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September 4th, 2004
Time for School Series
Full Episode: Time for School

This video is no longer available.

  • tom

    amazing episode. post more!

  • Elenita

    Was Shugfa’s segment left on the cutting room floor?

  • gordon

    What happened to Shugfa’s segment?? Can it be posted?

  • Julie

    Excellent show! I am a principal and will use this video as staff development and share with my fellow principals.

  • Turkessa

    I love Joab, May god bless him. Please give me a way to help him and his brothers, I’d like to make a donation to him.

  • Ken Okoth

    You can make donations to help children in Kibera through the Children of Kibera Foundation —

  • elenita

    Where is Nanavi’s segment? Please post!

  • T. Henderson

    Riveting episode! My class enjoyed it throughly. They have expressed to me they have a better appreciation for education they are receiving. We will continue to watch the series.

  • Caroline B

    Its amazing how much they are like us. They have the same dreams and needs.

  • Elizabeth Lamer

    I think this was an ok video because i think it should show more lives , like in Italy or somethinq like that … but overall it was great!

  • Carolina

    Please don’t take this down from the internet. I go back to it all the time. In two weeks I will be watching it with my students after their testing and discuss with them the value of education and hopefully helping them become more aware of how lucky they are to live in a country with the education system we have. The U.S. system might not be perfect, but my students are lucky they can go to good schools for free. Not to mention what they will gain from looking into the culture and society of all the countries these children come from. This is an amazing series I can’t wait until 2012!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Shelbi

    I had to watch this video for a school assignment. I watched with my eight-yr-old daughter. We learned a lot from this video. It is very interesting to see what it is like in the lives of other children around the world, and the challenges they face, in regards to education etc.. I was very touched by these precious children, and hope they make it.

  • K Vanpool

    I watched this as a college assignment, but returned to have my daughters watch it as well. This documentary is not only touching, but a real eye opener on how vital education is across the world. It really got our attention on how much we take for granted when we’re not in such unfortunate situations. Most adults I know don’t have the drive some of these students have for seeking out their education. It’s very intriguing that children who may not fully understand the importance of school at their age, understand enough to know that it is crucial for their future even without the support of their parents or societies. I hope they all succeed in finishing their education and are able to choose their own path in life. My professor asked us a question prior to this assignment if we “thought that all babies are born on the same slate in life”? This is a sad, yet brilliant example of our different slates. Thank you for these series!

  • Margaret Fay

    I watched the Back to School/Time for School videos original series with Neeraj and the Narciso family with my students in Singapore. I want to introduce it to my new school in England. Can we still get them from the pbs website?

  • admin

    Unfortunately, we do not have broadcast rights for the UK, but some of the Wide Angle episodes, including Time For School can be purchased here:

  • Kailey

    Yes, it is amazing how these Children are much alike us. They have dreams and imaginations the only difference is that we have a better chance at achiving our goals and dreams. It is very sad to see some kids go throught these things while we are mad at our parents because we can have a Ipod. When, most of these kids don’t even know how to read and write!
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  • Family and General Practice in Florida

    What happened to Shugfa’s segment?? Can it be posted?

  • parth patel

    this is really good

  • StephanieG

    The children have a very spiritual life

  • Mike McVicker

    How can I get a DVD version of this? I’m in American Samoa and I can’t get Itunes to work for a download. I really want to show my high school students the struggle that other students in the world endure because they value education so highly. It’s a perspective they would really benefit from seeing.

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