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About the Program

If families want to learn more about animals and plants, and find ways to help protect our natural heritage, they don't have to trek to Africa or even travel to America's national parks. All they have to do is tune into WILD TV, a two-part program from the producers of the NATURE series.

WILD TV will air on two successive Thursdays, September 5 and 12, at 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings).

Hosted by actor/comedian Wali Collins, the program uses popular music, lively graphics and real-life situations and people to show that nature is accessible to everyone, whatever the setting -- urban, suburban, or rural.

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Episode 1: Wildlife in the City
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In this episode, Wali Collins meets several urban naturalists who show him how such familiar creatures as pigeons and squirrels adapt and thrive in their city environments. Viewers also are introduced to a teenager who takes care of injured and orphaned squirrels at home. Viewers will also travel to Florida, where Wali takes an airboat ride in the Everglades, visits manatees, and helps capture an alligator that wanders into a homeowner's backyard.

Episode 2: The Animals We Live With
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The second hour opens with Wali challenging two entomologists to a contest to see which one could find the most bugs in a typical backyard. Plus, viewers get advice from a veterinary behaviorist on how to be more responsible pet owners and meet a woman photographer who posts images of animals in Albuquerque shelters on the Web to encourage adoptions. Also, Wali faces his fear of bees and viewers are introduced to a man who raises pigeons on his rooftop.

Wali Collins and friends get down for the WILD TV music video!

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Learn all about honeybees from bee expert Mace Vaughan.

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