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SHOW #116 Lighting


In this episode, HandyMa'am® Beverly DeJulio demonstrates a number of lighting-related projects. From installing a natural light sky pipe to making decorative candles, HandyMa'am® shows viewers how to brighten up their homes. Joan Miller of the Progress Lighting Company has advice for task lighting around the kitchen. Beverly also demonstrates how to fix a frayed lamp cord.

Product Information

Home Improvement -- Install Natural Sky Pipe

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Reciprocating saw: Bosch
  • Bucket: Leaktite Tubular skylight: ODL
  • Tool Chest Bench: Rubbermaid
  • Screwdrivers, tape measure, hammer, pry bar, tinsnips: Stanley 203-225-5111
  • Safety goggles: Uvex
  • Drill bits: Vermont American www.
  • Gloves: Wells Lamont
  • Ladder: Werner Ladder

Simple Solution #1 -- Remove Candlewax from Tablecloth

Create It--Make Candles

  • Scissors: Fiskars
  • Pots , pans, bakeware: Mirro Wearever
  • Scissors: Olfa
  • Candle wax, molds: Yaley

Maintain It -- Fix Lamp Cord / New Bulb Types

  • Earthlight® , Florescent Bulbs, Dimmable florescent: Phillips Lighting Company 732-563-3000
  • Screwdriver: Stanley 203-225-5111

Simple Solution #2 -- Change Lamp Cord

  • Screwdriver: Stanley 203-225-5111


Compute It --

The Rocky Mountain Institute

The City of Anchorage Alaska

The Franklin Institute Science Museum


Joan Miller of the Progress Lighting company talks about common kitchen and bathroom lighting problems. Miller then illustrates some simple ways to improve kitchen lighting.

Beverly DeJulio's wardrobe provided by
Paul Harris,

Furnishings provided by
Marshall Fields, 1-800-480-1623

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