiopia. It seems to me that the indigenous development of a commodities market exchange is far better than distributing charitable gifts of food or money. Kudos to Eleni for seeing the problem, envisioning a solution, and doing the hard work of implementing change. If mistakes are made, they are opportunities to learn. Of course, in any human institution there exists the possibility for fraud and corruption. People of good will and integrity will make all the difference. Best wishes, Joan

  • Derese

    Bravo Eleni!
    We see how helpful and extraodinary your struggle has become here at home. Ethiopians should learn to praise people like you. So proud of you!

  • Petross

    children take note:Hope Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin was not told by the TPLF Regime what to do,when to do it and where to do it.

  • ProudEthiopian

    I am proud of Dr Eleni’s work. Ethiopia can use many visionaries who want to make a difference for their country and people. I hope this ignites passion in the heart of many who are capable but unmotivated to give back to their people. I think we should all Ethiopians ask ourselves what can we give back? what kind of legacy should we leave behind? It doesn’t all have to be big project but we can start with small things. This is very inspirational. God bless and God speed.

  • Befekadu

    As much as I want to congragulate DR Eleni and her team, I just can not. Setting aside the dismal nautre
    of Ethiopian politics,it is impossible to have an exchange of any kind in a country where rule of law does not apply.
    All yuo have to do is look at what hapeend to the
    coffee traders who did not want join Elenis exchange. In a society where true business and pesonal freedom exists they will be left to thier own dvices.
    If they were wrong for not betting on the exchange they will be punished by the market itself. Instead in Ethioipa they are punishd by the government. A government in direneed of foreign currency.
    To be fair to Dr Eleni and her team, they were diverted from thier primary mission by a tryranical government that needed to take control of the main cash cow,coffee.
    Knowingly or unkowingly she has become a tool of the devious Meles Zenawi.
    And shame on you PBS for usin a program titled Wide Angle to present the narrowset of views.
    Please click on the link below and read a different take on the so called comodities market by another Ethiopian economist.

  • Santo

    Thank you for telling this inspiring story. It is really inspiring to have seen the story of ECX, Elini and Ben. Thank you. This type of story inspires each of us to reach for something bigger than ourselves. My appreciation and admiration for Ethiopians just doubled.

  • ronald

    I truly enjoyed this broadcast about the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange concept.I especially liked the devotion of the man,Ben to convince the first depositor of Sesame.That was in itself motivation to believe in success and not failure.
    Now,that this exchange has existed one year, anyone able to reflect upon all pros and cons of this exchange as it (may) have funneled monies down to the farmers?
    Shall Aaron Brown revisit this same reporting assignment as he mentions in five years for a perspective of how this exchange may have improved the livelihoods of these farmers,the middlemen and all involved?
    Before this possible re-visit in five years,might Wide Angle review the effects upon those involved on a yearly basis?
    I believe the correct reporting must become referenced by the deeds which have materialized since the beginning of the exchange and its effects upon all categories of their society,would not most agree?
    As to Ethiopia’s importance of ethnic tribes,hopefully the achievements of this exchange will not embrace any particular group over another.

  • Sallie Guyder

    I happened to be watching TV late Saturday night – I’m so pleased Dr. Eleni is doing so much….. this is very impressive. My agricultural family and friends will be interested too. I will let Catherine Bertini know, I work for her.

  • Hailu

    Thank you Dr. Eleni and team for giving priority to this massive problem in our country. you are some one to look up to. I am convinced that you have a full support of the Eth. government and most importantly the Ethiopian people in and out of the country. stay safe and best of luck for your company.

  • Desta

    I respect her lending effort but it is premature and child dish. I watched the program entirely. But it is not going work. Simply it is an upside down design. There is no quick fix to Ethiopia’s problem. Because it is more than century old problem and multiplied to infinity now thanks to the Wayne’s regime. Simply copy and paste the commodities market from Chicago it can only breed more bandits to already flooded the country with those kind peoples. If you watch again when the poor farmer asked the question about the new market to be, the wise farmer his answer was we had famine in 77, during Hailed Selassie, in 84 during Mengistu, and now with Meles. It is between the sky and us. If it rain we will have food to eat if not we will go wherever the road takes us was his answer. The farmer knows has no benefit and got nothing to do with the market. Ethiopia first has to acknowledge all the problems are coming from its own wrong pride, stop looking dependency from others and work in peaceful manner work in cooperation with all its neighbors. And work in this order
    1. Feed the people
    2. Educate
    3. Build roads and highways and on and on ….
    Now we are approaching Ethiopian election drama, this can only be Meles’s last trick. How else can you explain to it. You cannot say we don’t care about Humera just do it in Gonder, while the source of sesames are Humera. That itself tell you can’t fly.

  • Netser Guday

    I don’t know which one lasts longer? Meles’s kingdom, CEM or maybe both vanish at the same time. All we have to do is save the video wait patiently. Time will tell as soon. Weyley halewlow ehmmm

  • santo

    My respect for Aaron Brown just shot right through all over again. Had’nt seen him for a long time after he left CNN until I accidentally saw Wide Angle yesterday and what an episode to pick to watch. Aaron, thank you for the pheonomenal story you weaved around this. I was so profoundly impacted by this story that I’m going to take the effort to watch some of the other archived wide angle videos. Oh, did I say thank you for archiving past vidoes !


    i support the goverment b/c thye try to control the crics


    As I watched the video last night…I kept thinking “show me the money”. That is, where did the money come from to fund this project. How was she able to leave work in the US and live, organize, stay in Ethiopia for several years? The same questions applied to her associate Ben(?). When I first started looking at the program, it was mentioned early in the program about the former droughts in parts of Ethiopia, and people starving, while there was food available in other parts of the country. There was a problem with transportation. I thought this would be addressed by Eleni and her compatriots, but instead..we have Ethiopians who formerly lived and worked in the USA setting up a stock exchange?????

  • Fz

    Dr. Eleni, You are a true example for all of us Africans. What Africa needs is more people like you to lead them out of the darkness and in to the new age. God bless you. What I don’t understand is these hateful people who don’t do anything for the people yet they complain. I don’t support the government but does that mean we should not work together even for the common good(Food security) of all Ethiopians? Most of you who complain and have negative things to say are honestly anti African and greedy people. In fact you are no better than the dictators you hate so much. Thank you PBS- Wide Angle for this very good film, I hope you continue to report on the progress of ECX and other similar projects.

  • Wedi Harer

    This video only assures and confirms the great job the Eritrean government is doing in comparison. And clarify the ugly habit of the weyan’s regime. Look the villa where Eleni’s staying. It is used to be one of the residential places of the 75000 plus hard working innocent Eritreans exiled. Like Barb BF stated above, if she has truth in her idea, how come they don’t build roads, water supply, schools instead of fighting right and left with all their neighbors. Wake up Ethiopians and swallowed this wrong pride. While your country is a poster child for starving for a century don’t you have any shame left in you? I like PBS and I appreciated what Aaron Brown is doing presentation wise. But there is nothing good to present; I wish to see this type of topics or program in Africa somewhere in Ghana or likes as a model. With Ethiopia let’s just hope God will intervene, but not just me but almost all the Ethiopian people too have no hope from Meles & the groups (Chifra)

  • Geta

    I can’t find a word in Amharic (qalatoch yaterujale) how I admire you for the risk that you took to do your part for this poor country. We as an Ethiopian (specially who leave in U.S.)always criticizing for anything that anybody is doing.
    Did you see the houses that was built in Addis? who wones them?
    YES, Ethiopian who leave abroad. Did you forget that it was the same government? shame on you.
    So leave her alone and let her do her job.
    Bravo pbs.
    Thank you Dr. Eline, keep up what ever you’re doing.

  • Kenyatta

    Kudos!!! Eleni and ECX team, you may not have or will never eradicate hunger from Ethiopia, but you sure have impacted it radically. Ethiopia for that matter Africa will never be the same.

  • Dr. N. Ranganathan

    Thanks you Dr. Eleni and your team. When anyone is involved in social and humanitarian work, there will be few people who will critize and express their own opinion. Please keep up your great work and don’t be detered by the nay sayers. I worled and lived in Ethiopia as a High School Teacher (Asthmari) from 1967-70. What a great progress your country has made despite the million starvation deaths. Please keep up your great work and God bless you all.

  • endegena wondumu

    The only good thing about this video is it makes you laugh and laughter is a good medicine. And nearly everybody needs it during these tough times. I honestly wish good luck to those innocent poor people if it works. Saying that without going into a detail just looking the black box flowchart of this project, men it only takes you into a deeper darker future. Every person who had a bit of brain that can recall all the deeds of Meles is not buying it. About Dr. Eleni we have to give her time, because I don’t know, if she has something that can only be seen to her or she is the instrument of the gangs motivated by greed, or blinded by her education only time will tell us. About PBS there is no much to say because Aaron Brown he did what he is trained to do without being biased he covered everything and he is not there to fix in one hour to the century old complex Ethiopian problem. About the audiences what I would like to say is to the Ethiopian people put aside the emotion and wrong pride and get out the closet see the sunshine and do something about it.

  • Quincie

    As an African-American and lover of all cultures, I am constantly reminding people that the image of Africa shown on mainstream t.v. is not the complete story. Your beautiful documentary portrays a rich culture fighting to embrace new technologies, an issue found thoughout the world. Thank you for the great work! This is REAL reality tv.

  • Meskerem

    I unfortunately missed the KQED presentation on the 23rs, an I’m very much interested in finding out when it will be shown again. I would also like to suggest the producers contacting LINK TV (AKA Television Without Borders) based out of SF, to try and get it shown on one of their programs. They focus on presenting Internationally focused documentaries such as this.


  • Millie

    Dear Dr Eleni First thanks for your effort and dedication, whish you all the best.
    Second please ignore the negatives as it has nothing to do with you. Hope you understand that there are many Ethiopian immigrants to US and Europe who benefit from the bad image of Ethiopia. The only way they could prosper is by making up stories to asylum seeks or collect money in the name of political group. Above all they do not want to see any life improvement in Ethiopia, since their only life goal is to live above Ethiopia’s standard life.
    Thank you Aaron Brown. This will be one of your work you remember and remembered as Ethiopia will be in a different situation. People will even forget some of the negative that are surfacing now. This is History and you documented History. Thanks

  • JN

    Keep up the good work, both Dr. Eleni Gebre-Medhin and Wide Angle! You’re both making a difference!

  • Emmanuel

    I think what Elene is doing should be commended. It will definitely pave the way for Ethiopia to be self sufficient and less dependent on foreign aid. Who knows, such move might also help Ethiopians see things beyond ports and sea outlets which some still seem to be obsessed with and live with their neighbours in peace and harmony.

  • Dangaw

    OK I don’t like anybody that associates with Meles but this is one exception Dr. Eleni hats off go ahead you got my support, who knows after that you may fix the twisted brain of Mr. Meles too

  • Tessema

    Looking at the comments there is a disconnect between those who play with the field the regime set for them and hell-bend to defend it for political or economic reasons, and others who rightly protest the regime’s “Gangster Capitalism” as one report put it, do so for lack of transparency and the politics of the regime.
    Many others disillusioned who say trying any thing is better than noting without understanding the consequences of the power grab without the necessary check and balance innocently praise her for trying.

    Welcome to the regimes well planned politics of polarization that is a standard procedure one-against- the-other and in the middle of it all is the women who knowingly and willingly involve in a field of a none existent free market.

    Instead of rejecting the exchange or praising her, people should ask, what is the objective of an exchange in the Ethiopian context when she set it up with the blessing of the regime? If she is not available for Ethiopians to answer the hard questions than running around to tell foreigners then she alone is answering her own questions, it has noting to do with the poor Ethiopians as she claims.

    People must control their emotions and focus on the motives of individuals like Dr Eleni do what they do on the expenses of millions of lives knowing well the institutions of markets are not a one women show on a blessing of a regime? But again seeing what is being done in Ethiopia it is the rule not the exception.

    If everybody look at the exchange website and claim it is a free market institution and praise it as such they should question their level of ignorance and blind support go back to the drawing board.

    Noting wrong with an exchange, but the objective of why it was set up. Let us not be a suckers for our pity interest.

  • dr. dude

    Excellent topic, but Aaron Brown sucks. He reminds of Bart Simpson as a newscaster in “Girly Edition”. He did sappy human interest stories devoid of any substantive news. Aaron did his best to drain the intelligence out of this story (how does this make you feel? what if you fail? blah blah blah…).

    A better journalist would have looked at comparable exchanges around the world. He would have looked at the potential for government abuse, market manipulation, etc. What is the difference between the exchange price and those in the village square? Do you have to trade all commodities, or just enough to set a reference price that is posted around the country? There are lots of interesting questions that could have been pursued, but Aaron couldn’t bother to go beyond People magazine’s shallow reporting. Heckavu’ job, Brownie!

  • Muna

    Elian’s plan has nothing to do with the progress of Ethiopia or helping the poor’s. It will make the poor’s poorer. She is trying to monopolize the market with foreign investors; purely to be millionaire for her. The commodities she is talking about could be used for local consumers instead of exporting to another country. The country already drained by exploiting its resources to another countries; in addition she is going to soak it? This is very alarming situation for all Ethiopian alike. When poor’s are dying from luck of bread this inexperienced, not grown in the country, very ignorant of culture and life style; now trying to make business at the cost of poor farmers and poor people of Ethiopia.

  • zewge alemu

    I am familiar with Eleni’s work and am also a returnee, engaged in several enterprises that give hope and injera to hundreds. I am saddened by the irrational, blind and senseless criticism levelled at this brilliant daughter of Ethiopia. Misery loves company and many exiles here who whine and moan about Ethiopia’s “malgovernance” from the comfort and security of their computer screens are to be pitied. No matter how much diaspora rteurnees may disagree with the prevailing regime, our comfort and relief is that we are making a difference in our native land’s future by taking this bold step forward. It is neither easy, nor completely secure to make this transition. It is not for the faint-hearted, the web revolutionaries nor for the majority that simply has made America or the West their home of choice. Please spare the wider audience your perennial crocodile tears for an Ethiopia that you will never lift a finger for!

    Bravo Eleni and all other dispora returnees. We will make a difference in Ethiopia inspite of the governance problems we amay encounter. YES WE CAN!!!

  • Abichu

    Dear Sir:

    Your program has missed the biger picture of Ethiopia. Since 1991 the country was under the rule of Tigre Liberation Front. The group only represnts one ethnic group among over 80 different ethnic groups in Ethiopia. The sad part is not that the regime is composed of only one Ethnic group which constitute less than 7% of Ethiopian population, but it has crafted Racist and Apartheid regime in Ethiopia. If you have got a chance to go to Ethiopia you could have noticed that all the officials you spoke with are Tigres. All the major corporations you want to creat market system are owned by Tigre Libration Front. All the military and security system are in the hands of the Tigre Liberation Front.

    If you could have objectively seen the situation in the country you would have wondered where are the Oromos who constitute 40% of the Population? Where are the Amharas who constitute about 25% of the population?

    If you are objective observer you could have also looked in to the court system. Then you could have found the country is actually large prison in addition of to tens of thousands of political prisoners in Tigre Liberation Front concetration camps. You could have looked at the Education system and could have found out that what actually exists in Ethiopia is a Bantustan South African eduction system.

    I am disappointed such trusted names in the news get things that being wrong. Ethiopia under the Tigre Liberation Front rule of Meles Zenawi is a Racist and Ethnic Apartheid Regime. Please don’t sell racisism and Apartheid as a good thing without checking your facts.

    I am sure you know very well that Apartheid and Racism will not be solved in market place. What solved the problem of Apartheid in South Africa was international isolation. Ethiopians who suffer under the Tigre Liberation Front Apartheid Regime must be supported to change this regime by international economic and trade ban on Tigre Liberation Front Companies and institutions. Please heed our call.

  • yonas

    I always believe that individuals always make the difference that would always transform the society in one way or the other.Dr.Eleni is one of them. I am really proud of her caliber and courage to face the million tons of vested interested groups who dominated the sector from adam and eve time.
    So i think its a call to the high profile diaspora ethiopians in the states high end acadamic, business and reasearch centers to look back to their country and do something like Dr. Eleni which ultimately changes the lifes of tens of millions of Ethiopians for good.
    Thank You Dr. Eleni for your wonderful job!!!

  • abrish

    A magnificant vision of change for a country with over 3000 years of history of the same agricultural market system. The show also provides a vivid insight on the challenges, threats, benefits and opportunities of implementing any projects – and the need of managing all aspects of projects – including personal ambitions. Her program now needs to involve more intellectuals and talented people, not only of economics science; and keep inching forward. Victory at all cost …. for without victory, there is no growth …

  • Carolina

    What has been happening with the sesame trade in Ethiopia. Update please! Email me if possible.

  • Joe
  • zee

    Everyone please stop being negative!
    If we are always thinking that who ever doing something’s to help or change his country system has nothing to do with the government. Again you need to face the reality, you could say all you want to say about anything but it has to make séance, all politicians are the same if you do not support their party you are done that does not work you need to understand that a person has a choice we have to let the person has his freedom, and yet, If you do not do or go by the rule you will be paying for it so stop wining do something that make the people of Ethiopia happy and full of stomach Dr.Eleni , you are doing excellent and keep up the good job, and make sure you keep yourself healthy, because we need you ,we want to see more of you.
    Thank you .
    God bless Ethiopia and her people

  • shalom

    The recent Dr. Eleni’s campaign to justify the ruthless Tigrian ethno-apartheid rulers in the name of free market reminds us the Nazi intellectuals’ relentless crusade to portray Hitler as saint and defend his unspeakable crime.

    One could wonder that why those scholars with such intellectual magnitude failed in the trap of Hitler kind sub-human savage; but the important point here is not the depth of intellectual magnitude or the school you attended, but what makes a different is the value one is holding as a principle.

    To those who appreciate individual freedom, nothing could stops them from defending individuals right with what cost it takes, however, on the other side to those who are unable to see beyond their self interest, nothing would be important except their self-serving agenda.

    Education could open a door for anyone to have accesses the work of others, but to understand what has been said and implement it, is a personal commitment and it needs to be selfless to appreciate the right of others.

    Indeed, there is a difference between the narcissistic and the magnanimous scholars, and of course the difference is huge and nothing common between them. The vicious crime committed by Nazi scholars proved that how scholars and intellectuals use their potential to advance the criminal activity of their group with the masquerading dogma. So, what Dr. Eleni is doing right now is not different to what happened 50 years ago in Germany.

    Of course speaking with forked tongues, she is defending the crime of the Tigrian ethno-apartheid rulers and making a toll story to justify their vicious crime with the disguise of free market.
    The truth is that Ethiopia is the prison of its citizens, except those whose tribe belong to the ruling group, Tigrains, and of course every economic sector exclusively controlled by them, including small business, real estate and export and import, and moreover, the tribal government officially outlaw business license to those who do not belong to Tigray tribe, so what kind of free market Dr. Eleni is preaching.

    I understand she is an economist, but twisted like Nazi scholar that is why she is trying hard to separate the inseparable, Democracy, individual freedom and free market.
    It seems that she is trying to put the cart before the horse. There is no free market without individual freedom and democracy. Evan the noble prize winner, economist Amartya Sen put it this way “No substantial famine has ever occurred in any independent and democratic country with a relatively free press.”

    However, she is a benefactor from this ruthless regime and her tribal chief interest is her interest, so those who are fighting to establish democracy, justice and equality should not surprise by her misleading fallacious rhetoric

  • Austin Collie

    Keep up the good work, both Dr. Eleni Gebre-Medhin and Wide Angle! You’re both making a difference!

  • JJ

    Quite an eye opening and thoroughly engrossing documentary. I am an employee at the Kansas City Commodity Exchange(KCBT) since 1998. However I did not fully grasp the great importance of a well functioning market to a well-being of a nation until I saw The Market. Just shows how much we in the West are ill informed because we take a lot of things around us for granted. Gongra. Wide Angle and the Ethiopian people.

  • freckle remover

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