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Show #110 The Organized Home


Removing clutter can dramatically improve the quality of your living space and your life. In this episode, HandyMa'amŽ Beverly DeJulio demonstrates how changes like installing wire closet organizers and putting family photos in a memory album can unclutter your home. HandyMa'amŽ also demonstrates how to maximize storage space in cabinets.

Product Information

Home Improvement -- Installing Closet Organizers

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Drill holster, tool belt: Bucket Boss,
  • Closet doors: Flairfold
  • Closet organization system & roll in racks: Lee Rowan, OR
  • Sabersaw: Skil, OR Bosch
  • Screwdrivers, level , straight edge: Stanley, 203-225-5111
  • Drywall for set: USG,
  • Safety glasses: U-Vex,
  • Drill bits, hacksaw: Vermont American,
  • Ladder: Werner Ladder,

Simple Solution #1 -- Adding a Double Rod

  • Workbench, drill / driver: Black & Decker, www.Black&

Create It -- Making a Memory Rod

  • Stencils & finished memory album pages: Delta Technical Coatings,
  • Scissors, decorative edger scissors, memory album books,, finished pages, organizer tote bag: Fiskars,
  • Memory album book, finished samples: Design Originals,
  • Ribbons for memory albums: Offray Ribbons,

Maintain It -- Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

  • Cabinets: Aristokraft,
  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Lid Maid ™ lid organizer, Easy Reach Out ™ rollout: Hometrends,
  • Organizers: Knape & Vogt,
  • Tite'n ™ for screws: Loctite, 800-321-9188

Simple Solution # 2: --Plywood Pan

  • Dividersˇ Airbake ™ cookie sheets, Calphalon pan lids: Mirro,
  • Cabinet: Aristokraft,


Michelle Passoff, author of "Lighten Up! Free Yourself from Clutter." Passoff is a full-time clutter consultant and leads workshops and lectures on the subject. She provides some basic first steps for getting organized.

Beverly DeJulio's wardrobe provided by
Paul Harris,

Furnishings provided by
Marshall Fields, 1-800-480-1623

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