33 Years of The Woodwright’s Shop on PBS…
Roy Underhill Stands Up for Traditional Woodworking
3300 Season

Roy in the Woodwright's Set

As a stand-up fellow, Roy Underhill still stands for traditional woodworking—33 years after he first axcepted the PBS call. Not one to hem and haw, although he does hew with gusto, Roy brings his characteristic quick wit and television verité, cuts and all, to the new 33rd season of The Woodwright's Shop. 

Civil rights icon Rosa Parks offered a wonderfully Woodwright spin on a well-known quote (one with no clear-cut consensus on its origination), “Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground.” This mighty oak of a show starts its new season by making a Pennsylvania standing desk. Roy shows how hand tools were terrific back in the day—and still are today. From woodcarving to blacksmithing to saw sharpening, each episode of The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill explores how the timeless skills of our ancestors can enrich our lives…and might even save them.

 This season, Roy corners the market with some of the best carvers, joiners, smiths, wrights and writers to share their tested techniques and tips with you. Classical carver Mary May wends her way through a woodcarving how-to, and a how-not-to for treating your tools. Plimoth Plantation's master joiner Peter Follansbee frames a small, mortised and tenoned chest in the old English style, then makes and fits the beveled panels and storage till into a framed chest from the Pilgrim era. Master blacksmith Peter Ross shows how to forge iron hinges and locks from the earliest days of the American experience. And Christopher Schwarz, contributing editor at Popular Woodworking magazine, measures up with an English try square and makes a smart and simple Dutch tool chest.

Throughout the season Roy returns to the basics of wood, tool and hand by demonstrating deceptively simple skills and sublime solutions to crafty conundrums, as he revels in revealing the roots of woodworking. Along the way, get up close and personal with a variety of mysterious vises, singing saws and monster planes. We promise Roy will take you places with traditional woodworking that those power monsters can’t touch. So stand up for traditional woodworking! Stake your place and stand your ground with season 33 of The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill.

The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill is produced by UNC-TV and made possible through the generous support of State Farm Insurance.  For more information about this show and other UNC-TV programming, visit UNC-TV online at unctv.org. UNC-TV’s 12 stations comprise North Carolina’s only statewide television network, made possible through a unique partnership of public investment and private support.

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