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#121 The Garden


On this episode, HandyMa'amŽ Beverly DeJulio shows off her green thumb with projects for the garden. Beverly builds an arched trellis, as well as demonstrates how to create some interesting indoor gardening containers. She also shows viewers how to fix a broken garden hose. Vernon Bryant, manager of Urban Greening Services for the Chicago Botanical Gardens, stops by with some expert gardening tips.

Product Information

Home Improvement -- Build Arched Trellis

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Jigsaw, miter saw: Bosch
  • Wood Wizard - wood glue: Loctite 1-800-321-9188
  • Hammer: Stanley 203-225-5111
  • Goggles: Uvex
  • Drill bits: Vermont American
  • Workbench , roll out "T" frame: Wolfcraft

Simple Solution #1 -- Staking a Plant

  • Needlenose pliers: Fiskars
  • Spray paint: Krylon

Create It--Indoor Containers for Gardening

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Awl : Buck Brothers
  • Goggles: Uvex
  • Spray lubricant: WD-40 691-275-1400

Maintain It -- Maintain Gutters & Down spouts

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Screwdrivers: Stanley 203-225-5111
  • Drill bits: Vermont American

Simple Solution #2-- Soaker Hose

  • Drill / driver: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Safety goggles: Uvex
  • Drill bits: Vermont American

Compute It -- The Garden

The National Gardening Association

The Farmer's Almanac

Botanical Gardens Conservation International


Vernon Bryant is Manager of Urban Greening Services at the Chicago Botanic Garden, where he oversees a bevy of community gardening programs. Bryant is a trained horticulturist with a B.S. in Botany from Eastern Illinois University, a M.S. in Horticulture from Iowa State University, and a Master in Public Administration from University of Illinois at Chicago. He gives an overview of how to care for many different plants for both inside and outside the home.

Beverly DeJulio's wardrobe provided by
Paul Harris,

Furnishings provided by
Marshall Fields, 1-800-480-1623

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