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Program #203 More of the Safe and Secure Home


A visit with nationally recognized safety expert J.J. Bittenbinder highlights this episode of HandyMa'amŽ. Bittenbinder walks through a typical home and points out potential safety "goofs" any thief would love to seize upon. Plus, learn how to install a deadbolt lock and childproof your home. Also, Beverly will create a decorative keyrack.

Product Information

Home Improvement - Install a Deadbolt Lock

  • Safety Glasses: Uvex,
  • Workbench, Drill / driver, Drill Bits , Cutting Guide: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Awl, Chisels: Stanley, 203-225-5111
  • Deadbolt Lock: Schlage,
Home Maintenance - Childproof a House
  • Outlet Plugs: Safety First, 1-800-962-7233

Simple Solution - Engrave on Valuables

  • Engraving Tool: Dremel,

Simple Solution - Unseal Painted Shut Window

  • Utility Knife, Hammer: Stanley , 203-225-5111
  • Widebladed Putty Knife: Hyde,
  • Safety Glasses: Uvex ,

Decorating/Crafts - Make A KeyRack

  • Clamps: American Tool Company, www.American
  • Handyman's Choice Glue : Loctite Corporation,
  • Durable Colors Paints: Plaid Enterprises,
  • Wood Putty: Color Putty Company, 608-325-6033
  • Drill / Driver: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Putty Knife: Stanley, 203-225-5111


Detective J.J. Bittenbinder , author of "Tough Target: A Street Smart Guide to Staying Safe" and host of a PBS series about keeping yourself safe. J. J. Bittenbinder P.O. Box 56413 Chicago, IL 60656

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