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July 22nd, 2009
The Market Maker
Video: Inside the World's Oldest Commodities Exchange

The Chicago Board of Trade is the world’s oldest and largest commodities exchange and served as an inspriation to Eleni Gabre-Madhin, founder of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. Click on the video below to learn about the history of the Chicago Board of Trade and how commodities trading works in the U.S. today. You’ll hear from Julie Winkler, Group Managing Director of Research and Product Development for the Chicago Merchantile Exchange and Sara Menker, a commodities trader with Morgan Stanley.

  • neb

    Sara, proud of u.

  • me

    cool,hope they post the doc online saoon (missed premier and reruns).

  • Getachew T

    “Ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.”
    John F. Kennedy.

    I am very proud of Eleni Gebre-Madhin effort to bring some change in Ethiopia. This is what the country needs today. Most of us who are educated in the west we don’t think in a positive change instead we are pointing our finger to criticize the government by all means. However, Eleni is a model for all of us to think “we can make a difference if we try” Our county needs all of us to bring the country out of poverty in every area. Economist Eleni Gabre-Madhin has ambitious vision — to found the first commodities market in Ethiopia, bringing rates and standards (not to mention trading systems, warehousing and data centers) to the trade of crops. Her effort is working to build Ethiopia’s first commodities market. Re-establishing the profit motive for farmers, she believes, could help turn the world’s largest recipient of food aid into a regional food basket. Food aid does not work at all, and what we need is a free market economy. Ethiopia has been one of the major recipients of international aid in recent times. According to OECD-DAC statistics, net ODA to Ethiopia amounted to US$1.94 billion in 2006, making it the 7th largest recipient among 169 aid receiving developing countries. All this aid money that flows to the country does not really help the poor. What Ethiopia needs is a free market economy the one that is started by Eleni, and we have to follow on her foot to bring positive change if we really care about Ethiopia. Thank you Eleni-I am a proud supporter of your idea. Free market is working for the west and will work for Ethiopia and Africa.
    Thank you
    Getachew T
    Minneapolis, MN


    Ms. Menker—-Lookin good kiddo——this really is vrey impressive–keep up the good work……

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