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Program #206 Working on Walls


From installing rustic wood planks to making decorative wall boxes, HandyMa'amŽ Beverly DeJulio guides viewers through step-by-step instructions for various wall-related projects. Plus, Beverly visits mosaic artist Karen Wessels to learn about the centuries-old art of "pique assiette." Finally, Beverly shows how to treat wall mold and mildew before it is too late.

Product Information

Home Improvement - Install Wood Paneling

  • Miter Saw: Bosch,
  • Tape Measure, Level, Rubber Mallet: Stanley, 203-225-5111
  • Safety Glasses: Uvex,
  • Scissors: Fiskars,
  • Rollerstand: Wolfcraft,
  • Stud Sensor: Zircon International,
  • Penguin Ladder: Werner Ladder,
  • Power Nailer: Senco Fastening Systems,
  • Liquid Nails: Macco Adhesives,

Home Maintenance - Treat Mold & Mildew

  • BIN Primer Sealer : William Zinsser & Co., Inc.,
  • Rubbergloves: Rubbermaid,

Decorating/Crafts - Make Wall Boxes

  • Acrylic Paints: Plaid Enterprises,
  • Circular Saw, Handheld Circular Saw: Black & Decker, www.Black&
  • Clamps: American Tool Company, www.American
  • HandyMan's Choice Glue: Loctite Corporation,
  • Spackling Compound: Bondex,
  • Nailgun: Powerfast
  • Safety Glasses: Uvex,
  • Tack Hammer, Nailset, Putty Knife: Stanley, 203-225-5111


Karen Wessels, Mosaic Artist

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