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Program #217 Fun Painting Projects


There's a plethora of painting projects on this week's edition of HandyMa'am®. Beverly visits a muralist who shows us some of her amazing work. She also demonstrates the latest painting innovations, and demonstrates the right way to touch-up a worn old piece. Plus, painting children's furniture with unusual objects.

Home Improvement - Painting Techniques: Sponging & Rag Rolling

  • Paint Trays, Walls With Style ® Rag Roller & Sponge Roller Kits: EZ Paintr,
  • Painters masking Tape, Tape & Dropcloth: Manco,
  • Workbench, Rubber Gloves: Rubbermaid,
  • Blend & Glaze : William Zinsser Co., Inc.,
  • Special Effect Translucent Color Glaze: McCloskey , 800-345-4530
  • Latex Paint: Ace Hardware,
  • Sea Sponge: Armaly Products,
  • Bucket: Leaktite,

Simple Solution - Wax Paper in Paint Can

Fun Painting Projects
Home Maintenance - KTouch- Up Chipped / Worn Paint

  • TSP: Jasco Chemical Co.,
  • BIN Primer: William Zinsser Co, Inc.,
  • Paint Brushes: EZ Paintr,
  • Masking Tape: Manco,
  • Paint: Plaid,
  • Sanding Block & Sandpaper, Dust Mask: 3M,
  • Safety Glasses: Uvex,
  • Rubber Gloves: Rubbermaid,

Simple Solution - Mark Level of Paint on Can

Decorating/Crafts - Paint with Unusual Objects (kids furniture)

  • Spray Paint: Krylon,
  • Paint Brushes: EZ Paintr,
  • Acrylic Craft Paints: Plaid,
  • Matte Finish Spray, Handyman's Choice Glue: Loctite,
  • Child's Table & Chairs, Stools: Ikea,
  • Dust Mask: 3M,



Frances Vail, Muralist

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