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Program #213 Looking Through Our Windows


Windows are the focus of this edition of HandyMa'amŽ. Beverly demonstrates how special window "wallpaper" can turn ordinary windows into expensive-looking faux etched glass. Also, a visit to a world renowned stained glass workshop, instruction for making mini-blinds fit your windows and making a picture frame out of an old window.

Product Information

Home Improvement - Wallpaper for Windows

  • scissors: Fiskars,
  • straight edge: Mayes Brothers Tool Co.
  • utility knife, tape measure: Vermont American,
  • wallpaper for windows & smoothing tool: Etchart (Division of Decora) www.wallpaperforwindows

Simple Solution - Simple Window Valance

Home Maintenance - Shorten Mini Blinds

  • putty knife: Stanley, 860-225-5111
  • scissors: Fiskars,
  • masking tape: Manco,

Simple Solution- Wash Windows

Decorating/Crafts - Turn Window into Picture Frame

  • putty knife: Stanley, 860-225-5111
  • needlenose pliers: Fiskars,
  • awl: Buck Brothers, ˇ tape measure: Vermont American,
  • double sided tape: 3M,
  • scissors, utility knife: Olfa,
  • "L" square: Stanley, 860-225-5111



Dominick Botti
Botti Studio of Architectural Arts, Inc.
919 Grove Street
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: (800) 524-7211
Fax: (847) 869-5996

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