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If everyone were a responsible pet owner, then there wouldn't be a need for animal shelters -- and Joyce Fay wouldn't have to work so tirelessly to save unwanted pets. Joyce, a dog photographer featured on WILD TV, goes to many of the shelters in the Albuquerque, NM, area, photographing the homeless animals that wait there for someone to come and adopt them before time runs out. Joyce volunteers her time and expertise, taking photographs of the dogs and cats and displaying them on her Web site,, in the hopes that people will spot and then rescue a potential pet. WILD TV Online spoke to Joyce about how she got into this particular line of work.

"I've been a professional photographer since 1970, first in New York, until 1982, and then I moved to the West. When I moved out here, I got involved in photographing animals -- dogs and horses, especially my two dogs, Bro and Tracy, who loved it; they would pose! I started a line of notecards of Bro and Tracy, and then I published a book about them. Then, around 1990-1991, I started doing photographs for the Humane Association for the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL of the dogs at the shelter. The photographs got to have a following; people knew what Sunday of the month the dogs would be in the newspaper.

"By 1998, I started thinking that I could do this on the Internet whenever I wanted. I started the Web site in January of 1999 and someone at the JOURNAL wrote a very nice article about me in February, and the traffic got off to a very nice start. I heard about people who adopted dogs they'd seen on my site. That just amazed me -- and once that happened, I was hooked. Once you see you're responsible for saving the life of a dog, you want to spend your whole life doing it. It took over my life completely.

"In January of 2000, I organized as a nonprofit organization, Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare, so donations made to us are tax-deductible. I don't get any salary, but the expenses -- gas, Internet connection -- are covered. Someone just donated a digital camera. Right now, my biggest expenses are film and processing.

"If you adopt a dog that you see on my Web site, please email me and let me know! I'm always trying to find out."

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