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#125 Home Cleaning and Maintenance


HandyMa'am® Beverly DeJulio focuses on home cleaning and maintenance in this episode. Beverly demonstrates how to install a tray in a kitchen false-drawer-front and shows how to create a dust free cabinet for collectibles. Kelly Reardon-Tagore, Editor in Chief for Hearst Special Publications stops by with some expert upholstery cleaning advice. Beverly also shows some new ways to keep your window blinds clean.

Product Information

Home Improvement--Install Tray in False Front

  • Cabinets: Aristokraft
  • Drill /driver: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Fabric for drapes: Concord Fabrics 1-800-223-5678
  • Tilt out tray: Feeney Manufacturing Co.
  • Sink & faucet: Sterling Plumbing
  • Square, tape measure, screwdrivers: Stanley 203-225-5111
  • Drywall: USG
  • Safety glasses: Uvex
  • Drill bits: Vermont American

Simple Solution #1-- Clean Permanent Marker from Counter top

Create It--Build Cabinet for Collectibles

  • Drill: Black & Decker www.Black&
  • Saw: Dewalt
  • Paint: Plaid Enterprises
  • Tape measure, "L" square: Stanley 203-225-5111
  • Safety goggles: Uvex

Maintain It--Install Enclosed Door / Window Blind

  • Cordless® mini blinds: Levolor
  • Cord cleat Newell Co.
  • In window blinds and demo door: ODL, Inc.
  • The Webster ® electrostatic action duster :Sunshine Industries, Inc. 216-383-9000

Simple Solution #2-- Clean Blinds

  • Paint brush: EZ Paintr

Guest Segment -- Special Interest Publications Magazines

Do It Yourself Magazine

Compute It -- Home Cleaning and Maintenance

Waverly Interior Design

House Beautiful Magazine

The Paint and Decorating Retailers Association


Kelly Reardon-Tagore is Editor in Chief of Hearst Special Publications, which includes a number of specialty magazines under the Good Housekeeping name. She has a bevy of tips for cleaning upholstery.

Beverly DeJulio's wardrobe provided by
Paul Harris,

Furnishings provided by
Marshall Fields, 1-800-480-1623

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