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July 18th, 2002
To Have and Have Not

About the Film

Every year this nation’s economy struggles to absorb 20 million new unemployed, while the newly rich move to gated communities with private schools and tennis courts. If this sounds like Daddy Warbuck’s America, it isn’t. It’s the new China. Once the home of the “iron ricebowl” and social equality for all, today China has joined the ranks of the World Trade Organization. The country’s new commitment to private enterprise and free markets may change China more in a single year than most countries change in a decade. This extraordinarily candid film introduces viewers to the unemployed, the working poor and the nouveaux riches alike.

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  • Heather

    watched a piece of this tonight..quite intriguing.

  • matthew dunlap

    i think the whole country is a fraud. especially to its own people and it is a shame

  • rachel (the boss) hass

    go china go

  • Gonzalo Cruz

    China was considered to be a sleeping bear more or less in hibernation. That bear has waken up and it is hungry. The Chinese are coming abroad and they have so much purchasing power that they are buying much of the real estate here in the US. They are taking advantage of our weak economy and the decline in real estate value. Do you blame them? We need to do something to eliminate this type of competition but our leadership is too busy bailing out our banks and other financial institutions. China is slowly moving in.

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