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CEO EXCHANGE can now be seen in Hong Kong, China, Beijing, Singapore, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Greece.

"As an MBA graduate from Fudan University, one of the most famous business schools in China, I know the value of this series."
– John Hu, China

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"It was a true pleasure working with you and your colleagues on the CEO EXCHANGE program. I really appreciate the opportunity you gave us to feature our CEO Edward M. Liddy. The broadcast was fantastic. Many Allstaters who watched the program have been commenting how great and positive the program was to them."

– Marissa Quiles, Media Relations
The Allstate Corporation

"What an outstanding program, from the premise and production to Jeff Greenfield's insightful shepherding. The show is both educational and entertaining."

– Ron Kocher, Viewer


The Production

Ceci Rodgers, CorrespondentCeci Rodgers, Correspondent
Ceci Rodgers is an award-winning financial journalist with more than two decades of national and international experience in television and newspaper reporting. In addition to her CEO profile stories for CEO EXCHANGE, Ceci reports on a freelance basis for CNN and BusinessWeek Weekend. Her stories have also appeared on CNN's Moneyline, CNNfn and CNBC. Ceci began her financial TV news career in 1985 as Lou Dobbs' Moneyline's exclusive correspondent and spent the ensuing 15 years reporting from Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, and Tokyo. She was also the Chicago bureau chief for Knight Ridder Financial News, and began her financial journalism career there as a reporter. Ceci graduated from Northwestern University's School of Speech with a bachelor's degree in communication studies, and the Medill School of Journalism with a master's degree in journalism. She has also taught at Medill as an adjunct professor. Ceci was awarded the Freedom Forum Foundation's Fellowship in Asian studies in 1991 and the National Commission on Working Women's Spot News Feature award for her story on women working in Chicago's trading pits. She also shared in CNN's Peabody Award for its continuous coverage of the 1987 Stock Market Crash. Ceci lives in Chicago.

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