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July 12th, 2011
Contestant No. 2

“An unexpectedly poignant documentary…. Suspenseful and thought-provoking”
–Jerusalem Post

“A heartbreaking doc…. What we see is a profoundly bitter confrontation
between the individual
and the community.”
–Globe and Mail

How far can one young woman push a conservative culture? Duah Fares is an Arab-Israeli teenager and member of the Druze minority, a religious sect living predominantly in Israel, Syria and Lebanon. She longs to be an international superstar like Angelina Jolie.

But when she changes her name to Angelina and sets her sights on the Miss Israel pageant, her tight-knit religious community balks. Miss Israel requires a bathing suit competition, but to appear that way in public would disgrace her family and even put her in danger from those who would rather see her dead than see the community dishonored.

Contestant No. 2 follows Fares and her family as they navigate the boundaries of traditional values while she tries to achieve her dream.

This episode of WIDE ANGLE is the U.S. television premiere of the theatrical film Lady Kul el Arab.

  • Andy Boyter

    Dear “Wide – Angle” Producers,

    Please allow those of us who have grown an attachment to the life for whom you displayed on T.V., (Reguarding Duah), a chance to have an “update” for miss Fares, as she seems to have gathered quite the attention on this “chat-board”.
    Thank you all,
    Shalom- Peace be with you all,

    Andy B.

  • Nancy Hunter

    This story is quite devastating and it is incredible how they have ruined this young womans dream. They think that honor killing is truly an honor. Duah, it is time for you to move to the USA or Canada. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can apply for refugee status at the american embassy in Telaviv or just come here and see weather you like it or not. If you do not have anyone in the USA. Now you have me. My email address is It is time for you and your family to leave Israel behind. I know that if your life is or has been in danger, you can apply at the american embassy for a visa to come to America. If you do not have anyone here, you can stay with. Do not let ANYONE interfere with your dreams of success. I truly felt bad for you giving up your dream, knowing that for sure you would have won in Thailand. If you get my email and email me, I will give you my telephone number. I am a 45 year old woman and I live by myself. I STRONGLY feel that you should not give up modeling and strongly feel that you should be as far away as possible from the uncle that plotted to kill you. You need to get out of that environment and pursue your dreams.
    Nancy Hunter

  • Alexander O

    Hola Duah,
    I was moved by your story. I am a regular viewer of wide angle and I found the story intriguing.
    Though I know very little of the Druze community, what I have seen has shown me that any society based on the soft male ego or patriarchy will simply not stand for a Woman making a stand for herself in any sense whatsoever.
    Duah, I am so sorry that your efforts were stalled, however I hope you have enough courage left to take the next step and leave Israel and that community so that you can fulfill your dream elsewhere. London, Los Angeles, New York. Anywhere but where you are threatened and held back simply becuase you have the nerve to have your own dreams.
    Take care Duah, Have strength and courage and reach a little farther.
    I think Nancy Hunter’s suggestion was correct.

  • paddy

    “pursue your dreams” over and over again, mindlessly repeated like a mantra of the feel-good, me-first, celebrity idolizing new religion that is supposed western liberal “culture”.


  • Mark

    Duha, your name is beautiful, keep it.In the U.S.A our greatest media personality is named a woman named Oprah, and as you know our president is Barack Obama. Your name is distinctive. I’m sorry but.. Angelina is not as distinguished and America knows Duha already. I suggest you contact Oprah, and Tyra. I have mad respect for Marwan. He’s a “Big Popa”.You have a good daddy :)I hope you will always honor him.Start by keeping the name he gave you.Western pop culture is a amoral lot, but it is possible to retain a measure of dignity. But you must see Oprah and Tyra first !and take Nancy Hunter with you.

  • Rocky

    Duha Fares is beautiful and would have won the Miss Israeli paegent had she decided to continue. However, why must young women be made to participate in a swimsuit competition to prove their beauty? Duha proved she is more beautiful by respecting the wishes of her family to withdraw. Although much can be said about paving the way, etc. for other Druze girls to compete, I believe her decision to withdraw in respect of her family despite her personal desires was very courageous. She should be proud of herself. She is more beautiful to me than any girl in the world.

  • Amo Esceri Et Sceri

    ~paddy #58 #63
    Please see my concepts on post #7. Maybe then, will you understand.

  • paddy

    to Amo,

    i read your “concepts” in post #7. How about you try posting some rational, linear thought instead?

    …and if your going to try to impress with fancy latin monikers, at least try to get them right!

    Still no one seems to be able to explain away Duah’s selfishness in regard to the 5000 dollar penalty – or did i miss that somewhere within your mish-mash of “concepts” ?

    Understand that?

  • scott

    Duah, I’m so sorry for the harsh treatment and judgements that you had to go through. You are a very strong woman.

  • fozz

    First, I think this is a great documentary and very telling of how artificially divided humanity really is.

    Unfortunately, the documentary was only part of my enlightenment. Reading the threads and debate that followed was equally compelling.

    It painfully illuminates the societal cost of mindless ideologies and those who blindly preach them.

    Must we really continue to live in a perpetually delusional world where this thing called “religion” serves only as a pretense for pushing “societal”, “communal” and “idealogical” agendas? Not to mention, death, war and hatred?

    Open your eyes people! Religion was created by man, not God! Look inward for “faith”, not to weak minded masses simply looking for social acceptance and affirmation. God help us all:)

  • Mingo

    Am I the only one who caught on to the fact that this movie is not a bona fide documentary. It clearly so states right in the Introduction to “Contestant No. 2″ on the Wide Angle web site: “This episode of WIDE ANGLE is the U.S. television premiere of the theatrical film Lady Kul el Arab.” Get it folks? This is a work of fiction, a dramatization, a story, maybe a docu-drama. As in “not real”.

  • Freedom

    Why a story on one selfish young Arab woman? The real story about Israel and the Arab world is the gross injustice being perpetrated against the Palestinians by the Israel government and Jewish settlers in the Occupied Territories. The “heroine” of this story (Duah Fares) says at the very end “It hurts to lose what is yours.” Well, the Palestinians have lost their land, their homes, their livelihoods… and, for many, their very lives. It’s an important story that urgently needs to be told. This story, on the other hand — about a young woman who lost her chance to be a famous beauty queen — hardly compares.

    Selfish? She wants to do something with her life and not sit at home being unhappy her whole life and u call her Selfish?! thats wrong man
    I admit that one person is a part of the whole but the small part needs to be told for the whole to be understood

  • Roxanna

    Thanks for bring such a touching, educational and informative story. Showing once again women repressed by men in their attempts to find their own place in the world.
    It is still about ownership and ownership of w omens limited choices.
    It was a sad ending for this young woman’s ambitions to be squelched by controlling men.It shows clearly we are still in the cave man mentality.

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