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SHOW # 107: Windows


HandyMa'am® Beverly DeJulio demonstrates how easy installing glass block windows can be. She also shows the art of creating faux stained glass and simple techniques for fixing broken windows.

Product Information

Home Improvement -- Installing Glass Blocks

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Glass block - Kwik'n EZ ™ silicone system: Pittsburgh Corning,
  • Tool bench: Rubbermaid,
  • Ladder: Werner Ladder,

Create It -- Painting Faux Stained Glass

  • Utility knife, scissors: Olfa,
  • Gallery Glass ™ paints: Plaid Enterprises,

Maintain It -- Replacing Broken Window Glass

  • Heat gun: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Safety glasses: U-Vex,

Donna Babylon, author of "How to Dress a Naked Window." Babylon, an expert at creating window treatments packed with personality, demonstrates how easy it can be to make a beautiful window treatment.

Beverly DeJulio's wardrobe provided by
Paul Harris,

Furnishings provided by
Marshall Fields, 1-800-480-1623

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