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Program #102: The Walls Around Us


From hanging drywall to applying decorative wallpaper borders, HandyMa'am® Beverly DeJulio guides viewers through step-by-step instructions on building and decorating walls with tips on the best way to patch those pesky wall holes.

Product Information

Home Improvement -- Hanging Drywall

  • Drill: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Drywall tools: Hyde Tools,
  • Workbench: Rubbermaid,
  • Wallboard & drywall tools: USG Wallboard Co.,
  • Penguin ladder: Werner Ladder,
  • Recess screw attachment for drill: Wolfcraft,
Create It -- Hanging Wallpaper Border
  • Wallpaper tray, brush: Hyde Tools,
  • Scissors: Olfa.
  • Stepstool tool box, workbench: Rubbermaid, www.
  • Wallpaper books & borders: Sunworthy, 1-800-268-0114
Maintain It -- Patching a Hole
  • Patching compound: Bondex International,
  • Drywall: USG Wallboard Co.,
  • Recess screw attachment for drill: Wolfcraft,

Chuck Vladika, faux finishing artist. Vladika travels around the United States and beyond giving faux finishing seminars. He recently returned from three days of lectures in Peru. Vladika demonstrates a number of basic faux finishes.

Beverly DeJulio's wardrobe provided by
Paul Harris,

Furnishings provided by
Marshall Fields, 1-800-480-1623

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