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April 20th, 2009
World Links: Tamil Tigers Given 24 Hours to Surrender; Israel's Ambassador to Switzerland Recalled

Israel recalls its ambassador to Switzerland after Swiss president, Hans-Rudolf Merz, met with Iranian president and holocaust denier, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in advance of a U.N. conference on racism in Geneva.

Dozens of Western delegates walk out of the UN-sponsored anti-racism conference during Ahmadinejad’s speech, in which the Iranian president called Israel a “racist regime.”

Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, says the crossing of thousands of Tamil civilians into government-held territory signals “complete defeat” for the Tamil Tigers, and gives the Tamil Tigers 24 hours to surrender.

  • Richard Jones

    This is all I have to say to people of democratic nations of the world if freedom loving people of the democratic world choose to remain to silent over this genocide of Tamil speaking citizens of Sri Lanka they will never be excused and will have blood on their hand.

    For those who believe in Karma and wise would know that everyone is responsible for their actions and will have to pay for their actions for all those people who value the life of another Human being and value Justice and Human rights then they should be asking themselves this question, If the Sri Lankan Gov in not committing Genocide of its Minority Tamil speaking people then why then the Sri Lankan government has been refusing to allow Independent monitors and journalist to the conflict zone which is the norm in any conflict! If they are trying to save the Tamil people from the Tamil tigers as they claim, Why then they have been refusing journalist visa to western journalist since last year including the time and Independent form the UK for example? Every time they claim they are trying to save the Tamil people form the LTTE Who’s ways and methods have not always been correct in their struggle to free Tamil the oppressing Sri Lankan state but this has been the case in many freedom struggle in history. So please ask yourself every time Sri Lanka tries justify its Action why is that its not allowing the rest of the world to see what its doing to its own people .What Sri Lanka has to HIDE from the REST OF the WORLD? Have we learned anything at all from the holocaust ? What have these people done to be treated this way? For those who choose to remain silent! You will never be excused !!! God Bless!!

  • sam

    Yes These Pro Tamil Terrorist have been calling Genocide for very Long time, but guess what Tamils make 40% of Sri-Lanka population, hardly Genocide.. Who live and work in every part of sri-lanka and the highest levels of Goverment and Politics.. Now these Tamil LTTE Terrorist Miniority, cleansed their areas of Sinhala, Tamil(Who disagree with the, Muslim, European descendents from colonial time and the majority of Nothern poulation, Chinese and other Mudered them, Raped and expelled them fromtheir homes. Now thay are all living other parts. This is What these Terrorist supporters never tell or even at the hight of their power deny. Only when they loose they want to become Civiliased and want the human rights they denied others

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