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July 21st, 2009
The Market Maker
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  • Fikre

    It is really a good and thoughtfull idea. The farmer shouldn’t worry to whom they are going to sell their product. She made life easy to the farmer. And more export means GDP will increase. Keep up good work.

  • Dawit Shifaw

    What happened to the pbs that had promised to air this program at 11am this morning? Are you going to show it on this website? and when?

  • melody

    i was just there back in 8/25/08 i had a nice time there .iam happy to see someone is helping them to get better threre i to tell her and all of them keep the good work up

  • Paulos G/Michael

    This was long overdue. Now what we need is modern irrigation systems to guarantee the agricultural production and modern storage & processing systems. By modern irrigation system I mean maybe some of our overflowing rivers can be redirected towards the farmlands year round production instead of fate….rain. And then maybe it needs to be explained overproduction & surplus is ok to the farmers & there will be plenty of jobs for the multitude. People’s belief in the system will prosper. Kudos to Mrs. Eleni & her entire team for taking the first courageous steps into the battleground. We need more other visionaries like her in other industries to move the country forward.

    Paulos G/Michael

  • Melles

    Eleni is the most charsmatic scholar who is striving to change the Ethiopian negative picture into positive economic growth. She is an example and i hope other Ethiopian scholars learn from her to contribute to their nation in their area of expertise.
    Eneni, thank you and keep up the good work.

  • samuel

    It might be Good for the future, but we shouldn’t have to forget the specialty market too. We all want to see the country in a better economic position. In my prospect besides marketing, traceability is very important.
    The difference between conventional and specialty market, conventional market is looking only for price, on the other hand specialty market, they want to know where the coffees comes from, cup quality and fair price for the farmers.

  • pam braman

    Excellent program. Should be shown in High Schools and in Business Schools. Sould be shown in state and county business collaboratives, etc.

  • Million Tafesse

    Hi Eleni,
    good job and we need more people who can focus on how to change the day to day life of the farmer and make the farmers strong buying power in the economy for a sustainable economic growith.

  • Moka Harrar

    To DAWIT SHIFAW who is looking for reruns of this program. Click on :
    and you will find MANY planned reruns of it !
    ( From a regular watcher ).

  • Mekonnen Atsbaha

    Ethiopian farmers will benefit for getting fair price for their products, thanks to Eleni and the government for making this happen. I hope others is USA who just blame the government for everything will get the courage to share their skills like Eleni did.

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