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September 5th, 2006
Time for School Series
Full Episode: Back to School

This video is no longer available.

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  • PatiG in DC

    I agree with Gene Sperling, the US can do so much more to contribute to educate the poorest children in the world – we need to do this now, not tomorrow; for tomorrow may be too late for Joab, Shugufa or Nanavi and thousands of nameless faceless children who deed it so desperately.

    Pati Gaitan

  • Georgia

    I think we need to do more for education in our own country, especially making college more available for those who want to go, who cannot afford it.

  • lynnecia stewart

    school is so fun these days you learn more than you think you can.

  • Kim

    There is a benefit to the world if we help assure education for all children. Rich countries like the US can help poor nations like Afghanistan, and I assure you, the results will benefit us all!

  • Luke

    Breathtakingly informative

  • Tania Reina

    Motivating! Reminded me of why I want to be a teacher.

  • Pablo Olguin

    To #2 Georgia:
    I disagree. I think we should focus alot more only on education of other countries . I don’t think the situation for public schools is any better here but it is as good as its going to get.

  • Jak

    The Children and Teens of American should learn from this…

    DVDs should be sent to all schools in American to help get kids enthusiastic about school.

    Cause many drop out for the stupidest Reasons.
    -I have no Friends
    -It’s too hard
    -School Sucks

    Man…such losers…don’t they see just how valuable education really is?

  • Katrina

    i think we do need to focus on education in other countries as well as our own but also helping those who cant even afford to live

  • Matt

    I think that part of the reason for students in the U.S. to dislike school is the education system, not the education itself. More students would probably be more enthusiastic about learning if our education system was a modern or realistic one.

    Anyway, these are very moving stories, and can easily serve to remind people of how easy their life is compared to the lives of others.

  • Katrina Rosas

    i agree but disagree with jak. You are taking avery broad view on teen these days.stereotyping each opne of them. We dont all seel drugs. Were not all emo. We dont all hate school.there are those of us who love to learn. Those of us that are motivated by every peice of knowledge we hear. If we dont want to be teachers some of us strive for something better!Then there are those teens that may take some of it for granted but maybe its because thats all theyve ever seen. Those who didnt have as much before and have grown can appreciate it more but we(US) are spoiled and dont appreciate it as much.Still not all teens or people are so rude like you say they are

  • *katie*

    i think that to much money is goin to other countries like iraq to help the war when that money should be going to schools and oher places in the united states and if we had more money for our country it would be alot better like helping gt all da hoboz of da streetz

  • Anonymous

    Some of you sound like the stereotypical selfish americans. We need to make sacrifices for the benefit of the world. In america many of us take so much for granted when those kids could only dream of what we have. We will not die from taking a loan, in those countries, an education can really make a difference between life and death. The thing is, while watching the film, we will think about them…. but what about after?

  • nunis acosta

    i think that the videos were awsome. i think that it will make other people change their opinion about the global education and that will make people get more interest in the education and will make them want to make a difference. REMEMBER:if all of us contribuate with our little grain of sand it will make a big pile and the difference that we make will be very noticed in al the world. if we dont make effort on changing things everything WILL BE WORSE!!!! we have to act, not tomorrow or later we have to do it TODAY!!!!

  • morris

    ola amigos esto nos deja una super hiper buena enseñansa esta super!!!! sigan asiendo estas investigasiones

  • KatyB

    My 12 year-old students have watched these films with intense interest. The safety and opportunities of the seven children really matter to their young “neighbors” thousands of miles away. The global community of children deserve to communicate their caring and to create a better world. The old model of competition, war, and taking advantage will be untenable to children who learn early to recognize their shared dreams. A tender moment stays with me: Young Ken of Japan expresses concern for kind Neeraj of India. He wants her to be careful walking home from school in the dark. When children communicate their goodness and compassion, there is hope for tomorrow. Education and communication are the keys to peace and prosperity.

  • Jose Rizal

    Very informative. Reminds me of an episode of a documentary tv show in the Philippines. It was about a group of children who live in a provincial (rural) area where the only available school is across the lake which was about a little over a mile across and bordered by steep hillsides and on two sides. The only way to get across is by swimming. They have to swim across the lake in the morning to go to school and then again in the afternoon to go back home. Their ages range from 8 to 16 years.

  • Cheyanne Michelle Henry

    This show is intensely moving. Now every time I feel bad for myself I can picture those kids and realize that my problems are insignificant. Thanx PBS. And thank those kids too.

  • Sally

    Joab in particular has touched me deeply. Is there any organization out there, or any way I can help. Please these kids need us. They need us NOW.

  • Miles Schwartz

    This serise is gay and needs to be deleted

  • Alice Lee

    Just a couple of days ago, I heard Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups of Tea” and “Stones into Schools”, speaking at a local event about the importance of education in promoting peace, combating overpopulation, reducing infant mortality, and increasing the health and well-being of entire communities. If we truly care about the future of our world, we should be making sure every boy and girl get a decent education.

  • Colonel Nagar M Verma

    One important dimension of education needs attention is raisinng awareness of our children internationallyto be aware and alert citizens to take care of themselves their families and communities to minimize risks from frequent disasters and impacts of clmate change by qualified teachers. It is more vital a need in developing countries where the subject is least sensitized. I am Director General of Saritsa Foundation.Saritsa Foundation is committed to this missin as a Mobile University. Teams of its Experts reaches to rural and urban schools to raise awareness, impart education,practical training and use of local resources. Responding in time with developed skills is heart of preparedness. Please visit web

  • Tymon

    We in the US are fortunate to have a good education system. Look at these poor children and how they struugle to be educated. Yet they are happy just to be able to go to school, some are less fortunate the way they have to live in violence. Those who volunteer to help with international eduacation I applaud you. These children need as much help as they can get. May the lord bless them with a better education.

  • Puuba

    The US doesn’t owe a thing ot the poor countries. Those countries need to stop oppressing their citizens. Look at the Capitalist/ Industrial countries. Romania became prosperous when Communism died. Japan experienced the greatest, fastest growth in their entire history due to Capitalism…

  • Erica

    Hi. I work in education as an Interpreter for the Deaf. Our class is currently watching the WideAngle Time for School series. We are discussing the equality of education and access for all. I find it ironic that through all of this….your episodes are not Closed Caption. When will the Deaf children have equal access? How are they supposed to watch an interpreter and watch a video at the same time? They end up seeing half of what is said and half of what is shown. Does that really seem equal?
    PBS should know better. I understand the video itself may have been CC, but watching it from the website, it is not. Sad.

  • Heather

    Where can I view or purchase this episode now that it is not available here?

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