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Program #218 The Laundry: Somebody Has To Do It


HandyMa'amŽ does loads of laundry room projects this week. Beverly installs a hide-away ironing board and shows how to clean out your dryer venting and add a new vent cover. Also, a visit to an environmentally friendly "wet-cleaning" plant AND painting with bleach.

Home Improvement - Install an in the Wall Ironing Board

  • Level, Tape Measure: Stanley, 860-225-5111
  • Drill / Driver : Black & Decker,
  • Stud Seeker: GB- Gardner Bender,
  • Wire Shelves: Lee Rowan,
  • Hide-Away Ironing Board: Hideaway Ironing Board Inc.,,
  • Washer & Dryer (Maytag): ABT Electronics,
  • Safety Glasses: Uvex,
  • Drywall Saw: Hyde Manufacturing Co.,
  • Step Stool / Tool Box: Rubbermaid,

Simple Solution - Clean an Iron

Home Maintenance - Maintain Dryer Vent

  • Metal Venting (Saf-T-Duct): Builder's Best,

Simple Solution - Add Paper Towel Holder to Laundry Room

Decorating/Crafts - Paint with Bleach

  • Chemical Resistant Gloves: Rubbermaid,
  • Paint Brushes, Rubber Stamp: EZ Paintr,
  • Pillows: Ikea,
  • Stencil: Stencil Ease,



Noam Frankel
The Greener Cleaner
P.O. Box 13406
Chicago, IL 60613

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