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Our links page has just begun with this modest offering. I'll be adding many more as time allows. Please let me know if you have a suggestion. If you are left out thus far, believe me, it is only because I had to run to town before I finished!


Peter Follansbee: Master joiner of the Pilgrim century (he hates that!).

Mary May Woodcarving - Cornerstone Creations: European trained - American grained!

Christopher Schwarz: Christopher's blog!


Lost Art Press: Publishers of Traditional Woodworking Techniques

Astragal Press: Publishers and purveyors of books on traditional artisanry.

University of North Carolina Press: Publishers of most of my books.


North House Folk School: Traditional northern craft school in Grand Marais, MN.

The Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking: I modeled the Woodwright's School after Kelly's in Berea, KY.

Marc Adams School of Woodworking: The largest and most comprehensive woodworking school in the US.

Northwest Woodworking Studio: Gary Rogowski's school in Portland, Oregon.


Midwest Tool Collectors Association: The collectors club for users of vintage tools.

Early American Industries Association: Your entry into the world of early technology!

Tool Sources

Tools For Working Wood: Innovators and purveyors of the finest hand tools.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks: Heirloom quality tools worth every penny!

Lake Erie Toolworks: Makers of wooden bench screws.

Woodworker's Supply: Professional woodworking tools, hardware, & supplies since 1972.

Highland Woodworking: Great hand tool selection and source for my school's benches.

Wood Sources

Hardwood Store of North CarolinaNative and imported wood in piles you can pick through!

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