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September 2nd, 2009
Time for School Series
Slideshow: Through the Years

In the Time for School Series, WIDE ANGLE follows seven kids from seven countries from their first day at school to what will hopefully be their high school graduation, to show the struggles and rewards of getting an education. Meet Joab from Kenya, Shugufa from Afghanistan, Raluca from Romania, Jefferson from Brazil, Neeraj from India, Ken from Japan, and Nanavi from Benin. This slideshow shows how the kids have grown — from our first meeting in 2003, to our return in 2006, and the most recent visit, in 2009.

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  • Mrs. Lamer’s Class

    We can’t wait for this show to air. We’re wondering how all of the students are progressing. -Mrs. Lamer’s World Geography Class

  • rodolfo cunan

    Hi, I just watch the wild angle on TV. Its about shugufa shcool in afghanistan. I dont know how to say this. but she really work hard in school .. I amaze to this girl.. she should be an actress. she is working hard/school and pretty cute “in short she is beautiful” I admire her. because of her ablities to go to school, work and pretty cute. like me..
    I am just poor person like her.

  • Tom Routledge

    Your Wide Angle series is wonderful – all of the children are an inspiration to us all. Is there a way that I could contribute to one of them? I’m a ‘retired old guy’ in Canada … and JOAB has made a deep impression on me. I would like to help him in a small way – a few dollars every month might make a difference. Can I find out how this might be done?
    Tom R.

  • Wide Angle

    For those of you who have expressed interest in helping the children in the film, please visit our “How You Can Help” page:

    There are organizations listed in the Kenya and Benin sections that work specifically with the kids in the film from those countries, Joab and Nanavi, as well as organizations that work on education issues in each of the countries featured in the film.

  • Gkip Glop

    She looks like a dude!!!!!!

  • Eric Estrada

    hai guise im tarded

  • awesome blossom

    neeraj is awesomely awesome!!!

  • ~ohyea~

    my cousin in japan just called to tell me to watch ken. but i luved the whole thing!!!

  • Mrs. Bellingham’s 4/5 graders

    We hope all of the children are successful and are able to complete their education. We have learned not to take our education for granted. We realize how lucky we are to live in the United States.

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